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A report on recruitment and selection process for the recruiting

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1a) Describe a suitable recruitment and selection process for Barrett’s Carvery.

The owners of Barrett’s Carvery a traditional pub restaurant are interested in expanding their menu by offering other hot plates such as hot pots, stew, and dumplings. Presently the restaurant offers a number of options, including the traditional dinner, vegetarian dinner, and children’s dinner. This report describes the recruitment, selection, and retention process for the three additional employees needed to expand the restaurant’s menu, along with recommendations to build a wining team, ensure effective leadership, and identify work and development needs for Barrett’s Carvery.

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“According to EDWIN FLIPPO “Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees, and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization” (Draft and Marcic, 2008)”. The recruitment process begins with identifying the need for staff, which usually derives from the human resources plan. Barrett’s Carvery has identified the need for three additional staff to assist in the kitchen and to be servers. For every organization it is important to have the right person in the right position. “When the wrong person for the position is hired, it typically results in having to refill the position again. Time, money, and energy are lost during this downtime, as well as additional recruiting and training costs. It hurts a company to have an open position in several ways, including loss of productivity, frustration of continuous retraining and inability to progress with company initiatives. Bad hires may also result in good employees leaving the company, creating an even greater turnover problem” (Main, 2009). The key objective is to be cost effective in the numbers, and quality of employees required fulfilling the human resources needs of an organization. “Today, recruiting is sometimes referred to as talent acquisition to reflect the importance of the human factor in the organization’s success”. (Draft and Marcic, 2008).

It is important for Barrett’s Carvery to get a clear picture of what kind of individuals are needed which can be accomplished by designing a job description along with a person specification. A job and person’s description is an organized process of gathering and interpreting information about the essential duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the job to be performed. A person’s specification or job specification is vital to any organization as it enables the company to find the perfect “person- to-job-fit”, (Scribd, 2010). Moreover, it is also important that the skills, aptitudes, and knowledge outlined in the person specification are directly related to the needs of the job: if this is not so expectations will not be met, and both employers and employees will be disappointed (Scribd, 2010). The following job and person descriptions are recommended for the positions of a Server and Kitchen Assistant for Barrett’s Carvery to assist in their recruitment and selection process.




REPORTS TO: Dining Section Manager

OBJECTIVES: Our goal is to be professional and courteous at all times, to provide our customer the best services in order to gain a competitive edge, and to ensure total customer satisfaction. Servers are the first contact for our customers as such you must greet them in a professional and courteous manner in attempt to make Barrett’s Carvery the number one choice restaurant. (Food and Beverage Underground 2007-2008)

Basic functions includes but not limited to:

Serves Guests quickly and professionally

Should have an excellent knowledge of the menus

Maintains sections, and keep tables clean

Essential functions:

Work without supervision

Polish all silverware and glassware used for services

Approach Guests, warmly welcome and seat them at the next assigned table

Introduce the beverage and food menu in a friendly and enthusiastic manner

Accurately take orders

Follow all safety and sanitation regulations

Accurate calculation when preparing check

Clear tables and reset them during shift

Any other duties that may be assigned to you by your manager


 JOB TITLE: Server


Education, Training and Qualifications


High School Diploma

Basic Math Skills

Work experiences in a Restaurant

Must hold a valid Food Hygiene certificate

Skills and Aptitudes

Speak fluent English Language

Ability to communicate effectively

Must be able to take directions

Capable of working in Teams

Must be able to work calmly in crisis

Must possess problem solving abilities

Non-essential requirements

Ability to speak fluent Spanish

Server Certification or training


Taking Orders, the server will be responsible for taking customer orders, organizing them, and keeping time of the course of the order. (Food and Beverage Underground 2007-2008)

Working Environment, you are responsible for keeping your section clean and organized; silverwares and glasses spotless; change table cloths and dust chairs when necessary. (Food and Beverage Underground 2007-2008)

Clearing of utensils, you are to replace needed utensils right away after cleaning a plate; be pro active by pre-setting utensils before your guest needs it. (Food and Beverage Underground 2007-2008)

Be visible, you are to ensure that your guest can get your attention easily; keep surveying you section for jobs that need to be done. (Food and Beverage Underground 2007-2008)

