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A Look At Internet Browser Computer Science Essay

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Wordcount: 1535 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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An internet browser is the program that you use to access the internet and view web pages. Internet browsers give service to user for access WWW (World Wide Web). There are different web browsers that are used today. Some internet browsers are

Microsoft internet explorer

Google chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Netscape Navigator

Apple Safari etc.

We don’t think that which browser is best for us and without knowing features and install it. We need to know which one is best for us and what are advantages and disadvantages and features of it. Here are some basic browsers features that make decision to choose best browser for us.


Some browsers are capable for display text only they do not display any image, videos etc. modern web browsers have features of graphics and work faster and easier to use.

Multiple Protocols

A protocol is a set of rules that how data is received and transmitted. Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) is the common language of the web and all browsers support it and different protocol that are used for Browsers for browsing web pages.

Security Support

Many browsers have secure socket layer (SSL). SSL is special protocol to secure in buying and selling and transaction work. Different protocols and services are available to secure users from hackers and viruses.


One of the most basic features is frame. This technology divides a browser window into two or more parts. When we load different webpages in different tab. This feature makes work easily and quickly for the users.


Good browsers establish rules for blocking objectionable web content for user. Browser block the web page that is not secure for user and does not browse it.

Upload support

The internets have many tools of attachment of file and send email etc. browsers must support upload services only older and basic browsers have not support users upload files.


Cookies are small files that web sites leave on a PC. Cookies are must support in browsers to save password and history for users.


Plug-in is a separate application that works with browsers to provide the content that is not designed for browsers. Avoid those browsers that are used plugins to provide contents.

Language support

Some browsers do not support language other than English. A browser which does not support multiple languages is text like gibberish. Best browsers support multiple languages for users.

Internet Explorer

One of the most powerful web browsers, internet explorer had the 95% usage market share in 2003. This web browser was developed by Microsoft and including by default in Microsoft windows operating system. This is high quality web browser.

Internet browser is a good browser is not we know it after knowing advantages and disadvantages of it.


Availability: Internet Explorer is freely available by default in Microsoft operating system. There is no need to install it.

Browsing in tabs: this new feature allowed users to open webpages in same window that we call tabs. No need to open webpages in group or in different windows.

Security: security provide to users. User has some problem in different browsers but Internet Explorer has the feature of security to protect users from hackers.

Application support: it has support almost every application available on internet and also many tools for help users.

Reopen last sessions: when you close your browsers by mistake and lose all data that you were working on. IE save that data in it and when user open this IE restore the last session.


Speed: As we are in speed age and have no time to wait. Users need any browsers that work quickly IE considered as one of the slowest browsers as compared to Firefox and Chrome. It takes too much time to load webpage and downloading files.

Security: This is the most annoying internet browsers. Best browser is based on security but internet explorer is the main target for hackers. Microsoft is struggling and trying to make Internet Explorer secure from hackers who steal the information of users.

Customization: As compares to different browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, IE don’t have choice to customize privacy setting.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser. Mozilla Firefox developed by Microsoft Windows and Linux coordinated by Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox is third most widely usage of share of web


Speed: Mozilla is fastest Brower not only do programs and file downloading but also you get the record of downloading that is easier for user to use in future.

Security: Firefox has some advanced security that protect from hackers and viruses. Firefox block harmful web content and stop to browse it.

Tabbed Browsing: Mozilla Firefox allows users to open unlimited webpages in a single window without opening in different windows.

Restore Recent Session: Firefox will remember which internet pages you had open and get us back where users were working if your computer is turned off my mistake.

Extensions and themes: Firefox is one of the most easily customize browser with support for browser extensions. It has more than 500 themes and also extension to perform work on toolbar etc.

Simple Interface: Firefox has a simple interface that makes it easier to use and work on slower machines.


Compatibility issues: the main disadvantage of Firefox is compatibility. Some websites do not show properly in Firefox and it is view in Internet Explorer. This includes ActiveX and VBScript both of which is not supported by Firefox.

Memory: Firefox takes a lot of memory to work and update makes it hard to run and invested heavily memory to use.

Interrupted Service: Firefox cannot resume if downloading is interrupted. It may have a lot of trouble if your connection have problem.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It was first released as beta version for Microsoft windows.


Speed: Google Chrome is faster than other browsers. it works more quickly.

Ease to use: Google Chrome easy to use and work as compare to other browsers.

Language support: it has number of Google website features. One of the features is language support which means if web content is in other language then Google Chrome has option to translate it.

Speedy Start Up: if you use different browser then you have noticed that Google Chrome is quickly Start Up than others.

Cloud Storage: Cloud storage of browser information is a main feature in Google Chrome where you can easily synchronize bookmarks, history, extensions to save it for future use. Chrome also variety of Google cloud-based services, including Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa for ease to user future use.

Back up in Google Account and in PC: you can easily store synchronize bookmarks, history, extensions and more between Google Chrome installations on different computers. Chrome also integrates with variety of Google cloud-based services, including Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa by Google account where you can store it. And also save back up in window operating system.

Restore session: Google Chrome has a feature of restore last tabs that are lost by any reason.

Reopen last website: if Google chrome close by any mistake and after open it the last browsing website is open automatically.


Not Compatible with some websites: One of the main disadvantages of Google Chrome is not compatible with some websites, it not browse some website but better than Firefox and Internet Browser. Because as I have mention above Firefox not compatible and need to install ActiveX etc. but Google chrome is not compatible for some advanced website and no need to install ActiveX etc.

No warning when closing Multiple Tabs: if you want to close multiple tab Google Chrome send no warning.

As you have noticed that Internet Explorer has many disadvantages, but still have a lot of users.

And second usage of share have Firefox and on third Google Chrome. And compare to speed and use I think Google chrome is best browser to use. But in some time we need to use IE.

Google Chrome is faster and compatible than IE and Firefox and save bookmark and other things to and restore session etc.

Google Chrome is better than IE and Firefox because if you have lost any data of tab and bookmark etc. then you just sign in to Google and get it easily and there is no need to install any plug in, ActiveX etc. Google Chrome faster start up and have also back up in your google account as I mentioned above in last 3 lines.

Google Chrome has a lot of themes and also privacy setting. Google Chrome has history of browsers.


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