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Important Emerging Issues In Work Design Commerce Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Commerce
Wordcount: 992 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In my opinion, the most important emerging issue in the design of work is hiring dependable, competent and self-motivated workers with specific expertise for their position. I feel that with any successful company, it is essential to have the right individuals in positions that have suitable levels of education, expertise and self-motivation. As hiring these types of employees, assist in improving productivity and enhancing employees welfare, in which leads to overall job satisfaction. Even though, financial incentives are a substantial motivator, hiring the employee right for each position will allow employees to do their job more adequately.  After reading this case study it is apparent to me that employees of The Coca-Cola Company are genuinely self-motivated individuals that are committed and have the desire to grow, learn and explore within the Coca-Cola system.

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Discuss the most likely organizational design for Coca-Cola Company.

After carefully analyzing the case study, I believe that the job characteristics theory is most similar to the organizational design of the Coca-Cola Company. Nelson & Quick states that, “The job characteristics theory is a traditional approach to the design of work that emphasizes the interaction between the individual and specific attributes of the job.” (2009). From The Coca-Cola Company’s perspective they identify themselves as a company that is accountable for make it possible for their employees to obtain the desire to grow and to reach their full potential by working at their resourceful finest while symbolizing the diversity of all those they serve globally. The Coca-Cola Company takes pride in selecting employees who have the desire to make a difference, build up and encourages others, set in motion innovative ideas and deliver results and who can live up to their values and expectations. (McCuddy & Morgal, 2008)

From a job design perspective, how would you interpret what these seven employees of The Coca-Cola Company say about the secret ingredients that make their jobs so refreshing?

Job design consists of placing various tasks together to make sure that a job can be completed, while keeping the organization’s best interest in mind. In addition, job design needs to consideration the overall well-being of the organization and the health and safety of employees to ensure the proper amount of efficiency and productivity is met in the work place. I believe that the job design helps to increase the overall motivation level of employees, as well.

I would like to point out some of the key highlights of a few of these seven employees comments: Hector indicated that he feels rewarded for the many opportunities he has to take on new challenges, in which allow him to grow, learn and explore within the company. Mary Page from Strategic Planning states that, she loves her job, knows that the bar’s set high and feels privileged to work with so many smart people with such diverse backgrounds. She has many opportunities to explore, learn and grow within the system of the coca-cola company. Sales Director Tor, thrives on the vast majority of opportunities available for professional and personal growth at Coca-Cola. Vikram, Strategic Growth: Only after working at The Cola-Coca Company a short while, he notices the meaningful significance that Coca-Cola Company makes in the world. The value that coca-cola create and share more than a refreshing drink, but truly has a positive global impact and making a difference worldwide. (McCuddy & Morgal, 2008)

From a job design prospective, I would interpret these seven employees’ responses to the secret ingredients that make their jobs at Coca-Cola so refreshing as being genuinely self-motivated employees of The Coca-Cola Company. In which these employee’s are willing to and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the company’s business objective and goals are being meeting to be more than just a refreshing drink, but that they are truly making a difference around the world.

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What information contained in the seven employees’ comments about their jobs relates to the core job characteristics of skill variety?

When it comes to the core job characteristics, The Coca-Cola Company has employees with a lot of skill variety. As most employees at any company want to have a sense of self-worth to feel that they are needed, being helpful and not taking advantage of. In addition to, employees wanting and have the opportunity to use most, if not all of their expertise’s, knowledge, wisdom and personal and professional experiences, in which they have learned throughout their lives. The information contained in the seven employee’s remarks, in which directly relates to the core job characteristics of skill variety are as follows:

Joycelyn, understands the importance of cultural differences and sensitivity, and her specific marketing expertise that are imperative to business objectives and goals within the Hispanic marketing department. Mary Page, learns from each local market to capture best ideas globally and learning from less successful experiences competitive advantage. Rebecca, Global Marketing has the framework that connects people around world. As she helps the Coca-Cola to regain its leadership position as the most respected marketing company worldwide. Her experiences at coca-cola have helped to change her life by developing her as an individual opening her mind to other cultures and perspectives and exposed her to life changing experiences. Tania, Information Technology General Management states that The Coca-Cola Company encourages and supports being ‘fluid’. From her perspective it’s not just doing a job, but have the freedom innovate and executive your ideas. (McCuddy & Morgal, 2008)


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