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Similarities and differences of linux and microsoft windows operating system

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When it comes to operating systems there are two main systems used for the PC, Linux and Microsoft Windows. They are both similar as they are different. Linux and Windows are both operating systems which are interfaces that are responsible for the activities and sharing of the computer. They act like a host for applications that run on the computer. Both have graphical user interfaces. Graphical user interfaces are a type of user interface that allows people to use programs in more ways than just typing. They both include web browsers that are applications for presenting information on the Internet. Linux’s browser is Opera and the Internet Explorer is the browser for Windows.

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These operating systems also have differences with Linux once installed a mouse is no longer needed however a mouse is necessary with Windows. Windows 7 costs approximately $200 while Linux is free. Linux file formats can be accessed in many different ways and Windows makes it more difficult for the user to find their data. Windows is based on DOS, and Linux is based on UNIX. Linux is very customizable for customers. Windows boots off of a primary partition. Linux can boot either from a primary or a logical partition.

Both Intel and AMD are both microprocessor. They incorporate most or all the funtions of the CPU, on one integrated circuit. Most of the new computers built today have either AMD or Intel processors. AMD and Intel have the most popular micro processing chip in the computer market. Both chips support a lot of cross compatible hardware.

When it comes to processors AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and Intel (previously known as Integrated Electronics Corporation) are the biggest names. Intel is focused on building fast and stronger microprocessors. The company really took off with the release of their pentium series. Even though Intel still holds top honors AMD, on some occasion, exceeds Intel. AMD offers more value for your money. They don’t have the fastest processors however it doesn’t cost much to buy one. Intel processors usually have double the amount of L2 cache. Finally AMD processors have integrated memory controllers and Intel does not have this ability.

AC Power (Alternating current), is power in an electric circuit. The AC power controls the rate of the flow of energy past a given point of the circuit. DC power (Direct current) is the unidirectional flow of an electric charge. AC and DC are both methods in which electrons are moved along a wire, causing current. Both AC and DC employ magnets to repel electrons

One difference between AC and DC power is that AC is an alternating current that flows in both directions and DC is a current that flows in only one direction. The wires outside peoples homes are connected at two ends to AC generators while DC is found in devices such as batteries and solar cells. DC power doesn’t need a live wire.

The Binary number system and the Decimal number system all use single digits. Every combination of numbers identifies certain things. The numbers can be joined to make multiple combinations. Different combinations can be used to identify specific things. Both systems can be used in everyday life.

A Binary number system is a method of representing numbers in which only the digits 0 and 1 are used. Every number in the binary system is a combination that only has two digits. A Decimal system describes a system that has ten possible digits. All the numbers used in the decimal system are the combination of the digits 0-9. All of the numbers in the decimal system are a combination of ten digits.

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Magnetic media is a term in engineering that refers to the storage of data. It uses different patterns of magnetization to store data, which is a form of non-volatile memory. Optical media is a storage media that can hold content in a digital form. It can be written and read by a laser. These media usually include all variations of CDs and DVDs as well as optical jukeboxes and auto chargers. An optical disk capacity ranges up to 6 gigabytes of content as compared to 1.44 megabytes. One optical disk holds about as much space as 500 floppy disks. Optical media usually lasts up to seven times longer than storage media. Magnetic media is very easy to re-write on. Optical media is easier to handle and transport and usually costs a lot less due to its simplicity. Magnetic storage is usually very sensitive to a magnetic field. Storage can be ruined when placed by a magnet while optical media is unaffected. Most computers that are in the market today do not even have an input for a magnetic storage device. It is outdated.

Both magnetic media and optical media are used as storage devices. Storage devices are used for recording information. A storage device can hold information, process information or both. This provides one of the core functions of the computer. They are both portable and do not take up a lot of room.


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