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Reflection Essay- Role Play of Zenur & Levon Negotiation

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Wordcount: 848 words Published: 14th Sep 2017

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Self reflection states about own character, self knowledge, feelings and own thoughts and which part needed to improvement. In other words,Self reflection defines one’s own weakness and strengths and about one’s own behavior and experience (Neaum, 2012). In this self reflection, I will be explaining about my group experiences, Zenur’s plan and how we got a best deal for our company through negotiation process. In this role play we followed the negotiation process steps like planning, discussion, bargaining about proposal offer and closing step.

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Zenur and Levon were well known companies. Zenur used the interactive model of effectively communication during the negotiation. Both companies had same business market. This negotiation process helped both companies to know about their weakness and strengths. The negotiation of Zenur with Levon went efficiently because both organizations had similar business areas and it was beneficial for both to influence the each other’s strengths. Zenur got information and data about Levon Company and made plan to achieve their goal and which brought benefit for both companies.

In the process of negotiation, we came up with Zenur as a selling company. We discussed about our strategies, data, information, ideas and knowledge which we used during the negotiation to convince Levon Company. Moreover this information helped us to achieve our target. Zenur and Levon discussed their ideas, their company goals, achievements and their future plan with each other’s while negotiation. Because their share ideas, knowledge and helping each other’s helps to get a good performance in group activities (Bernstein, 2015). Levon gave three offers to take over Zenur Company which was $350 million with full control and $400 with full control of acquition. Zenur Company CEO (leader) discussed with Finance manager (myself) and we refused this offer because of some valid reason. Levon and Zenur were bargaining and discussed their companies’ point of view. Both companies agreed with $425 million with 50-50% profit sharing and will keep and give promotion to Zenur staff as we discussed with Levon. After this negotiation, both companies signed written contract and Zenur make sure that Levon will take three months for complete whole process.

Zenur used their strategies, skills and styles at the different stages of the negotiation. Zenur meet with their own interests and plan which helped to bring benefits for both companies. In the role play Zenur was able to make their offer better because Zenur focused on their offer and tried to understand Levon current issues and their opinion. Through negotiation and bargaining, Zenur got deal with $425 with 50-50% profit sharing.

As a finance manager, I was explained the present position, issues and plans of the Zenur company which will help Zenur and Levon to make their performance better. I was tried to explained company’s legal requirement and objectives. I explained why we refused the offer and which are my company requirements? I tried to focus on our company benefits and get a best deal for Zenur. As a finance manager, I was trying to understand the Levon’s conditions and issues. I was a finance manager who was a one of negotiators of the team, I found some qualities like flexibilities, ability to understand the others point of view and focus on our company’s goal. I was able to asked questions and give answers when it’s needed. I shared my opinions, thoughts and information with others during this process. Because when we working in a group team than every team members have to need to do their best to achieve their group goals and group achievement (DeVito, 2005).

Overall, it was a very good experience for me to do work in a group which help me learnt how to communicate with each others. Also we should listen others opinion and ideas and give respect them. Because listening is important this can help us to convey our massage clear to others and helps to make our discussion better (Bernstein, 2015). Moreover as a finance manager learnt how to take a step or discussion immediately in any situation. Moreover, working in group play we can develop our relation with each other’s and help to make our performance better. I hadn’t faced any language barriers in my group.


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