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The effects of fast food

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Wordcount: 3545 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The effects of fast food


Focused a growing body of research on the reasons for the existence of a relationship of risk of obesity and health problems among children nationally and globally. Has been examining a number of factors and circumstances to determine their contribution to childhood obesity and health problems associated with it – genetic factors, physical activity, and family factors, and diet including the role of junk food. Research also suggests that low-income and minority children have higher rates of obesity and health problems of their fellow whites. This presentation focuses on the perspective of African-American marketing junk food to children and adolescents, where we conducted focus groups for marketing junk food to children and adolescents.


Everyone knows that fast food contributes to obesity, but what are the effects of other nutrients do not be quick on your health?

Of course, the answer depends on what kind of snacks you eat, although there are some common elements in almost all fast food. This is one of sodium. Why buy more fast food and soda, and add lots of salt. The problem is that it tends to salt causes high blood pressure, which is usually not a good thing, because this can cause some of the plague that had accumulated in the arteries or veins of the Special package, which can then travel to your heart or brain causing heart attacks or strokes .

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Another common ingredient in junk food and sugar, which is not only in beverages, desserts, French fries, but also because is sprayed on to make them crispy when fried. Sugar in itself is not a bad thing, but does not speed up the metabolism for a moment that can make you feel warm. Also, if you do not do something to burn excess energy that is converted many of them into glucose, which feeds the fat cells, causing them to get bigger, which means that the weight gain.

Even a lot of fast food fried, which makes food taste good, but add a lot of calories in the diet, which can affect life. Furthermore, it is because a lot of frying oils by the cholesterol puts you at risk of heart attack and stroke and the proportion of cholesterol, which becomes a plague, and winds up to attack inside the veins and arteries. The problem is more serious if the food was fried, which fell in the dough mixture into the contract because more than fat, which means more fat and cholesterol. The same applies to the fried meat, like hamburgers.

More drinks offered at fast food restaurants even caffeine, which causes them in your metabolism to speed up a bit ‘, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on whether the person has an interest, and when.

On the effects of fast food

The case was a public relations disaster for McDonald’s. The more McDonald’s tried to do, and revealed the worst. Until the mock trial still requires a certain respect for the truth and the truth of this study is able to circumvent the censorship of the media, thanks to the usual potential for the democratization of the Internet. Such as a flood of information flowing from the erosion of people with the versatility of the company, “What’s wrong with McDonald’s,” as it could be a few hundred of the eyes, and before it was burning in an endless stream of protest literature ignored, are now known to millions.

McDonald’s spends $ 1800000000 a year for different types of public relations, and is one of the biggest names in the business world, in recent times in the first place, for example, of the brands advertised to appear on television in prime time in the United States. For the sale of a commodity for large numbers of people in the brutal conditions of competition, it must be public immediately recognize his name and associate it with something of value. The McDonald’s “official break the Olympic Games 1996,” has the franchise in 1998 and the Olympic Games 2000 in prison, too, and signed an agreement for a period of ten years with the Foundation for Walt Disney to become the global marketing of the first partner of the fast food titan of mass culture. For some time been the darling of the camera. In the past year, for example, New York Sunday Times Magazine waxed passionate about restoring the basic values ​​of the company manufacturing fade: “In this country, which is considered widely as the production lost its way,” wrote Stephen Drucker, “McDonald’s hamburger is a production company that Impala, left once in the assembly line for General Motors. ” Deserves no less attention to detail in marketing: “Encouraging children to stay at home over the past decade, McDonald’s has built stadiums that are often cleaner, safer and play areas best kept in the local community; 40. Per cent of the Restaurants of America for the company have now. “With this announcement and Budget billion dollars,” The majority of children learn about the golden arches and Ronald McDonald for two years. “It’s paradise regular:” Only in the area of ​​the golden arches do not come with life insurance: everything will be safe and cheap , cheerful and reassuring, familiar and incredibly this is the Disneyland of food, the land of permanent adolescent fun, one. those happy, carefree world of business, which is always built on the basis of full control and is not visible. “

This is also what is being sought from the highest value of the dollar on public relations. McLibel up came along, people must believe that McDonald’s lived a life of charm.