Menu, familiarize yourself with the menu and your specials, it is important for you to know what is offered to better sell the product. (Food and Beverage Underground 2007-2008)

Check out, after organizing and calculating the check you are required to take it to the manager on duty who will review and approve same. (Food and Beverage Underground 2007-2008)

Based on the job description, job and person specification Barrett’s Carvery should conduct an internal assessment to determine whether or not their needs can be met from existing staff resources through retraining or redevelopment. If these needs can be filled internally, the company should advertise the positions internally. “Internal recruiting has several advantages: It is less costly than external search, and it generates higher employee commitment, development, and satisfaction because it offers opportunities for career advancement to employees rather than outsiders” (Draft and Marcic, 2008). “The simple monetary aspect of promoting qualified employees is the most obvious advantage. The costs associated with recruiting and training a new employee can be significantly higher than filling that position by promoting from within. A newly hired employee must take time to become acclimated to the corporate environment and learn the daily routines and minutiae that is already second nature to an already employed worker (Sexton, 2007). Sexton went on to mentioned, “depending upon the intricacies involved, it’s not unusual for it take several weeks or even months for a new employee to fully learn and acclimate himself to the company culture and become productive. By contrast, an employee already familiar with the company may be fully productive in a new position within a matter of days. In addition, the company will be better able to determine the psychological state of those already employed than it can of workers from outside the company” (Sexton, 2007).

Although there are some advantages with internal recruiting “frequently , however external recruiting is advantageous, applicants are available through a variety of outside sources, including advertising, state employment services, online recruiting services, private employment agencies, job fairs and employee referrals” (Draft and Marcic, 2008).

If the vacancies cannot be filled internally then Barrett’s Carvery should begin its recruitment process by advertising externally. If no suitable applicants are identified after advertising then the company can opt to re-advertise, or redesign the job and person specification.


On receipt of applications for the position Barrett’s Carvery should create shortlist in an attempt to determine which applicants are most suitable to fill the position; this commences the selection process. “The selection process is the process of determining the skills, abilities, and other attributes a person needs to perform a particular job” (Daft & Marcic, 2008). The next step would be to select desired candidates from the shortlist of recruited applicants, and conduct interviews or assessment tests for the potential candidates. The suitability of the potential candidates can be assessed by various methods such as the use of application forms, interviews, tests, and assessment centers (Daft & Marcic, 2008).

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In identifying suitable candidates, Barrett’s Carvery can use applications form to obtain information about persons applying for the position. The application form generally includes education, past job experiences, and personalities of the potential candidate. However, when reviewing application forms, Barrett’s Carvery should pay attention to questions specifically related to the position posted, so as not to create any undesirable outcome, and ensure there are no discriminatory practices. In addition to the information on the application forms, Barrett’s Carvery can also use the information garnered during the interview process.

According to BusinessDictionary (2007-2010), an interview is “a somewhat formal discussion between two parties in which information is exchanged. For a business looking to fill an open job position, an employer might interview potential candidates to gain a better understanding of their backgrounds, qualifications, and skills.” Some organizations place major emphasis on the interview process. Google a popular search engine, for example, it could take an applicant anywhere from four to a dozen interviews before they get a shot at working with this company (Tay, 2006). Interviews are considered the most common method used in the selection process. Interviews give the interviewer an opportunity to meet the applicants face to face and see what the person is like and would be able to assess the applicants’ personalities (CIPD, revised 2010). It is recommended that Barrett’s Carvery conduct face-to-face interviews which will allow the company the opportunity to assess the applicants in person.

Employment test can also play an important role in Barrett’s Carvery’s selection process. Employment tests are designed to assess applicants on particular characteristics like intelligence, skills, and other abilities. These tests can be written or computer-based (Daft & Marcic, 2008). “Today, about 50 percent of all companies ask candidates to answer questions that aim to measure their success at particular jobs for which they apply, industry experts said. Tests generally fall into three categories: cognition and ability tests, which measure an innate capability or intelligence; simulations and skill tests, which measure facts that a person knows; and personality and other indicator tests, which measure values and the right orientation for a specific job” (Joyce, 2006).

