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Business Plan for YSDPC Waterproofing Company

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YSDPC Waterproofing is a proudly South African Brand. YSDPC Waterproofing is a South African Company that Manufactures, supplies and applies a range of building maintenance products country wide, with our systems and solutions for:

  • Torch-on waterproofing
  • Acrylic waterproofing
  • Cementitious waterproofing
  • Concrete roof slabs
  • Zinc and tiled roofs
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation walls
  • Balconies and patios
  • Multi-level boarded systems
  • Roof flashings and valleys
  • Reservoirs, ponds and tanks
  • Flower boxes
  • Parapet walls
  • Face brick sealing
  • Damp proof applications
  • Rising damp
  • Lateral damp
  • Penetrating damp
  • Chemical injection DPC
  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Basement and cellars
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Subsoil and drainage systems
  • Slurry coatings
  • Tanking


At YSDPC Waterproofing, we recognize the various challenges posed to maintaining buildings, due to our harsh South African climate. We manufacture all our products specifically for the South African market. We ensure that your building is maintained, be it a residential building, commercial building or an industrial building, so that you can be satisfied with the long term value added to your property.


YSDPC Waterproofing products are all manufactured from the highest quality Environmentally Friendly raw materials that are available to us globally. Not only do we incorporate Environmentally friendly and Eco-Friendly raw materials into our products, but our Manufacturing processes, are also based on minimizing the use of our natural resources.


YSDPC Waterproofing’s aim is to provide all our clients at the residential level, commercial level or industrial level, with cost effective, long term solutions, at the first instant.

We provide you, our valued Customer with, environmentally-friendly Building Maintenance, long term Professional solutions.


DURAM proudly produces the best high quality coatings for our South African market place. This range includes coatings for waterproofing floors and metals. With vast knowledge and experience you can be assured that DURAM product manufacturers use their innovative thinking to manufacture intelligent paints that are guaranteed to improve the lifespan of your assets. DURAM is a South African product which is manufactured to survive in our unique climate and it fully adheres to the local and international standards.

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ABE is a leading provider of innovative and cost effective waterproofing products within our South African market. ABE is a supplier of custom and specialised products to our retailers, construction and maintenance industries, including civil engineering industries. They distribute from their two manufacturing plants in South Africa, which makes supply easy and efficient for ABE. These products are a good value for your money local waterproofing solution.

With the growing global emphasis being put on Eco-friendly products there has been a strong interest in the new environmentally friendly waterproofing products that was recently launched on the South African market by ABE construction chemicals.

7 new environmentally friendly products

  1. ABE Proof Acrylic Primer
  2. ABE Proof Anti Root
  3. ABE Thermal Shield
  4. ABE PU Eco
  5. ABE Proof Acrylic
  6. Matrix K11
  7. Duraproof Dekflex System


How fast is the market growing?

There has been a growing infrastructure demand in the South African development sector, which is related the investment that is taking place in South Africa and Africa. The areas of investment which include water sanitation, power, energy, transport, logistics, accommodation and facilities, telecommunications health and education, and beneficiations infrastructure.

We give support to the growing infrastructure of South Africa through the strategic partnerships with our local and international suppliers

The engineering and construction industry is a growth filled sector locally and in the rest of Africa

The engineering and construction sector creates and sustains jobs, contributes to the national fiscal revenue and it seeks to improve the well-being of the many of its citizens who are employed by the sector. Without infrastructure, sustainable social and economic development will not be possible.



Is dedicated to the support, promotion and protection of the company of the common interests of its clients specifying authorities, its contractors and its manufacturers to ensure that there is integrity and professionalism in the waterproofing industry.

The waterproofing industry sector comprises of the membership of WFSA

  • Waterproofing contractors
  • Waterproofing materials and manufacturers
  • Affiliate and associate members from the building technology division of the C.S.I.R Institute of S.A Architects, the SA Institute of building ,the South African bureau of standards, as well as other professional and education bodies.


The concerns of customers generally lie in the three basic areas

  • The customer needs to be sure that she/he obtains expert advice during the selection of the product and system right at the outset
  • That the waterproofing will be correctly and professionally installed to the industry standards
  • That after installation she/he will know how to go about maintaining the waterproofing correctly.

By the customer dealing with any of our WFSA members they can be assured that they will obtain the best advice and service according to the above.


Whilst the vast majority of installation work that is carried out by the WFSA contractor the member is trouble free. The federation also acknowledges that there may be certain occasions when the standard of work considered by the customer is less than what are desired industry standards. It is particularly in this area that WFSA will assist.

When a customer has a cause for a legitimate complaint against any contractor member WFSA can be contacted to offer impartial advice and assistance as the occasion demands


Firstly it is essential that the WFSA member is afforded a reasonable opportunity to rectify any defect as complaints can usually be settled in this manner


If for whatsoever reason the complaint against the member cannot be settled the customer must contact WFSA who will be ready and willing to ‘Conciliate’ in the matter. Once the details of the complaint is obtained, the conciliation will usually involve getting into contact with the member and then if necessary, arranging for a site inspection to help establish the facts and to evaluate the circumstances. This conciliation action will normally lead to the matter being resolved.


  • ABE – Is a leading supplier in the South African market that is committed to provide cost effective & innovative products
  • DURAM – Is a proudly South African brand and is the leading producer of top quality metal coatings and waterproof flooring
  • RB10 – Is a local manufacturer of a wide range of waterproofing and priming paints and chemicals
  • SIKA – Is a trusted brand within the SA building and construction industries supplying specialized solutions.


  • To protect the common interest of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure they do not receive adverse publicity, unfair blame, or loss of sale due to misuse of their products
  • To thoroughly investigate complaints and too assist in a quick, cost effective solution of the problems
  • To act as a distribution centre for information on new products the manufacturer wishes to bring to the notice of the industry
  • To arrange training for members and manufacturers, supplier’s premises in order to ensure the correct usage and increased customer satisfaction.


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