When it is mentioned steel and Morris, McDonald’s hopes to bury under a mountain of conflicting data. Instead, it has the form of excruciating detail the required certificate from the McLibel in a coherent picture of a single company in history: industrialization before eating. McDonald’s does not produce simply hamburger, but it must also produce a desire to burgers, and all types of food suitable for its purpose, which is to produce meals lowest price possible and sell them to people as possible in the shortest time possible, and thus compensate for the lower profit margin for each meal, with quantum multitude of food. “Fast food” is short for this new type of industry. In summary, with the division of artificial, but useful perhaps the band:

1. Direct effects on ecosystems, non-human

Focused a large part of this process on the effects of the production of beef on the rainforest, and suffering of animals slaughtered for hamburgers and chicken McNuggets. With regard to deforestation, and insists that McDonald’s uses only beef from North America and Europe (mainly UK) sources. However, things are not as simple as that, first, because of 330 points of sale of beef from Brazil, and the use of land, some of which were authorized by the rainforest, second, because beef and Brazilian Costa Rica produced from these lands and made sometimes its way North, and finally and most importantly , because the global consumption of beef can only lead to a significant increase to the extent that McDonald’s has its own way, especially with regard to new invaded the Asian market. Higher sales of hamburger can only lead to increased pressure to remove the global forest all over the world, but this can be distributed.

And the world’s largest user of beef and the second largest user of Chicken, McDonald’s and most of the responsibility for what is wrong in raising and slaughtering these animals. There is a heavy burden associated with killing and eating other creatures that have a spiritual ritual for centuries. There are manufacturing slaughter, in which the body becomes a simple article to be converted into cash. This removes any reciprocity between hunter and prey, and dissolves all the spiritual senses in cash. While accelerating the process with fast food, and increases the unbridled cruelty as well. Thus, It is estimated that no less than 12000 cattle slaughtered for McDonald’s restaurants in the UK each year to be incomplete numbing, conscious that time and even death, while chicken egg production should live their entire lives confined to cages battery about 7 of 10 inches in size , According to the testimony of the company. Apparently planned to turn into a McDonald’s egg, but gave up after learning that battery eggs are 50 percent less than that.

2. A direct impact on the human body

The main problems that have to do with safety and nutritional value of foods that are not transmitted with the success of McDonald’s relentless. The company’s image haunted his work really cut here given the widespread belief that these companies sell “junk food”, a choice of words is reasonable in view of the fact that nutrition experts almost universally agree that the type of food sold by McDonald’s is bad for you. With 28 grams of fat, including saturated 12.6 in Big Mac and 22 grams is more than French fries, along with 52 food additives used in their various products, it is hardly surprising that an internal memo the company does-General: “I do not we can really address or defend Nutrition does not sell nutrition and people do not come to McDonald’s for nutrition .. ” When the company’s experts, cancer, Dr. Sydney Arnott, was asked for his opinion, the statement that “associated with a diet rich in fat, sugar and animal products and salt and low in fiber, vitamins and minerals with breast cancer and bowel disease and heart”, he replied: “If you directly to the public, so I think it’s very reasonable to say “

The implications of the McDiet to certain diseases are suggestive, even if questionable. But there can be no doubt that as the spearhead of McDonald’s fast food industry, and the primary focus is to transfer more of the molecules in the body collectively. What happens to these particles, ingested once does not mean at all. However, since we still live under the law of conservation of matter, life is increasingly unstable since for many, and can be a block of meat that has fat and sugar in McDiet only increase. Since the fast food industry is growing, and then, people have to weight gain. Obviously, you can not blame McDonald’s for all the fat transferred to the meat group. As it is quite clear, and it embodies the process, Marion Nestle, head of studies of nutrition and food in New York University, calls “the nightmare of nutrition …. We continue to believe the amount of fat and trans fats in the American diet go up. We expect to see the direction of increased body weight as well. “