When creating its short list, Barrett’s Carvery, should ensure that the applicants selected must match the person specification to avoid costs of hiring the wrong persons. The final stage in Barrett’s Carvery’s selection process would be to confirm the offer to the selected applicants, who are then sent to undergo a medical for the purpose of pension, life insurance, or to ensure a certain level of physical fitness that may be required to carry out the job. The management of Barrett’s Carvery should then prepare the contract of employment.

1b) what benefits could Barrett’s Carvery offer the staff in order for them to remain within the organization?


Retaining employees is critical in any business. Employee turnover can become problematic especially in areas where skills are relatively scarce, recruitment is costly, or when it takes a long period to fill a vacancy. While employee turnover can be beneficial in some instances by replacing an underperforming employee with a more productive one, it can also have a negative impact such as the lost of productive employees to the competitors. In increasing its staff complement, Barrett’s Carvery must also ensure that the restaurant retains its current employees which can be accomplished by offering carious employee benefits (CIPD, 2009).


“Employee benefits are elements of remuneration given in addition to the various forms of cash pay. Employees benefits can also include items that are not strictly remuneration, such as annual holidays.” (Armstrong, 2006). Employee benefits and their objectives may differ from one organization to another, certainly in the case of restaurants where little or no benefits are offered. According to Food Services Warehouse (2009), “wages and salaries vary slightly from restaurant to restaurant, even for the same position. However, “restaurant worker wages are different depending on the type of restaurant, the geographical location, and the worker responsibilities” Restaurants are one of the businesses known to pay less than minimum wage, and the benefits are what the employees depend on which is sometimes minimal (Food Services Warehouse 2009). The most common restaurant employee benefits are said to be tips, meals, and paid time off. Although tips are often considered a benefit of working in a restaurant, “many servers and bartenders would most likely consider it part or their income.” (Food Services Warehouse 2009)

Based on the fact that tips is not paid by the employer but rather by the customers, tips may not be considered a reliable benefits by some employees, especially in none elite restaurant such as Barrett’s Carvery. As tips are sometimes supported by the customer’s perception of the quality of services received, one recommendation Barrett’s Carvery can employ to retain employees is making gratuity mandatory. Mandatory gratuity which is then pass on to the respective employee, may give the employees a sense of security of receiving this benefit. However, gratuity, from personal experiences, can be problematic especially at times when the service rendered is abysmal. In cases were services are found deficient, Barrett’s Carvery should take corrective measures. Barrett’s Carvery could also offer the other common benefits including meals and paid time-off (Food Services Warehouse 2009).

Another recommendation is to implement an Employee of the Month recognition program. A recognition program would enable employees to feel valued, which has a positive effect on staff retention (Jones 2010). KFC has a staff recognition program, and Misty Reich, vice-president HR at KFC UK and Ireland Reich, believes the company’s culture of recognition sets it apart from its competitors (Jones 2010). “It is not something you can really fabricate,” says Reich. “It comes off as being very inauthentic if it is not in the DNA of a business, and it is very much in our DNA” (Jones 2010). Although monetary factor may appear to be the first choice of employee benefits there are other motivating factors that can drive employee to remain with companies including training, the access to the right tools (Heathfield 2010). Moreover, there are also some uncommon benefits within the restaurant industries which can be used by the management of Barrett’s Carvery; these include Insurance Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability. Barrett’s Carvery could offer one or more of these uncommon benefits which may not only help in the retention of employees, but also in gaining a competitive edge (Food Services Warehouse 2009).

1c) what ethical and legal implications will Barrett’s Carvery need to be aware of when recruiting new staff?


When recruiting new staff, Barrett’s Carvery must be cognizant of ethical and legal implication that may have an adverse impact on the business. Ethics take many forms, but in its most fundamental nature, ethics can be regarded as a set of principals of which governs the right conduct of a person (Draft and Marcic, 2008). Ethical Consideration should not be taken lightly by an employer or employee. “HR specialists are concerned with ethical standards in three ways: their conduct as professionals, the values that govern their behaviour and the ethical standards of their firms” (Armstrong, 2006).

