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Telenor Organizational Behavior

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The company chosen for this research is Telenor and the paper that follows will give a detailed analysis of its internal organizational performance, culture, structure, communication and general behavior of employees within the organization. The company has been performing well and is specifically known for its ability to retain employees, keep them satisfied and happy as well as provide them benefits of all kind. The company is a very successful one that operates in Europe as well as Asia (Birchall & Tovstiga, 2005).

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Type of culture, (Pluralism, Dualism or Salad bowl)

Telenor is a Norwegian Telecom company that has its operations in Scandinavian countries, Asia as well as in Europe. It is one of the most popular Telecommunication and Networks Company in the world, and is known popular for its rich company culture. Telenor is seen as a company that is an ideal employer in terms of satisfied employees who are loyal towards the company. The organization operates as a ‘salad bowl’, which means it believes strongly in diversification of cultures and equality amongst people of different cultures and countries (Kautz & Heje, 1996). Telenor treats all its employees equally in terms of benefits and perks given to employees. The environment is very friendly and informal. Office space is not allocated according to rank. Everyone has equal opportunities to excel and similar facilities to benefit from. Moreover, the flat hierarchy of the company allows easier communication and discussion, and thus involves all employees in decision making one way or the other. It has been found that employees working in Telenor are satisfied with their jobs and the employee turnover rate is very low. Even though it is difficult to maintain a salad bowl culture in a company and to keep everyone satisfied, Telenor has successfully been doing this and has been making profits for the company. The company is working very well and it is claimed that the credit for its success goes to the employees and indirectly to the company culture with strong values embedded in it. These values get inculcated in the employees who work there whose loyalty, hard work and determination leads to the success of the company (Ward, 2008). Team work is particularly apparent amongst the employees. Instead of negative competition, everyone works together as a team toward specific goals of the organization and internal synergy reflects very well in the way people work together, help each other, suggest improvements and give their best. For instance, there is a specified quota in Telenor for hiring people who belong to different backgrounds and they also have a minimum quota for hiring females.

Modes of communication (Describe the dominant communication form used . e.g.written or verbal)

Communication at Telenor is considered to be ideal in terms of its effectiveness and benefits. There are no barriers to communication because the offices of Telenor are a single unit with no allocated space, no closed doors and no hurdles to halt communication. The environment is generally informal and there is no restriction on employees regarding any kind of communication for work purposes or even for leisure (Reuvid, 2011). The best thing is that this power is not misused and everybody is comfortable with each other. Verbal communication is the main form of communication but written communication is nearly as important too because all the company’s information is shared through intranet that works within the organization. Both forms of communication are used depending on the situation and are effectively working for the organization owing to the shorter chain of command and a strong two way communication with both, bottom-up and top-down communication is done according to the need and demand of the situation. Differences in ranks do not create an element of hesitation amongst the employees, because the CEO and an intern might be seated together and may as well be working together. This allows for a higher learning quotient of learning within the organization, as well as floatation of new ideas and plans that could be used by the company. Informal meetings amongst employees, internal events and functions as well as regular team meetings are a norm in the company as well as a tool to measure performance of the company. Employees are not blamed for bad performance but are provided with potential ways to improve, and are appreciated for good performance which helps increase their morale. For the purpose of verbal communication, any employee can walk to the other’s cabin any time to ask anything related to work, or they can also use the inline telephone network for contact. For formal documentation or for providing documented information, e-mail can be used along with the internal online chat system for any queries.

Nature of authority (recognized social rank)

Owing to the fact that the company has a flat organizational structure, the nature of authority within the company is also aligned with that of a flat organization (Kyng & Mathiassen, 1997). Employees are highly empowered and have real authority of doing work the way they want to. They are given responsibility as well as made accountable for their work. They are allowed to make decisions and take up challenges so that work does not get monotonous for them and becomes rewarding if they perform well. This way they are able to explore new horizons to knowledge and wisdom to polish their skills. The nature of authority at Telenor illustrates that the company wants to build a sense of trust within its employees and make them confident about themselves as well as create a feeling of worth and value for the employee. When employees are made to feel that they are an important part of the organization, they automatically feel motivated to work and determined to achieve the objectives of the company. Employees of Telenor are hence increasingly confident, decisive and ready to accept challenges. They have an attitude of humility and loyalty towards the organization and the authority given to them helps them realize their significance for the organization. To add to the above, it also inculcates a sense of leadership amongst the employees who know how to deal with adversities in the most efficient manner, and create value for the company. This is also one of the reasons for stronger communication amongst employees. They are taught to work both, in teams as well as individually- towards the betterment of the company. For instance, people from different departments are assigned to work on a specific project deliberately so that they can communicate with each other and share their expertise amongst themselves to create better outputs.

Motivational techniques (Describe the motivational driving forces e.g. Intrinsic or extrinsic used to influence productivity and performance?)

One thing that this company is really admired for is its employees who are motivated and loyal. They do not want to leave the company and are happy working for it. The company is certainly to be appreciated for creating an environment suitable for its employees who belong to different backgrounds and regions yet are satisfied with their work. The company uses several motivational techniques that are embedded within its system. Extrinsic motivation involves the tangible facilities and monetary items involved which provide physical benefit to the employees (Birchall & Tovstiga, 2005). This system is a very strong component of the company because employees are given numerous benefits by the firm. However, the fact is that simply extrinsic motivation is not enough. It is equally important to provide intrinsic driving forces which ultimately become the real reason for the company’s success and good performance of the employees. The ways that the company uses to motivate the employees internally include the ones mentioned above also such as giving challenges to employees, delegation of work, giving them responsibility as well as recognition for their work. This is exactly linked to Telenor being a flat and horizontal organization where employees are empowered enough to take decision themselves.

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Areas of EQ incorporated (Describe how the organization embraces the theory of emotional intelligence)

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to feel, judge and manage emotions of others effectively. This is a way to empathize with others and it helps create bonding amongst people. Within an organization there are certain ways to manage emotions of others. For instance this trait is important when a conflict arises and emotions need to be controlled. According to the overall outlook of this firm, EQ is very important for this firm because its employees are very important for it. It is hence very important for the company to keep employees satisfied.

How are the components of a virtual organization embraced? (Explain how the organization embraces new paradigms such as teleworking and virtual offices?)

The organization is a highly technically advanced one as it works n developing networks and communication. Furthermore, it has worked to facilitate employees to work from home virtually. It has created networks and servers for employees in this global situation to make it easy for employees to work efficiently, quickly and from anywhere in the world. The company has its own software and all employees know how to work on it. Other than that the company makes virtual teams so that employees coordinate each other to complete projects that are their responsibility


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