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Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information

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Founded in (2014) and located at 123 Bridgeview avenue half way tree, Miracle Obsession Cosmetic is a company that specializes in many different types of cosmetic products. The company offers products and services ranging from concealers, foundation, finishing powder, lipbalm , lipstic, makeup removal, mascara, eye-brow-pencil, and many other products. The company was established by two individuals who thought they could be a good competition for the MAC cosmetic line. Hence they partnered together and created this growing cosmetic company and hope to achieve its goals and objectives through good management, good marketing and having a good promotion body.

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Miracle Obsession is a company that promotes their products and services through different medias such as (social medias) Facebook twitter and other medias such as newspaper, television, and magazines. The company chooses these methods of promotion and advertisement because it will aid and helps in attracting the interest of cosmetic lovers. Miracle Obsession biggest goal is to have as many branches as possible throughout Jamaica and the company also looks at going international within the next two to three years.

Miracle Obsession hopes to achieve one of its major goal which is to higher as much unemployed Jamaican that are willing to make the company benefits which intern will be of great important for them to benefits also. The cosmetic company faces simple difficulties such as employees not being able to represent the brand company as they should. However the management body seeks to employ persons with experience within the customer service industry.

To conclude miracle Obsession business profile the company works towards maintaining competitive advantage over it competitors and continues to be one of the leading cosmetic companies in Jamaica.


A Brighter Future and Intelligence consulting firm is located in St Andrew Jamaica. This consulting firm was established in the year (1999), by two individuals Peter Johnson and Nishi Barclay who thought that they could take people’s ideas and helped them to put them to good use. Consequently, we have managed to advise our clients about the ways in which they can be great entrepreneurs through good management. The firm seeks to locate and achieve its goals and objectives by satisfying its clients’ needs through innovative ways.

The key areas that we go through daily with our clients are marketing of goods and services, pricing strategies, good management and also the ways in which they can maintain competitive advantage. There are many different small investors that rely on us so we seek to continue to provide the best quality services for our clientele body and also future clients to come, so that we will continue to be one of the leading consulting firms within the island.

However with on amount of over thirty (30) experienced experts combining their strategic skills with definitive management consulting prior to the firm knowledge of Ideas can make sense Know how. Hence whenever the firm identifies unsatisfied demand and new business opportunities they worked endlessly to bring forth its creative and innovative ideas. The firm continues to work endlessly to source development and implement logistic methods about the business environment and its purpose.

In concluding A Brighter Future and Intelligences business profile, the company will continue implement and research good marketing strategies that will aid continue to have positive impacts on all the small businesses that depends greatly on the firms Knowledge.


This research is about the ways in which information, knowledge and communication can benefit organizations. The researcher seeks to attain the relevant information that will aid in a better understanding of how important knowledge, communication and information are within the organization. The research intends to evaluate and analyze how to access information and knowledge need through the different sources and methods such as internal and external, primary and secondary, formal and informal.

The researcher identifies the factors that can affect communication, knowledge, and information both positively and negatively within the organization. The research will therefore supply the researcher with substantial materials that influences the organization approaches in building a good organization through being knowledgeable about products and services gathering information that will improve on business decisions through effective communication.

Bad communication skills are a major setback for organization to effectively make decisions and find solutions to problem.



  1. To identify methods of improvements that will aid in the range of decision to be undertaken and knowledge needed to ensure the effectiveness of the decisions.
  2. To identify the levels of stakeholders that will develop business relation which will aid in the decision making process for improvements.
  3. To create a personal plan for the organization that will encourage effective communication.
  4. to implement strategies that will improve systems relating to information and knowledge.


According to Wolfganf (2008), Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another; it involves a sender transmitting an idea, information, or feeling to a receiver.Effectivecommunication occurs only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended to transmit.

According to Kennerly (2008), Information is data that is accurate and timely, specific and organized for a purpose, presented with a context that gives it meaning and relevance, and can lead to an increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty. Information is valuable because it can affect behavior, a decision, or on outcome.

According to Denning (2009), knowledge is the factor condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. Denning further stated that knowledge can also be defined as the ideas or understandings which an entity possesses that are used to take effective action to achieve the entity’s goals. An understanding of knowledge requires some grasp of its relationship to information. The human mind is often seen as being capable of two kinds of knowledge the Rational and the Intuitive.

However Kennerly (2008),stated that organizations today have access to almost unlimited amounts of data-sales , demographics, economic trends competitive data, consumer behavior, efficiency measures, financial calculation ,etc. However, many decisions makers in organizations feel lost and perplexed. They have mountains of data and still are not capable of making the correct decisions, or understanding where they really are.


Both qualitative and quantitative research approach will be utilized for this research study. The researcher intends to conduct a qualitative research in providing that information about the importance of a valid contract and the effects of the different elements of a contract. Therefore interviews will be used as the primary research approach. The researcher anticipates in conducting interviews with at least two different representatives that major in law. All interviews therefore will be taped record and are expected to endure for up to fifteen (15) minutes.

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A quantitative research approach will also be utilized and is expected in facilitating the researcher with information on the wider views of the public on their understanding of a legal contract and the impact of the elements of a legal contract. Surveys and questionnaires will be used as the methods of collecting and obtaining the information’s needed. Therefore the researcher plans on performing the various methods for conducting the research through one of the most popular social Medias which is known as facebook. Facebook will allow and influence the effective feedback, based on the larger amount of people. Therefore approximately fifteen (15) questionnaires questions will be post on facebook time line, in which the researcher plans to accept and analyze all the feedbacks from the respondents.

The researcher will also use the secondary data collection method because it is more accessible, quicker, cheaper, saves time and provides a lot of necessary and relevant information. Secondary source of information can be of great benefit and is essential to use for this research project because it will provide the researcher with current and essential information. The secondary data will also assist in analyzing and structuring the appropriate ways in which this research project should be administered.

However in utilizing all the methods and research approach to collect data and information will be of great benefit to the researcher and also others you anticipate in reviewing the research upon completion.


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