In an effort to prevent unethical conduct when recruiting new staff, Barrett’s Carvery must ensure that selected candidates have a clear understanding of the company’s code of conduct and policies, which if not adhere to can result in dismissal. For example, employees of one of UK biggest restaurant chains can be dismissed if they do not adhere to the code of conduct, of not to encourage customers to leave cash tips. According to The Guardian (2009) “Employees of Tragus – which owns Strada, Café Rouge, and Bella Italia – are forbidden to tell diners that the optional service charge is used to subsidize the national minimum wage paid to waiters. Cash tips go directly to staff, but those paid by card go to the company. The company sent a memo last month to all restaurant managers telling them to crack down on staff who appeared to be encouraging customers to leave cash instead of putting the service charge on their card” (Elliot, 2009).

Barrett’s Carvery should be aware of the negative implications unethical behavior can have on the reputation, the employees, and operational success of the restaurant. Unethical behavior can have detrimental effects on organizations in ways including giving the company a bad image, causing ineffectiveness, harm sales, and worsen communication which can be costly to retract or repair (National Business Ethics Survey, 2000). Barrett’s Carvery should ensure that the new and current staff do not indulge in behavior that may be unethical questionable, as this may impact the productivity level of the restaurant. The paper went on to mention that, “unethical behavior decreased efficiency, and increases misconduct (National Business Ethics Survey, 2000). In one survey, 71 percent of employees who saw honesty applied rarely or never in their organization had seen misconduct in the past year, compare with 52 percent who saw honesty applied occasionally, and 25 percent who saw it frequently. The figures were similar for respect and trust (National Business Ethics Survey, 2000). Unethical behavior towards employees can hinder productivity, trust, caused demotivation, worsen absenteeism, and even affect the performance of the highly skilled (Michael and Rao, 2005).

In addition to ethical implications, Barrett’s Carvery must also be concerned with legal consideration when recruiting new staff. One reason why the management of Barrett’s Carvery should be concerned about the legal implications is to minimize risks of being involved in legal battles. One method to minimize legal risks is to ensure that the recruiting practices conform to the laws that govern the hiring of employees. Barrett’s Carvery should also take care to ensure that the additional steps in the recruitment process such as job postings, questions asked during the interviews, the checking of references, and job offers, all comply with the legal requirements. Barrett’s Carvery can also refer to other sources for guidance on ethical and legal implications on hiring new staff. One such source is the Recruiter Guide. According to the “A Recruiter Guide” job postings or advertisements should not be published which give preference to:




Place of origin

Political belief


Marital status

Family status


Mental disability


Sexual orientation


Avoiding discrimination during the recruitment process does not only steer clear of legal battles it also allows you to select the best person for the job. Barrett’s Carvery must ensure that applicants are not selected based on race, sex, age, political beliefs, religious affiliation or any of the above because people can bring employment tribunal claim if they think they were discriminated during the selection process (Business Link, 2007). In addition to the Recruiter Guide, Barrett’s Carvery can also use the governing laws to avoid negative ethical and legal implication when recruiting new staff. According to BC Laws, Employment Standard Act, Chapter 13, when hiring an employee the following must be enforced.

No False representations

Hiring of Children

No charge for hiring or providing

No fees to other persons

Employment and talent places must be licensed

Farm labor contractor must be licensed

Written employment contract required for domestics

Register of employees working in residences

It is recommended that Barrett’s Carvery examine the laws that govern to ensure that it is protected from any adverse legal and ethical implications. Barrett’s Carvery must also ensure that its employees familiarized themselves with these laws to recognized and prevent unlawful acts that may have ethical and legal implications.


In seeking to increase the number of employees, Barrett’s Carvery should not take its recruitment, selection, and retention processes lightly. The company should ensure that the job descriptions and person specifications are clear as possible; this is the foundation for selecting the right person for the job. Ensuring that the person specification is directly related to the job, and not selecting the right person for the job can prevent unnecessary costs. In an effort to select the right candidate Barrett’s Carvery should ensure that the method used, application forms, interviews, tests, etc are tailored to suit the job description: this is important, as not doing so can result in hiring the wrong persons. Moreover, Barrett’s Carvery must steer clear of any unethical behavior that may tarnished the image of the company, and should ensure that the company’s recruitment, selection and retention processes addresses all ethical/unethical and legal issues that can arise. The company should ensure that all the laws that govern are adhere to, as doing so in the recruitment process can reduce the chances of misconduct and lawsuits.


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