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A Walk To Remember Film Scene Story

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You’ve just seen the begin scene of A Walk To Remember. The guy of in the red car is Landon Carter, who is one of two main characters in this movie. He’s a “bad guy”, one of the popular boys at school. Although he gets away without any prosecution, Landon is punished by the school principal for this prank: he has to help students with learning problems and he has to sign up for drama class, to play in the school’s spring play. Performing on stage in front of his friends will put him in the position of those Landon and his friends so often ridicule, so he gets the main role. There he gets to know Jamie Sullivan, who also has an important role in the play. She’s the other main character in A Walk To Remember. She’s the reverend’s daughter and is very religious. Because of her interests and her look, Landon isn’t really interested in this girl. In fact, he always makes fun of her with his friends.

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But when it appears that Landon has a lot of difficulties on learning his lines for the school play, he has no choice but asking Jamie for help. She says she will, but only on one condition: he has to promise that he won’t fall in love with her. Landon laughs and says that won’t be a problem at all.

But practicing together, he gets to know Jamie better and puts his prejudices aside: after all, she really isn’t that different from all other teenagers. Jamie tells him about a list of things she wants to do in her life: she wants to get a tattoo, be in two places at once and marry in the church her mother did, who died in childbed. She also explains why she believes in God: just like the wind she cannot see Him, but she can feel it.

At the premiere of the school play, Jamie plays an angel and is dressed really beautiful, she wears make-up and a beautiful dress. For the first time in his life, Landon is perplex by Jamie’s beauty. Because of that, he forgets his lines, only able to say “You are beautiful”. After these words he kisses her, however that wasn’t in the script.

After the premiere, Landon doesn’t stop seeing Jamie. But of course, reverend Sullivan isn’t happy that Landon always comes around. He thinks boys like him can only have one thing on their mind, and that’s why he tries to keep Jamie away from Landon. But when Landon comes to him to ask his permission to go out for dinner with Jamie, he decides to do what he learns the citizens of Beaufort in church every Sunday: to have faith.

Landon has fallen in love with Jamie, although he never would have thought it, and although Jamie told him not to. She influences Landon in a good way, she makes him wanting to be special. Because of her, he wants to go to college next year.

His friends don’t understand what is going on with Landon. He doesn’t do things with them anymore and always is absent minded when they are together. This girl really has changed him and they can’t except it. So they try to hurt him by hurting Jamie: they Photoshop a picture of Jamie. But of course, that doesn’t make Landon come back to his friends.

Later in the story, you come to know why Jamie didn’t want Landon to fall in love with her, although she also had feelings for him: she has Leukemia and has only one year to live. Landon is completely upset about it and drives to his father, who he never sees because his parents are divorced, to ask him, as he is a doctor, to examine Jamie. When his father says he first hays to speak to Jamie’s doctor, Landon takes that as a no and drives away angry. Landon lets Jamie know that he won’t go anywhere. He will stay by her side. He decides to fulfill all the things on Jamie’s list: he takes her to

the state border with Virginia and tells her to place one foot on one side of the borderline, and one on the other. Like that, Landon made her being in two places at once.

But then the fatal happens: Jamie needs to be hospitalized. Landon stays with her every day, until Landon’s father decides to pay for home nursing. Landon apologizes himself for all those years and thanks him for what he did for Jamie and they reunite.

When Jamie is back home, Landon makes her last wish come true: he asks her to marry him. They marry in the church of Jamie’s mother and after a great summer together, she passes by. In the end of the story, Landon visits the reverend to tell him he got into medical school and says: “I will never forget the way she walked to me the day we were married and I will always miss her. But our love is like the wind: I cannot see it, but I can feel it.”


Landon Carter

Landon Carter is the narrator and protagonist of the story who tells us how he grew up in the town of Beaufort in North Carolina. He tells his story in flashback, forty years after it happened

At the beginning of the novel, Landon looks very gentlemanlike. He is a regular student, and is really popular by his classmates. Landon goes to church every Sunday and he is polite to his parents and teachers. He is never arrogant about being from one of the wealthiest families in town. His best friend is Eric, the best athlete in the school. Landon even wants to be elected for school president. So at first sight there is nothing wrong with Landon but that’s just show.

On the surface, Landon is a well-behaved teenager. But underneath the surface he isn’t. He invests as little as is required of him, sneers at many of his classmates, and only gives of his time and energy when he knows he’ll get something in return. [throuout] the book he changes and becomes more grown up. He changes because of Jamie Sullivan enters his live. At that point, Landon begins to compare himself to her. After a while he falls in love with her. Jamie is everything he isn’t: He’s rich; she’s of modest means. He’s popular; she’s an outcast. He puts in the least effort possible; she puts in the most she can manage. He believes God wouldn’t listen to someone like him; she never loses faith, even in the worst of circumstances. He avoids helping others; she goes out of her way to help creatures of all shapes and sizes. This pressure and guilt make that Landon grows up to an extraordinary young man. No one is forcing Landon to change, but he sees his deficiencies and wants to be better.

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan is a complex character who defies stereotyping. Like I said, she is nothing what Landon is. When she’s first described, she seems unattractive but throughout the novel you see that she isn’t unattractive at all.

Jamie is dying, yet she and her father tell no one so as to avoid the pity that often accompanies such news. Instead, she spends the last year of her life helping others experience the best times they’ve ever shared with her. She is one of the best students in the class, yet she will not attend college and hopes only to have a large, happy wedding before she dies. She has great faith but admits that it is shaken from time to time, as she awaits death.

