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A Comparison of Mesh and Star Networks

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Wordcount: 810 words Published: 3rd Nov 2021

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As the world more openly uses wireless networking the problem of what type of network topology within the massively expanding internet of things. Topologies vary in everything from power usage to security to bandwidth, however only two topologies will be focussed on mesh and star topologies and what the differences are as well as advantages and disadvantages of each are. And how they could be used together to benefit people.

1.0 Terms of Reference

Stephen Colbert has requested Shaun Brown to write a report on the differences between mesh and star topology. It is a requirement of communication: level 5 unit and is due to be submitted on the 4th of December.

2.0 Procedures

Research for this report was accomplished primary via the internet by using reputable up to date websites as well as news sites.

3.0 Findings

3.1 Advantages of mesh networks

Mesh networks connect to each other as separate nodes allowing a faster download speed as well as large file transfers and large numbers of connected devices as well as meaning that in the event of node failure it does not result in a break in the network. Having multiple devices connect to mesh network does not increase load on the network as any connected devices also act as network nodes.

(Computer Hope, 2019)

3.2 Disadvantages of mesh networks

The cost of setting up a mesh network is higher than other topology types as well as building and maintaining mesh networks are difficult and time intensive. There is however, a moderately large chance that there will be redundant nodes which increases costs further (Computer Hope, 2019)

3.3 Advantages of star networks

Star networks are easy to setup as every node requires its own cable to connect. On the condition of cable failure only one device is affected by it. Easy to expand as it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the network, it is also possible to boot devices from the network easier as everything connects to a single hub. Finding and removing faulty nodes is easy as every node is separate from all other connected devices.

(tech differences, 2019)

3.4 Disadvantages of star networks

The performance of the entire network is determined by the hub node,

If the hub node in the network goes down the entire network goes down.

Star networks require more wiring than other topologies.

(tech differences, 2019)

4.0 Comparison

In mesh networks, information transfers from one device to another in order to reach its destination. A node, serves as both an end that captures and transmits their own data as well as a repeater that relays data from other nodes. In a partial mesh network, only specific nodes have the repeater/relay functionality, and are connected by more than one other node, while in a full mesh network, all nodes are uniform and fully interconnected to each other. Whereas Star topology approaches networking differently. Star topology is where all nodes communicate to a central hub/access point, an A.P. the technical design of the central hub is much more sophisticated as to handle huge amounts of data flowing in to it.

5.0 conclusion

Mesh networks are more reliable than star networks as they have built in redundancy meaning there is no network loss so is there for overall better than star topology however using both could be beneficial

6.0 Recommendations

The industry standard for networking businesses are partial Mesh networks as “mesh topologies are used first and foremost because they are reliable. The interconnectivity of nodes makes them extremely resistant to failures. There is no single machine failure that could bring down the entire network. The absence of a single point of failure is one of the reasons why this is a popular topology choice. This setup is also secure from being compromised.” (Keary, 2019)

7.0 Bibliography

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