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Organisational and business structures

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I was spending one hour and I have seen different website and I was collect the in formation and written the assignment manufactures of sporting goods likes Nike, puma, Adidas and others. In there are many company provide different manufactures of sporting goods service in India

  1. The first company is Nike It is the world famous company they have a wide range of sporting goods likes shoes , socks ,T-Shirts ,Hoods , Tracksuit ,Sporting Shoes, Jackets and so many product are sales and makes
  2. Nike Company gives the different looks in there product. the company has move away form the television adds and the company start investing it money

    On the digital media likes on radio, T.V, internet ( www.kelkoo.co.uk)

  3. Puma Company is the world famous. The company make different product like shoes, T-shirts, jackets, bags. The company is giving the variety of product. The company provide different size of clothier and shoes other different product in the world. Puma Company is the new brand in the sports goods. Puma also know as puma Aktiengesellscaft Rudolf Dassler. In 1948 puma released their first sport shoes the puma atom to the market and it is the West German football team. (www.sneakerhead.com/manufacture)
  4. Peak Sport Products is the Hong Kong Company. The company is make shoes and other product in the world. The Company is sales fair the Group launched a new series of latest NBA stars signature products and new series of soccer and tennis products. The Company Peak sport product primarily engages in designing, developing, and manufacturing, distributing and marketing its sport (http://abnnewswire.net/)





I have search different website and collect the information sporting goods manufacturing company.

5 hour


Work and planning written start date and time planning by myself

2 hour


Sporting goods service swot analysis give the different point on swot analysis search on the internet planning by myself

5 hour


Organisational chart and collect and written staff and product information

5 hour


Make a power point search twelve side collect the written sporting goods information

6 hour


Four reasons the staff and management

6 hour


Managing director give the job advert written in myself

5 hour



SWOT analysis is planning method which is give the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat of the sporting goods services. SWOT analysis is used to evaluate a company, strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This report exam history and product and it is provides the summary analysis of the key revenue lines and the strategy it is used the report to understand the internal and external factors the affect on the performance in achieving it business goals. The value chain analysis is that it gives you and operational benefits, perspective of the business production, logistics, distribution, selling, Customers. The swot analysis using the support activities technology, finance, procurement the provide underlying. The value of the chain analysis is also useful for SWOT ANALYSIS.


In the strategy every thing provide high like the product of the price in the market it increasing and the price of the finished goods is too much high cost and raw material also high


In the strength customers can take online service and also do the home delivery

In the company if the less number of machine and demand of goods there is a limited number of goods are been produce so there is a limited line of product

In the local company they value chain and goods hold on the market.



The main goals of the company are to extend the good in the foreign market.

In the world the too much competition in the market and it is a big hurdle for all the company

In the next many year they going to make the sporting good by using latest technology and finance

In the always a suspense about the price of good and growing power of the suppliers has to the price of the good

In conclusions I would like to say that by carrying the SWOT strategy it is used the report to understand the internal and external factors the affect on the performance in achieving it business goals. In the company they can improve all over condition of the swot analysis. In the company they should keeping core competitive advantages such as T.V and Radio to produce high quality and superior products. If company is producers in low cost nation to manufacture low end items. In the based on the experience of own industry. It is easy to the specialized base

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It is easy to enterprises should get rid of in confined concept of the products and markets in the order to build the non existing product and the markets to even extend the scope of products to create value and innovative value. SWOT analysis company profile is the important source the top level of the company data and information. The company of the key business structure and operation, history and product and provide the analysis of the key revenue line and strategy. It is provides all the crucial company information required for the business and competitor intelligence needs. Swot analysis as well as a breakdown and examination of the leading product revenue stream. The company is Support the sales activities by understanding the customers in the businesses better. The swot issues into the 6 planning categories the obtain a system which is the presents a practical way of the internal and external information about the business unit delineating short and long term priorities and allowing an easy way to build the management team the achieve the profit growth. In the team leader to define and develop co-ordinated, goals directed actions which the underpin the overall agreed objective between levels of the business hierarchy


Organization is divided into different departments. In the company they have direct responsibility for delivering the products and service. I have completed the organisational chart and after that I have give the conclusion in the organisational a group of the people working together in a structured coordinated fashion to achieve a set of goals. In the site A I have give the of 75 production staff and 30 office staff and including 1 sales and marketing director and 5 salespersons and 3 marketing staff it is working together in the company. In the site B I have give the 50 production staff, 15 office staff, 2 salespersons and site C 35 production staff, 5 office staff and 1 salespersons working together in the company to achieve the goals. The goals of the company and force the other staff to work together co-operate with each other. In the company staff to working planning, decision making, organizing, leading and controlling using the technology .All the staff are working under the CEO and achieve the goals. The company are using marketing staff will read the about what is the demand of the people and tell the production staff to make the product. In the organization charts information device for orienting new employees and work of the plan for considering expanding business price for the general public and ground as needed.


In the task 5 we make the power point slide.


In this task I am going to explain the resistance from the staff of the company that of making an organisation structure that of finding SWOT analysis. I should also keeping in the mind about the union of the company and management.

