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Investigation into Human Services Career

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The investigation is an essential part of the human service career. Performing research encourages experts to discover essential services for customers and carry on enhancing their experience during their profession. Before starting an investigation process, it is important to know how to legally do research a subject. Recognizing what type of investigation that will finest fit your areas wants is crucial. To effectively perform a study of an individual must comprehend, the scientific method, quantifiable and qualitative investigation techniques.

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Supervisory Roles

The supervisor should possess knowledge and skills in several areas such as planning, budgeting, organizing, developing human resources, and evaluating programs (Lewis, Lewis, & Packard, 2012). The manager is held liable for their accomplishment, as well as, the accomplishment of their staff. Implementing management and using assessment to provide advice to their staffs on their assets and flaws, will not only help workers to build improved talents but also improve effectiveness. The manager encourages their workers by advising them on how nice they are performing their job, delivering reason when required, and allowing the power to improve the worker's goals also show to the workers the quantity of confidence they have in themselves. Monitoring and evaluating employees' job performance routinely, the supervisor will maintain a smooth-running organization (Lewis, Lewis, & Packard, 2012).

Theories of Motivation

The theory of motivation and cleanliness is an encouragement that varies on the worker's job situation. Offering a place of work with the same business rules, enough management, and relations between the managers and colleagues, employees, and security in work circumstances can encourage the company. This can enable client satisfaction with their programming environment and motivate the employees to accomplish their objectives and achieve responsibility (Lewis, Lewis, & Packard, 2012).

According to Lewis, Lewis, and Packard (2012), Maslow states that human needs can be recognized in terms of a hierarchy, with higher needs coming to the fore after lower needs has been met. The order of demands includes, from bottom to top, (1) mental demands, that are in the amount of essential existence; (2) requirements for security and protection; (3) desires for being appropriate, passion, and public communication; (4) honor and position demands; then (5) self-actualization requests (p. 148). At the point when the smaller requirements have been tackling the specific is inspired to achieve greater necessities. When in a job atmosphere if the smaller demands are assembled, employees will need unique approaches for encouragement to accomplish their better task.

Organizations should have an incentive method set up for their workers. The classifications will focus on reimbursement, employment performing incentives, health, and dental reimbursements. A company has a reward system set up, it gives employees a feeling of achievement, which will motivate employees to get these rewards (Lewis, Lewis, & Packard, 2012).The obligations philosophy is a goal theory that focuses on a worker's necessity for achievement, authority, and relationship. Employees who utilize this theory seek to make objectives that they can accomplish and within reach to feel motivated to keep on meeting their objectives (Lewis, Lewis, & Packard, 2012).

The principle of incentive and sanitation was selected because it is essential for work associates to have a good work atmosphere. One of the obstacles this hypothesis confront is that on the off-chance people think there have not been handled equally, have no security, and are frightened of failing in occupations at their company won't be successful. Devoid Of a secure employment atmosphere, workers don’t have the incentive to achieve employment responsibilities or encounter their goals. When this theory is effective, workers have encouragement, try to connect their goals, and a have a sense of responsibility and work protection for the organization.

The basic theory was selected for workers to believe they had influence, cooperate properly with coworkers, and have responsibilities. The idea of this theory is so team co-operates with each other, feeling an agreement with the organization, look to accomplish goals, and have a feel of control. Questions this theory confronts are, some people may have the belief they have more power than other people. If this happens, it can affect worker tension and goals aren’t encountered since workers are vying beside one an additional.

The incentives approach is a positive thing for many reasons. When companies have the reward system in places it helps the individual complete their goal and they will feel great after they complete their goals at their job. There are some negative things about the reward system also that would be when employees may threaten their goals to just get the reward that another employee that are offered.

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The company I would love to work for would use the following; motivation theory; inspiration and sanitation need philosophy and the incentive method. I think that the three different approaches are a positive thing for the company and the employee and this make the employee  feeling of firmness, gratitude a safe area, also the employee will have to take ownership, and have their thoughts are being heard by upper management. As well, having a positive method in place will be a positive thing because motivates people to make changes to the agency. When they have these rewards, it will help make the rewards so that the employee is feeling safe in the environment that they are working.

Principles of Motivation

The accomplishment of a confidence-building atmosphere must have values with the manager and people. Individuals primarily think about their roles, problems and be of interest. The manager will be watching the staff choice and actions also provide the staff members with feedback if need. When a person has shown some positive behavior in the workplace, they provide with some rewards and that will make the employee feel great. There are times when employees with show their motivation skills and then at that point the supervisor won’t have to help them as much. When this happens in a workplace, the staff member has so feeling like they have control and they also have motivated. As the employee works with the organization and meets their objectives, they at that point can move toward becoming motivated through a reward system (Lewis, Lewis, & Packard, 2012).

Client Participation

At each company they will get input from the staff members to see how they have been doing with their duties. Then they will have to set up some goals for the employee to work on for the next year. They will also ask the employee what their strength and weakness are. That is how they will make up their goals for the employee.


One of the major roles a manager has is keeping things coordinated. The manager will also give the right feedback to the employees when needed. They will also make use of incentive techniques to encourage the staff at the company. The rationale theories are essential to the company workers for the team to feel that the company told them positive things about their hard work. All the people that are working for the company connected with the policymaking method, the company prompts the staff to recognize their view matters. With all this information would make the perfect company to work for and will have all the right tools to make the company successful. Change is rendered even more difficult in human services organizations because they are highly dependent on their external environment for legitimacy and resources, making them highly permeable to environmental influence (Fox, H. L. 2013).


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