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Looking At Special Delivery English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 1006 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Danielle Steel explores searching love when, and from whom i least expect it in Special Delivery. Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel (born August 14, 1947), known as Danielle Steel, is an American novelist, currently the bestselling author alive and the fourth bestselling author of all time, with over 900 million copies sold.

Amanda’s 51 years old and husband dies and she goes into mourning for a very long time. Both her daughters are worried and they try to make her interested again in leading a normal life. Jack is 59 years old successful business man. Though Amanda and Jack have known each other, Amanda dislikes Jack. But when she meets him again in a party after her husband’s death, things turn out differently. In fact it has been tried to pass off as romance. This novel focuses on the idea that love doesn’t have an expiration date.

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A central theme of all romance novels is the idea that explores some element of grief/mourning. The main characters are often just coming off of some disaster and are attempting to move on by swearing off love and focusing on themselves. The novel wrote in same manner. Jack and Amanda are both grieving over the loss of love the two main character children had married. However, they both discover that they had more in common than just their children. The time that they spent together helped them both overcome the loss of past loves as they find a new love in each other.

Friendship In the beginning Jack and Amanda got along for the share information of their children, but did not particularly enjoy each other’s company. These quotes highlight the shift in the mind-set of Amanda as she realizes there’s more to Jack than she originally thought. This is the beginning of a true friendship between Jack and Amanda that exists beyond the relationships between their children.

“He was a womanizer certainly he made no secret of it, and yet there was far more to him than that. There was something oddly endearing about him, like a young boy gone wild, but with a look in his eyes that made you want to hug him.”[1]

“In spite of his reputation and the fact that she wasn’t ready for this, she really liked him. And he seemed to understand everything that she was feeling. There was a warm, caring side to him that had taken her by surprise and caught her off guard completely.

Widow woman fallen love for her daughter’s father in law, Hence Amanda fear of new relationship. After spending time with Amanda Jack also comes to the realization that he could and has fallen in love again.

“She cried for two men, one she had loved for so long, and the other she would never know. It was hard to tell at that exact moment which pain was greater, and which of them she most longed for.”

“No I’m fine he lied. Except that I’ve wasted my life, the only woman I ever loved died thirteen years ago, and the best woman I’ve ever met before or since wants to bury herself with her husband.”

The authors of the novels create love scene with sex organs and sexual activities in lightly fashion. The first intimate contact also indicates how physically attracted they are to each other. The characters must be physically attracted to each other to ensure a successful match. Exploring a physical relationship

“It was ten o’clock by the time they were in front of the fire again, and he was kissing her, and she was returning his kisses with passion. “

Jack and Amanda’s choose to keep their relationship a secret from their children. When they make the decision to unveil their love to their children. To the shock of Amanda and Jack nearly all of their children react negatively to their announcement.

“This is an extremely rude thing to do,” Louise said with open fury, “to bring us here, to my father’s house to tell us that you two are having an affair. My God don’t you have any decency left Mom? What about Daddy?”

Reaction to Pregnancy Jack and Amanda face an unplanned pregnancy that nearly destroys their relationship. Jack and Amanda both have grown children and the prospect of having another child is unacceptable to Jack, he refuses to even consider the idea. Amanda while shocked, is unwilling to terminate the pregnancy. The pregnancy drives a wedge between Jack and Amanda. Neither are unwilling to compromise on their beliefs about the pregnancy.

“Well you’re not going to keep the pregnancy at our age. That’s ridiculous. And besides neither of us wants more kids. What would we do with a baby?” (Jack)

“What does everyone else do?” (Amanda)

“They’re usually twenty years younger than we are and they’re married.” And then as he looked at her face, he pulled over. “Are you telling me you want to keep it?” She didn’t answer him, but the look in her eyes filled him with terror. “Are you crazy? I’m sixty years old and you’re fifty-one. We’re not married and your children already hate me. How do you think this little piece of news would go over?” (Jack)

Special Delivery from Heaven Jack and Amanda decide to get marry and they took enormous wedding. Amanda was fourteen month pregnant and she was so tired in wedding day. Amanda had backache and admitted to hospital. Their children were come in to a room and all smiling to special delivery.

“He was small dream being born, a large hope for the future, a special delivery from heaven. And suddenly jack didn’t feel old, but young, as looked down at them. It was a gift of magic for the future. Like opening a window onto sun light”


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