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Short Story The Assassins Story English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 758 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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It was a cold, dark winter’s night in the middle of December. The town stood dead as the surrounding area was empty; the silence was beyond deafness, all the streets were empty, all you could hear were the odd few cars going past in the distance until the Assassin struck, in the dimply lit alley way leading to the town’s main street.

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He was spotted again walking down the streets main road but this time he had on a ripped torn black t-shirt and there was a rip in the corner where a stab womb could be seen and when he realized it was showing, he wrapped his cape around him as tightly as he could. He was acting very strangely but this isn’t the end of the mystery of who is going to be the victim of this attack!

The victim was a young man twenty-two years old and engaged to a very beautiful young lady with a child due in the summer next year. He was about 5’8 with short dark brown hair, with blue eyes. He was caring, loving and kind to all people; he loved his family very much and wouldn’t hurt anyone. He had planned to do a few extra hours at work. What he didn’t know was that there remained very little left in store for him. His name was Peter Jones and he was about to leave the house and suffer something that no one should ever have to go through, this attack was distressing, horrifying and shocking for people who lived in the town area.

As the Assassin slyly made his way towards the victim’s area, he moved secretly down dimly lit alley ways, which most residents didn’t even know existed, he tripped and made a sudden move to hide behind the nearest thing close to him, luckily for him no one was around. The weapon was clearly visible to anyone who spotted this mischievous, sadistic, sick man who was planning to wreck a lot of people’s lives for no reason. As he came closer to the victim’s area, he froze, looked around and ran as fast as his short stubby legs should carry him. He reached the pub where Peter was cashing the till up at “The Swan Inn” which he owned. The Assassin took a quick look in and saw Peter turning around pulling him-self a pint of beer.

The Assassin took off his cape so he looked like a local, who he wasn’t then the Assassin didn’t get on very well at the best of times. He used his weapon to unlatch the door. As Peter heard a strange noise coming from the entrance he turned around and picked up a wine bottle. As the Assassin struggled his way through the door Peter got more and more scared as he saw Peter standing there holding a bottle, the Assassin didn’t look at all scared and made a sudden move as he pulled out a knife

As Peter saw the Assassin walking closer and closer towards him with the knife in his hand he started to scream, the Assassin reached towards his chest as he paused and took a deep breath and dropped the bottle as it smashed into tiny pieces, the Assassin threw him across the table as blood appeared on Peter’s shirt. The Assassin stopped and realized what he had done and ran so no one could see the deep red blood that stained his own clothes and skin.

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The next day in this extremely crowded town, everyone had heard about Peter and the awful murder. People walked for miles talking about it. All round the pub area laid flowers, notes and glass pints to remember this loving man. How could someone just take someone’s life just like that and what had he done to ever upset anyone! His wife sat on the edge of the curb grasping the gold plaited necklace he had bought her for their wedding anniversary only three days ago. Her mascara ran down her face as she lay flowers down for the husband that any woman would have dreamed of marrying.

One of Peter’s closest friends, Scott Reed, was walking down the road to meet up with Peter and saw Peter’s wife Chloe sitting, crying, and mumbling under her breath “Why do you have to be taken away from me?” Scott saw her surrounded by flowers and notes. Chloe told Scott exactly what happened on the night of the awful murder; this came as a right shock and he paused and wouldn’t talk for minutes. Chloe and Scott hugged and said a few words “Peter you were the best husband any woman could have asked for and my best friend. You will always be a part of us forever but we will make sure the evil man who did this to you will learn his lesson because you didn’t deserve anything so tragic to happen to you.”


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