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History Of The Industrialised Building System Construction Essay

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Steel framing construction is classified as one of the Industrialised Building System. However, Industrialised Building System (IBS) is common in construction industry in Malaysia. Steel framing is becoming more common in residential construction. The use of steel for framing residential construction has both advantages and disadvantages. Steel frame elements are manufactured in the factory and then will be transported to a job site for installation once it passed the inspection on it quality standard. This method has its own significance and shortage. Construction site take very high attention on the safety aspect especially when the construction is running. Safety is an issue that has no end and every year will have accidents occurred on construction site. However, it can be lead to accidence that may cause injured or dead to worker or public.

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Steel framing construction also having their own risk and hazard in its construction process during the installation component although it was convenient to install. For example steel column base plates are a fundamental component of a steel structure. Poor base plate installation can lead to steel columns tipping over, which can cause severe injuries or death to worker in the area. The experiences contractor on steel framing installation knows there are procedures required to pull off a high level of quality, customer satisfaction and most important safety. To make installation run smoothly it is the best to have experienced worker or else have a good safety and health management to guide and control the workers to comply with the safety rules. By the way, the major problem was poor attitude of the worker and poor management system.

Aim and Objectives

The overall objective for this proposal is to investigate and evaluate the safety aspects in steel framing construction.

The specific objectives of this study are as follows:

1. To study the process of installation steel framing component.

2. To identify the safety aspect and the requirement during the installation process steel framing component at site.

3. To identify the level of safety during installation process at site.

Problem Statement

The Industrialised Building System (IBS) is not a new approach in Malaysia. It has been introduced in Malaysia since 1966. However, the most steel framing construction accidents occur because the developer or contractor lack of proper planning or using the unsafe equipments and do not follow the correct method when installation. Apart from this, unsafe site condition, not using the safety equipment that was provided, and poor attitude of workers toward safety during installation process also the issues that causes accident. Therefore, it indicated that there is lack of consideration of safety and risk evaluation in IBS construction.

Based on the information from Social Security Organization (SOCSO), Malaysia recorded a worrying increase in the numbers of accident occurring at construction site. It shows that a total of 4654 out of 73858 industrial accidents recorded in 2003 were come from the construction industry. (Mohammed Taher Alashwal, 2008). But it different if used steel framing system, the statistic from CIDB shows the accidents are 50% from heavy lifting, 20% installation, 10% other factor, and other 10% from during transportation component to storage accidents.

Scope of study

The scope of this study is focussed on safety aspects on installation of Industrialised Building System (IBS) which specific in steel framing construction. This study is to identify the safety aspect during the steel framing construction at the installation stage. The information will be collected from observation, interviews, internet resources, journal and some of the documents.

1. This study covers Industrialised Building System specific in steel framing.

2. This study identifies the safety requirements within the installation stage of steel framing construction.

3. Information will be collected at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.



In this research proposal, interviewed is to be conducted with the contractor which are using steel framing system for their project or any other relevant position of staff within construction site to get the information. 4 to 5 interview question will be set which related to my research objective there are to identify the safety aspect and requirement during the installation process of steel framing component at site and to identify the level of safety during installation process at site. After that, I will do an summary based on the information that I collect from the respondent. Face to face interview will be conducted and several questions will be asked and the answer will be recorded down. Face to face interview is chosen because it was very convenient for the respondent and interviewee to discuss and different date collection techniques can be used for example open-ended questions and visual aids can improve the understanding of interviewee.

Desktop based review

To improve my understanding and experience to do future thesis, I will using desktop based review as my secondary data collection techniques which reading through the articles, journal papers, conference papers, books and websites browsing related to my title. Through this method I can have better understanding on the process of installation steel framing component before I go to the construction site visit to do observation. So when I go to the site visit, I can directly go to the point of the installation process and can easily understand the information given by the respondent to get the good idea to write my research. Review of previous research and book done by other people also make me more familiar with the correct way to do research in this topic and also increase the accuracy.


Besides, observation will as my one of the method to collect data to identify the level of safety during installation process at site. Besides, I also will observe on the process of installation steel framing component to fulfil my objective. I will make appointment with the contractor which using steel framing system to have a site visit at his construction site to observe the going of project specific in installation process of steel framing system. I also will take a reference on the lay out plans for steel frame component, steel frame installation guide, and other communications which provide by contractor.

The important of study

Through this research, the contractor which specific on steel framing construction can use this as a guide for them to review their safety requirement when installation of the steel framing component to reduce the rate of accident of construction work in Malaysia.


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