If you want to see the problems of anything in the comp you should adopt that thing or you should spend more and more time with that in the company so to know what is problem in the company and staff. I also spend much of my time with the company workers as well as with staff member also and the management. I have never shown that I am boss of the company , I used to live with them as I am member and I used to work with them so that I should also experience and see something and able to understand the company which can help us to increase the production. when I went see in the market and try to study in the market like the prices, more demand of goods and the quality of the good then I realized that I should sales the product in the organization, each persons should be provided different duty and works in the company and active the goals .The four resistanance from the staff that make and change in organisation structure.

1. I am worker three days in the company, I have seen that in the first site A, the number of office staff is more and they are more responsible and working about their duties whereas in site B and C, the office staff is less in the company then also they are very careless about their duties so the successful percentage of the product is less in the company as compare site A. in site B the office staff is co operative and help with each other. In site B and C, the staffs is not co operative with each other and if someone tell them the right thing then they don’t try to fallow it and do not help each other.

2. The second thing, when I seen in the company then I was unable to stand because of the loud of noise made by the machines and no persons was talking with a happy face in the company there working. I have noticed that the environment made buy the organisation. It is not good and everyone is not having any interest to do the work they just want to run out of the company and the do not have radio in the company.

In the company all the three manufacturing site are adopting the old machine and technology so the office staff is failure of adopting the new working practices in the company. In the cause of the cost of product is more as compare to the competitors so there is less demand of the product in the market. The time was taken to produce the manufacture the good is too long and the machines which are being used in company are too slow and a man has to stand on it to watch the breakdown. The office is also reaching to the learn the new method produce to manufacture the goods.

In the staff of the company don’t have a persons mind thinking which means that each man have a different thinking and working to achieve goals and objectives. I noticed that when I meet them personally and ask how to achieve the goals and every person have the give the different views but through different way and some members even don’t know about the goals in the company. Some of the member who knows about the goals of the company they don’t want to share their ideas with each other. If

Give the goods view produce the product and company achieve the goals.

There is some of the Suggestion that we can solve the problems of the company. Which I have seen in the organizations or which have forced me to change the structure of the organizations in the company.

1. We can see the percentage of the most successful products of the company, which were made by different site A, B and C. I have tried to make some thing changes in the organisation because the percentage of goods of site A is more successful then other sites in the company. So I have reduce the number of office staff up to 20 and 5 are sent to B and C respectively so that can go to other site B and C , make aware about the goal, work together and be co operative and helps to each other . The members of the staff should be sent to other companies reach so that the staff should have a look on the modern machine and technology those companies are using. When they came back, we can using the same technique and increase the production and sales in the marketing.

2. In the past, I was seen the environment of the company. It was not good condition so those who were working over their, they don’t feel good for working. They don’t like to work for a long time in the company and they were feeling bore so I have improve the environment in the company. So that the staff should like to workers with more interest and comfortably. I would like make a canteen in company , in this canteen I would like to keep that type of foods in which there should be release and read some goods books in the canteen the latest technology and machines so that the should became aware about the new technology. This is only for the organisation staff.

I have spend little time with the members of the staff in the company then each member have of the organisation of the staff have different motive and have different ways to achieve the goals . So it is very necessary to change their thinking and make them to think in one direction. The company staff members should be divided in the different teams and group made them to work accordingly. When they are divided into teams then they will start working together and will have one aim to achieve the goals and will become cooperative to each other. The company staff should share their aims, ideas and goals with each other. The company staff should do the presentation and tell them about the target and goal and also show them the status of the company goods in the market.

At the end, I would like to says that if the owner of the company want to extend the market and want to know about the problems of the company and solve the company problems want to make some of the changes in the organization then he should do the SWOT analysis of the company and company can achieve the goals. The owner should spend his time with the workers. He should understand and try to solve the problems of the workers. They give good pays and help the worker in the company. The owner should send his company staff to other companies to gain the modern era technology, to see the environment of the other companies and see that who the staff of that company work together and achieve the goals how much they are co operative to each other. The employer should be given the training of new machines. The company should be provided with the computer which should link with whole world by the internet facility. The company should check the performance of each person and give the bonus at the end of a year. By seeing this other staff will also perform better.


In this task I have give the advertisement job of the managing director is empty in sports goods company please contact A managing director will be given a special power of its articles of association. We need an office manager with the skills, experience and savvy to be the back done of day to day operation. We are looking for the motivated individual with the track record in office administration. If the you are experience from the different field than small business and technology.

Key responsibilities of the role

  1. Managing director they play important role in the company. They should lead the other staff in the correct way. He should also play the important role for the company that they motivate the staff to work goods and achieve the gaols. He knows the market study and what the customer needs in the market are. What product is the people like and dislike in the market. The managing director they report the process of the company. The company is taking the profit and lose. They give the every detail of the CEO of the company .if the owner will offer give the some suggestion to him then it is his responsibility to implement, improve upon his idea.
  2. Skills required
  3. he should the strong business and finance administration knowledge
  4. he should the basic accounting skills with the high degree of accuracy
  5. They should have the knowledge of company would be very useful in the work.
  6. They should have the ability to produce business correspondence, proofread for grammar, spelling and punctuation with a high degree of accuracy
  7. They know the some sales support experience is desirable,
  8. They know the some of the experience managing the calendar of a busy office or homage

If you are the right person for us, please apply, including a one page cover letter telling us give the every detail of you education and phone number and emails why you’d be perfect for the job! <Contact details>


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