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Dispatch System for Food Marketing Company

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  • In this assessment I have opportunity to demonstrate my ability to critically and holistically evaluate the outcomes of a project implemented and critically evaluate the effectiveness of the project.
  • In this assessment I have discuss the quad chart for dispatch system, critically analysis of project plan by using whare tapa rima model and challenges, learning and reflections during the implementation of project


After critically examine the project plan for dispatch system of Food Company. In the following quad chart, I discuss the purpose of the project. I have also discussed the aims and objectives of the dispatch system. In the quad chart I critically analysis the stakeholder involvement in this project. Moreover, I critically analyze the success factor of dispatch system and I discuss the success factor of this dispatch system. Although, there are many secondary benefits of this project that are I described in this quad chart. However, I have also focused on the leadership qualities and its factors that are I learned in this project.

Examine Dispatch system for food marketing company



The purpose of this project is to establish a dispatch system for a food marketing company.

This proper dispatch system ranges from ordering to the wrapping of products, which will make the company’s workflow efficient and accurate.


This project is for food marketing company that is based in Hamilton and supplies vegetables and fruit in Waikato area.

This project will benefit marketing company management, staff, worker, transport agency, retail store, farmers and crate making companies as well as a pilot making companies etc.



The critical success factor of dispatch system of food marketing company as follows.

  • Fresh delivery on time
  • Good quality products
  • Make sure that the cartons are at the same level and are separate.
  • Dispatch as per the order placed to make sure everything is right like line number, product code, create number etc.
  • Tight wrapping of order


There are following success factors which we measured in this project.

  • customer satisfaction checked by the feedback by the customers.
  • Dispatch system is efficient if vegetables and fruits are delivered fresh on time, good packaging, and good customer service etc.
  • Dispatch system is accurate if dispatch on per the order placed.
  • Grower’s satisfaction is checked by the feedback from growers.
  • Health and safety are good if there are no food hazards or accidents in the workplace.
  • The quality assessment we can measure it by product quality.


There are many benefits because of this project like a good business opportunity for growers, food company, for transport agency and supermarkets etc.

The other benefit is an economic level of all stakeholders will increase.

ETHICS: I learned about how honesty and fairness is important in a organization. It must treat clients and customers fairly and honestly.

VALUES: with this project I learned values that are very important in a organization. Every person has their own core values. I have learned honesty, loyalty, generosity, equality, respect and kindness.

PASSION: To set up the new dispatch system and examine the dispatch system is my passion. I am passionate to learn new things related to management. To become a leader it is must you should have honesty and fair attitude.


In the following paragraphs, I have discussed and critically examined the project plan. There are certain challenges like the economy, physical, environmental and social. These factors may affect the projects in various ways that are I describe as follows.


There are several factors that affect the organization economy and affect’s the projects.

  • Input cost will be increased if labor, energy, and packaging cost are increased. This increases the production cost that affects the project.
  • Availability of skilled labor will also affect the economic factors because the company spends more money for training of workers so, it will affect the projects.
  • Lack of Building, cold stores and office for staff directly affect the production line because of this there will be a lack of concentration by the employees so, it will be difficult to get the profit.
  • Target the supermarkets to enhance the sale because supermarkets have the largest number of customers so, in this way organization will increase the sale.
  • Pricing competitively to make the local option viable through the distribution channels’ markup, will affects the firm.
  • Buying fresh vegetables and fruit from growers and deliver it to the consumer is crucial. Company fails to do this then it affects the project.
  • Promote the local vegetables and fruits and encourage customers to buy products from the company. If this strategy runs successfully then the company will gain a good profit.
  • Economic conditions will down because of bad Food and Safety program. So, this will affect the project.
  • A lot of eatery request: no transportation to get it there to develop into a reasonable business. So, logistics plays a crucial role in food dispatch system and it affects the project.
  • In this fast world, no one has time for buy things and waste time and money on these things. It is hard for the consumer to find the easy approach for buying vegetables and fruits. If company provide food delivery to the consumer than the company will get the benefit.
  • Customers are more health conscious and prefer the organic products but, it is very expensive to maintain the quality of organic food products because of this it will affect the firm economy.
  • Environmental and natural forces will affect the economic status of a company because if crops are not cultivated then how dispatch system will work. It will affect badly to the dispatch system of any food supply company.
  • Food Safety is must in vegetable and Fruit Company because if we do not ensure the quality of food it will create hazards etc. There is a need for Food specialist who provides training to the staff and checks regularly. This factor increases the processing cost.
  • Changing market demand also affects the economy because the sometimes company buys vegetables and fruit in a large amount but demand is not as the company expectations. So, the company faces high loss.
  • Increase the quality of products and market competition affects the company economy.
  • Compliance, record-keeping, reporting or training staff is necessary for every organization but to achieve these goal companies spend lots of money that affect the projects.


