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HR Department Is Playing A More Significant Role Commerce Essay

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Wordcount: 1818 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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It is said that the HR department is playing a more significant role in organizational strategic planning processes today than it did 20 years ago, how do you explain this? In a company, what difficulties would an HRM executive face in assessing and then communicating to other department heads, the contribution of his or her area to the company profit margin?

It is said that the HR department is playing a more significant role in organization strategic planning process today than it did 20 years ago because of these reasons as following:

First, today environment business have been changing, companies have reinforced by global competition, technical changing, opportunities difficulty, global employment. By thus, human resource management takes more challenge, classical human management likes order, force and consider employee as other tools that conception is not appreciated. Human resources management is toward to promote and develop human ability accordance with development of organization.

Second, today strategy business cannot separate human resource strategy, human resources management supports other departments get their objectives. By thus, roles of human resources department have been changing from it did. It has to invest in human resource for long term, coordinate closely with function departments, human resource appreciation is basement to promote and develop.

However, in a company an HRM executive often face in assessing and then communicating to other department heads relevant to salary, reward, promotion, and discipline. Therefore, human resource executive should be professional knowledge about human resource management, building a good communicate with employee, and becomes a bridge between employee and owner to satisfy their objectives.

In brief, human resources management connects closely with all activities of organization and it is become a part of strategy management.

Question II: Historically, HRM activities and tools were developed and implemented by a department or functional unit. Today, however, operating managers are in the forefront in applying and modifying HRM tools and activities. Why has this shift in application occurred? How is the work of operating managers similar to that of physicians who must conduct a diagnosis before treating a patient?


Historically, human resource management activities and tools were developed and implemented by a department or functional unit. Recently, roles of human resource management have been changing from administration to embedded qualify performance. Strategy of human resource management focuses and integrates into organization strategy. By thus, human resource management is in the forefront of overall strategy organization.

Individuals in organization should have responsibilities with all issues of human resource management. Its activities is not limited in labor arrangement, operation manager should take participant into activities of human resources department to ensure that human resources is used most efficient accordance with organization objectives.

Human resources management modern uses ARDM model, it is method for operation managers appreciate effective elements to human resource. The ARDM model includes four steps such as diagnosis, prescription, implementation, and evaluation. Similar with a doctor have to define what is reason lead to illness, operation manager have to define status job performance in connection with internal and external elements of ARDM, then they issue prescription, it is activities and remedy to deal with illness status. After that, doctor has to re-test, follow-up examination, operation manager also should re-appreciate influences of prescription.

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Question III: Sexual harassment is often found in our society. How does EEOC explain sexual harassment? What can managers do to minimize their chance of litigation and being found negligent with regard to sexual harassment?


Sexual harassment is considered a type of sex discrimination provided by EEO of United States. There are two type of sexual harassment, which are quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo is the exchange of sexual favors for job benefits such as increase salary, promotion, or other benefits. Meanwhile, hostile work environment is creation of an offensive working environment.

In order to minimize chance of litigation and being found negligent with regard to sexual harassment, organization should apply measurements to eliminate sexual harassment. Companies have to setting up a policy to prevent from sexual harassment, and inform to all staffs to element absolutely. Besides that, companies have to investigate carefully and strictly to deal with accuse of sexual harassment.

Difference from the U.S, Vietnamese impacted on oriental and traditional culture, so people are not opened and very shy to talk about sexual especially women. Therefore, in Vietnam organization, sexual harassment issues are difficult to exposing. However, sexual harassment likes as artesian waters flows in all companies and become pervasive. This actual motivates managers who focus on educating and establishing the rules comprises disciplined for acts of sexual harassment.

In my opinion, starting with Vietnamese experience is “prevention is better than against”, I think that every individual should try your best to protection yourself from sexual harassment in the workplace.

Question IV: Where would you place yourself on each of the five work-related cultural dimensions identified by Hofstede (e.g., high on individualism)? Why? Explain the Sullivan Principles? How have these principles helped organizations understand the ethical issues they face when conducting business in foreign cultures?


According to Hefstede, there are five aspects culture to evaluation a culture, and compare among different cultures, which includes such as individualism versus collectivism, power distance, avoidance of uncertainty, masculinity, and long term versus short term orientation. These examinations can list out knowledge about various cultures, this study is very useful to working in multi-national company. The result of research about dimensions culture of Vietnam and compare with several cultures is show as following:


Power distance

Individual versus collectivism


Avoidance of uncertainty

Long-term versus short term orientation



















The U.S






Cultural nations are different from dependence on natural culture, education, and system of law. Sullivan listed out six principles to deal with cultural differences in multi cultural working environment. Despite, these principles give in Appartheid period but it can apply in many countries because its aims toward to person, services for human and human rights. These principles is similar with a guidance for companies to protect human rights, create an equal opportunities, ensure a good working condition, good heath, increase standard of living and so on.

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Question V: As a current (or future) manager, how will you communicate the requirements of an entry-level customer service representative to a candidate who just arrived at your office for an interview? Will you describe the job in terms of competencies? Knowledge, skills, or abilities? Explain your answer.


As a current manager, when a candidate arrived at my office for an interview, I will indicate to applicant my organization requirement of an entry-level customer service representative. These requirements are detailed as job description and specifications which was carefully studied by candidates. Therefore, interviewer just only talks to interviewee about advance requirement for future requirement of organization, accompany with firm strategy. Today, candidates often consider about ability to development and promotion, it is important element to attract candidate joining to our organization. By thus, this information is very useful and helps candidates imagine about their career, prepare knowledge, change study to accordance with firm strategy, changing business environment.

By thus, candidates who are distance from traditional requirement need satisfy KSAO for entry-level customer service representative responsibility. However, organizations often prefer candidates who can competencies for several assignment even other position.

Manager should give program in order to supporting of staffs implement competencies, throughout they can become flexibility. As a result, human arrangement becomes more elastic. For example, an entry-level customer service representative is not only welcome customer in the first step but also he or she can move to other step to continuing with customer requirement

Question VI: Recently some companies began to use temporary employees? Do you know why? Assume your company wants you to make a recruitment advertising for hiring temporary employees, what guidelines will you follow to make sure that recruitment advertising does not violate equal employment laws?


During twenty years ago, using temporary is become pervasive trend. There are several reasons to explaining for this trend as follow:

Business competition is getting more challenge, technical development influences on doing business, which leads that companies always face re-organized, by thus, human resource management have to enthusiastic to match on the challenges, environment changing very fast. Beside on building a competencies human resource, organizations often use temporary employee to deal with shortage of human resources, and this method can find employee quickly.

Moreover, there are server advantages when company can use temporary such as low expenditures, reducing social benefits, do not training, can find fit candidates in short time, and using temporary is not effect to re-organized. In Vietnam, using temporary is more common in manufacture, production than others, and temporary are often with low qualification, and worker mainly.

There is a notice that organization should study carefully law, stipulation or regulations especially EEO law before building an advertisement for recruiting temporary employee. In order to braking out law or stipulation, advertisement has to execute several principles such as avoiding preference or priority for any race, sexual, religions, nation, skin color and so on


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