Reverend Hegbert Sullivan

The local Baptist minister, Hegbert was once an employee of Landon’s grandfather, but hequit his job when he realized how much of a thief the man was and how much he was hurting the town. Hegbert then became a minister and married rather late in his life. His wife died when she gave birth at Jamie. In Chapter 1, Reverend Sullivan sounds like a stereotypical preacher, railing against fornicators and preaching about the wrath of God. But if you read the story you discover that Hegbert has a great sense of humor and that he even cries at his desk over Jamie’s illness. This man is first and foremost a father, and second a man who has experienced great loss in his life, ranging from a number of miscarriages to the death of his wife to the impending death of his daughter. Throughout all his loss, Hegbert learns to grieve, continues to love, and mentors to his congregation – not perfectly, of course, but with dignity and faith.

Scene from the novel

Now we’ll read a scene from the novel. It is another scene than the movie, because we wanted to show that the novel is really different than the movie. One of Jamie’s projects is helping the orphans from the orphanage. This year she wanted to do something special for christmas, because she knows she will die soon. So she asks Landon to collect all the money in the collection-boxes that she made especially for the orphans. When Landon counts the money he’s miserable about how little money it is so he gives 200$ of his own savings. Jamie buys a lot of presents for the children and at Christmas eve, she and Landon go to the orphanage to celebrate Christmas with the children. This scene we’ll read.

Deleted or altered scenes

There are a lot of scenes that are deleted or altered. That’s why we are just going to discuss the most important changes. First of all the story takes place in the late ’50’s, so the people have their habits, who are very different from our habits. They are of the old time, where the people all go to church at Sunday, even if they don’t believe in God. Their taste for clothes lies also far from our taste. So I think you get the picture. On the other hand, the film takes place in the late ’90’s. Their houses our more modern, their clothes are more portable… But, it’s still the old time compared with who we are and what we have today. So in the book, there is a 57-year old man who looks back to his youth, when he was 17. And he tells the story that changed his life forever. There is not such a flashback in the film.

The school play has a very important role in the book. The story behind it, reflects the life of Jamie and her father. So when they play it, with Landon as one of the protagonists, it has a real impact on the book. In the film, the play isn’t so important. They don’t play that story, but something more modern, with a dance bar and stuff like that. The reason why Landon has to play in it, is also different. In the book it’s because Jamie asked him to. In the film because it’s one of his punishments for his prank.

Jamie is also a very warm and lovely person. So in the book she helps the orphanage by collecting money so she can buys gifts for the children. But she can’t collect a lot of money, because the other pupils of school, just laugh with her and give her paperclips and so on, instead of money. Landon helps her with collecting the money, but when he found out that she just has 70 $ for the orphans, he decides to give all the money that he has to the orphans, without her conscience. So he can give her 200$. After receiving the money, she is very happy. She also visits the orphans a lot and talks with them and read books and stories for them. After a while, Landon goes with her to meet the orphans. They even spent Christmas all together. In the film, they never talk about an orphanage. Jamie raises funds for a school, so they can buy computers, but not for orphans.

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A less important difference is that in the film, the parents of Landon are divorced. he hasn’t had any contact with his father after he left his mother. He is very angry for that. In the book, his father lives 10 months per year in Washington, for his work. So Landon hasn’t got a real father when he grew up. He has also a bad relationship with him. But after been persuaded by the mother, his father will pay the nursing help for Jamie so she can die at home. In the film, the father will also pay it. There he is a doctor and Landon asks him to go and watch her and to see if he can do something so she won’t die. But there is nothing he can do, except for paying the nurse help.

At the end of the book, Jamie gives her bible (that also had been the bible of her mother, who died by giving her birth) to Landon. It’s her Christmas gift to him, he gives her a sweater. He’s very happy with that present, because he knows how much that bible means to her. In the film it’s not a bible but a notebook with quotations from celebrities and the bible. It was also from her mother. At the very end of the film, they are 4 years after the death of Jamie and you see Landon visiting her father. He gives that notebook to him and says that it belongs to him, it was from his wife.

So that are the most important differences between book and movie. We can enumerate you a lot more difference, but we don’t have time for that.

Nicholas Sparks

The author of “A walk to remember” is Nicholas Charles Sparks. He’s born on December 31,1965 in America. He is an internationally-bestselling novelist and screenwriter. He has 17 published novels, with themes that include Christian faith, love, tragedy and fate. Six novels have been adapted to film, including A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John and The Last Song. Two other books are in the process of being made into films and he’s also busy writing two other books for 2011 and 2012.

Nicholas Sparks had already a lot of bad luck in his life. His sister died of cancer at the age of 33. She was also the inspiration for the main character, Jamie Sullivan, in A Walk To Remember. His mother was killed in a horseback riding accident at the age of 47. In 1966, he found out that his son, Ryan, was autistic (a diagnosis that was later determined to be in error.) A few months later his father was killed in an auto accident at the age of 54. So you can say he lost many precious people, at a young age. But all those bad experiences in his life, were an inspiration for his books.

here you see the list of all the book that have been published. The notebook, message in a bottle, a walk to remember, dear john and the last song were also adapted to film. Three weeks with my brother was his first non-fiction book of traveling with his brother after they lost both parents and sister in quick succession.

Film scène: 1e scène

Boek : kerstmis in het weeshuis. Jamie leest de weeskinderen voor en samen delen ze cadeautjes uit aan de weeskinderen met het ingezamelde geld. (waarbij Landon een groot deel heeft bijgelegd.


Het verhaal


Book fragment

Verschillen (scenes)

Nicholas sparks

Lien: auteur en verschillen

Elise: story + filmfragment

Marie: characters


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