There some physical challenges that affect the food dispatch system as follows

  • Management staff, workers, and drivers etc. are a physical force that is needed in this project.
  • When a company needs to expand the plant than the company needs more employees.
  • The infrastructure of the company also affects the working environment. So, it directly affects the workers and the staff.
  • People have a lack of food preparing skills and kitchen equipment. It is physically affecting to the dispatch because these type of people prefer the processed food.
  • Health and Safety are also depended on staff, worker and management. If they do not follow this law’s it creates hazards and accidents at the workplace.
  • Food scientists are required for regular inspection of the quality of food. If product quality not sure or Food scientists not available then it creates a serious problem for the company.
  • Training to new staff is also under the physical section. It is compulsory to provide proper training to new staff and workers. If workers and staff have a proper knowledge about Food Safety than it is not affecting the dispatch system.
  • Management challenges, communications between departments are very important to solve this problem. If miscommunication happens at a workplace then it will create a serious problem in the company.
  • Integrity is also depending upon the management and worker and it is necessary for any organization. It is must for every worker and staff to look after their mates and give respect to the others feelings and culture.


There are several environmental challenges that are described as follows.

  • To establish new industries deforestation take place so, it directly affects the environment. Pollution and global warming are burning issues all over the world and people are more conscious about the environment and they are against deforestation. Because of this reason projects are affected.
  • Sometime refrigeration plants affect the environment because these types of plants produce CFC gas that very harmful for the ozone layer.
  • Consumer understanding for seasonality is very important because a sometimes shortage of products is there in the markets but demand still increases. It affects the food dispatch system
  • Organic food also depends upon the environment because of this it affects the dispatch system.
  • Natural forces like an earthquake and heavy rainfall affect the crops. If there are crops growers or shortage of vegetables and fruits because of the environment than it affects the food company.


There are some social challenges that affect the food dispatch system as follows.

  • Economy factors also affect in a social manner. It happens when changing in the salary of the workers and staff.
  • When we promote the local products than local people benefited. So, it affects socially.
  • Due to the innovation of new technology the labor workforce in the company will decrease so, it will affect socially as it will lead to unemployment.
  • As people are becoming more health conscious and they prefer organic food so, this will be the benefit for the company.
  • If there is a natural disaster like heavy rainfall it will affect the crops so, how will dispatch system works due to this all staff, work and management will affect.


UNDERSTANDING: I understand how to set the dispatch system for food marketing firm. I also know how we can handle work stress in the difficult situation. Moreover, I understand communication strategies and its importance at the workplace and how It could be directly affected by the whole system of organization.there are some legislations that are necessary to follow at the workplace like health and safety etc. although I understand how we can maintain accuracy and efficiency in dispatch system and how these two factors are important for organization.

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CHHALENGES: there are many challenges we face when we are doing the project. Some challenges are simple and easy to tackle but some challenges are very difficult to handle. I also face lots of challenges one of them is to handle new requirement during the project and it is hard to put it into the old plan so when we make a plan we always think about the flexibility of plan because later on, we can add new requirements.

I also felt problem to communicate with different departments. These departments work depends upon each other so it is necessary to good communication between the departments.

Another challenge is rules and regulation comply with the company. There are many legislations and rules that are necessarily followed by the firm.the purpose of these rules and regulation is to provide a safe working environment in the organization.

Quality management system is the backbone of any dispatch system and it plays a critical role in any dispatch system. This is a big challenge how we can ensure and maintain the quality. So, we set up some rule and regulation related to the quality management system.

LEARNING: By this project, I learned lots of things and I learn how we can set up the dispatch system and leadership qualities that are necessary for every project manager. This project is much benefited to me in my future. I learned decision making strategy and importance of this skill within a firm. I also learned how we can solve conflicts within an organization as well as how we can handle the work pressure and stress in extreme situations.

I learned more about the management structure and how we can achieve our goal and target with efficiency and accuracy. I learned duties of manager how manager ensure that every worker doing their work on time or not. Although, I gain knowledge value of integrity and look after the staff.


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