In fact, the weight of the body of the citizens of the United States, after holding steady in the years 1960 and 1970, to begin to rise in 1980, at the same time that McDonald’s began a large expansion. Now, in 1990, a campaign to improve the nutrition that accompanied the first wave of environmental awareness seems to be stalled. We have abandoned the McDonald’s hamburger in a low-fat McLean Deluxe, and, along with many other food shops, pays “Super Size” portions. The overall increase is concentrated in the fat on the poor, especially the poor and the colors used for meals and austerity relatively healthy, while the rich white bread consumed, and the ribs. Today, however, the tabouli and absorbs the rich eat the poor Big Mac

To a large extent, these trends are growing crops in all parts of the world, especially in Asia, and the current global economic dynamo. Since McDonald’s first planted its flag in Hong Kong, 25 of the first 50 points of sale all over the world there, and the average weight of local teenager by 13 percent, and ages of girls in menstruation and decreased to 12, compared with 17 in mainland China. Hong Kong is now the second highest level of cholesterol baby in the world, after Finland. At the same time, in the 25 years since McDonald’s entered Japan, the balance of control 2000.60 percent of the market of meat and fat consumption per capita has tripled. With 10000 and the means of planning for Japan and China before the looming as the biggest market of all, it’s no wonder Warren Buffett, the world’s largest investor, has contributed 1.3 billion U.S. dollars from McDonald’s.

With regard to food safety, violations and various states of bacterial infection have been documented in this process. We do not need these details here, just note that if there was any substance to the widespread fears of mad cow disease and its spread to humans on behalf of the syndrome Creutzfeldt-Jakob (resulting from the policies of Thatcher’s market liberalization to allow the feeding offal from sheep to feed the cows that feed on people), then this is emerging as a legacy of McDonald’s at least remember.

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3. Impact on the work

McDonald’s labor practices, unfortunately, leave much to be desired. Saw dozens of former workers to defend the case McLibel wages and conditions are bad, while the trade unionists from all over the world have demonstrated their experience organizing in the face of McDonald’s hostility to the work of the organization. McDonald’s has admitted that he paid part of the staff in the UK without the legal minimum and that the staff “will not allow them to carry out any overt union activity in the local McDonald’s, on pain of firing.

A survey of companies, restaurants secret in the UK and retail prices for the industry wage in 1992 that rates of ‘the staff of McDonald’s hours were 25 percent less than the rates of sales per hour: Some results of the certificate Retail and restaurant staff in 1993, and reached the sales team in the Kingdom United States of up to 120-150 percent, and analysis of official documents for the work of Bath, United Kingdom, shop for the year 1994 and showed hundreds of violations of labor standards and corporate policies in each month for rest periods, has described the character of the United Kingdom McDonald’s “always busy” 40 percent of customers in a company-sponsored survey, approximately 25 percent of McDonald’s time overtime for staff working in the UK to pay more than that, despite this being against company policy.

These employees are relatively fortunate. Founded at least it does not work only for the Alliance of Disney McDonald’s in Vietnam, where women 17 years of hard 9 to 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, earn less than 6 cents an hour as they do promotional gifts, games, many of which are Disney characters, to address McDonald’s Happy Meal. (That’s right. $ 4.20 for the work week from 70 hours) in February, 200 workers fell ill, 25 collapsed were taken to hospital and three due to exposure to chemicals. However, their sacrifices are not all in vain. According to Vice President of McDonald’s, Brad Ball, and happy characters and meals of “101 Dalmatians” and the most successful film in the history of McDonald’s. Ball added: “As we embark on the new global alliance, and we expect great ten years of family fun, as unmatched customers enjoy ‘Disney magic only at McDonald’s.”

4. Impacts on society

Increasingly, the Foundation has the ability to impose himself directly to the company. When a company is in the way of McProgress, and presentations on the strength of the market and large number of workers or consumers, can be erased. In Mato Grosso do Sul, for example, the state that provide a large proportion of beef to stores Brazilian McDonald’s, and the indigenous Guarani who once used 40 percent of the land is now left with less than 1 percent, and farms of cattle that have been taken plenty of rest.

Effects are less serious, but widespread on an equal footing in the capital, where abound the markets. Note the peace and the media, and in March 1997, for example, joined the police Detroit Department in Washington, DC, and open 30 centers for the police community working at the ports of McDonald’s, that this would and encouraged the police to eat McDonald’s, even when the condition that the security services. But the transit company is leading the activities of the mind of the child. Beginning with McBaby to wear a sign that you can buy babies in places like Wal-Mart, McDonald’s is sparing no effort to imprint itself on the company of children. Is in the spirit of the next formal step for the company and guide covert operations: … “Ronald McDonald loves food and McDonald’s, and children, because they love Ronald Remember, children exercise a huge impact when it comes to the selection of this restaurant means that you should make every possible effort to appeal to the love of children and Ronald McDonald.”

Finally, the direct pollution to the community through litter contrasts with the company’s efforts to promote the same capitalist Super Green unique. Claims to be committed to McDonald’s to cut 50 per cent of the volume of waste in addition to being the largest user of recycled paper in the field of food services. It boasts of being the first company to enter the “trash patrol” in the United Kingdom, as well as a range of other initiatives developed by the high-level environmental services. Unfortunately, the demands of accumulation in the high-volume, low cost of labor, industry and the rapid turnover in contrast to the green to the world. The Professor Graham Ashworth (Group General Manager salary Britain sponsored by McDonald’s) to testify that McDonald’s was “the highest or 2 percent” of all the companies products and eventually the garbage, and it is estimated that on any given day in the United Kingdom, the company vomiting 7.9 million items, such as take-away to end up on the road, pointing to about 50 per cent to at least 140 £ of packaging waste per day produced by the average restaurant. When multiplied by the number of stores in the world, and garbage in the house the equivalent of more than 1 billion pounds of waste per year. The year of the Executive to think McDonald’s UK in response to a question about the problems associated with waste disposal, this would be a problem at all, and that “I do not see [the dumping of waste] to be an advantage, otherwise you end up with a lot of, drilling and extensive free gravel in all throughout the country.”


In today’s age of convenience, fast food does not need to be defined. Everyone from a boy at the age of 2 years, and grandfather of 60, seems to be able to enjoy all their possessions. And why not? It’s delicious, and filling, it’s really cheap, and readily available at any time of day, being the only vehicle through a phone call. What more could you ask for when you live life in the fast lane?

Well, a lot – a taste of fast food is all fine except that it is not nutritionally balanced, and therefore long-term health, if consumed on a regular basis.

Fast food is loaded with calories from fat and refined sugar (in particular, to fill the arteries of saturated fats and hydrogenated, which is often heated to high temperatures for frying).

It’s also very rich in sodium from common salt and other additives. And, above all, fast food is a lack of fiber and essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Adding insult to injury, is usually swallowed heaps of junk food down with a gallon of sugar-sweetened cola – the fast-food restaurants with many of the free food as an incentive.

Do not use short, all this leads to the accumulation of empty calories in the body that fat is stored in the body and – until one day you look in the mirror and realize that has been replaced by your figure of this great creature in the mirror.

But it’s not the end of history, is just the beginning – a long time also a lot of fast food, it is not just a boy in a beautiful man obese ugly, but, as Eric Schlosser points out in his book “Enable JavaScript to view this content page correctly and ‘a major health hazard too.


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