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Sonnys Blue And Everyday Use

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Wordcount: 1143 words Published: 18th Apr 2017

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You will never say that these two stories are only mundane waste of ink. Reading these stories, you understand things you have never thought about before. However, what do people think? Did all of them recognize the same these authors did? Each of us should answer this question by own. Years passed but plays, novels on the theme, which James Baldwin Alice Walker talked about, are still writing, and films are still shooting, why? There are things, which we remember, and things, which we cannot forget. Whether this is good or bad is up for opinion. There are some of the most interesting and touching stories, I have ever read. Making my way through long lines of bookshelves in the library these two books caught my eye: “Sonny’s Blue” by James Baldwin and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. After reading them, I understood how good they are for arguing about. All standpoints about these books are contradictory and varied. Nevertheless, you should read these novels to understand and determine what place do they occur in your life. I did. Moreover, I must admit that, they are definitely not just another mundane waste of ink, whatever they can be said to be. However, these stories are believed to be unique, talented and ubiquitous. They are worth of attention, as I will prove it through this paper. So, let me begin to explain.

Main question

In two stories “Sonny’s Blue” by James Baldwin and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, the authors explore sibling relationships, demonstrating how siblings may feel both love and conflict toward each other. The main mission of the paper is to discuss and analyze the relationships between siblings in these two stories and to explain how conflicts are resolved or not. When I finished reading these two stories, words and snatches of conversations echoed around my head, so I could not sleep. I decided to read them and analyze in order not to be lost in thoughts. This at first glance frantic idea appeared to be overwhelming. All points of view about these books are contradictory and varied. I must admit that “Sonny’s Blue” by James Baldwin as well as “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker influenced me a lot. These stories are two mysterious worlds, they can be judged or understood, but never wiped off. Creations of its authors, novels include feelings, words, and dearest moments. To sum up, reading these novels is not mortifying thing, it is not just wasting the time. Anyway, they exist and it is nothing to do.

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It is mentioned in the source that “Sonny’s Blue” (that was written in 1957 by James Baldwin) opens with the narrator, who reads about his brother named Sonny who was caught in a heroin bust. However, he cannot get his mind off Sonny. Sonny is related to the narrator – they are brothers. They keep in contact, and after Sonny gets out of jail, he goes to live with the narrator and his family. They eat a family dinner, which then turns into a flashback about their parents (2010, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonny%27s_Blues>, pg 2). The relationships between relatives (for example brothers) are always difficult and various. Not always conflicts between brothers could be resolved. Through the story two brothers (narrator and Sonny) are arguing and deciding are they brothers or not. They remember father’s and mother’s death and even uncle’s. Then they have a conflict in interests, when Sonny claimed that he wants to become a pianist and a jazz musician. As it is mentioned, they figure out his living arrangement for the remainder of his high school career. Sonny calls his brother ignorant for not knowing who Charlie Parker is, and argues that he does not want to finish high school or live at Isabel’s (a wife of narrator) parents’ house. Eventually, Isabel’s parents have a piano, which Sonny can play whenever he wants, provided he go to school (2010, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonny%27s_Blues>, pg 2). During the entire story, two main heroes (brothers) argue and have a conflict. Eventually, in the end of story they have a conversation, where Sonny tells his brother about what he feels when his veins are filled with heroin. Sonny also mentions that he would not die in order to stop suffering (at least, he would not die earlier then anybody else would in this case). Finally, narrator accepts Sonny as a brother (even if he is a kind of a drug addict), when he hears how beautiful and magical is Sonny’s play in jazz club. The story ends that way.

Another story called “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. It is said that she illustrates the importance of understanding our present life in relation to the traditions of our own people and culture. Walker personifies the different sides of culture and heritage in the characters of Dee and the mother (the narrator). Dee can be seen to represent a materialistic, complex, and modern way of life where culture and heritage are to be valued only for their “trendy-ness” and aesthetic appeal. Mother represents a way of life where culture and heritage are valued for both its usefulness as well as its personal significance (2003, pg 1, <http://www.freeessays.cc/db/18/erk87.shtml>). Thus, it must be mentioned that this story contains a conflict between two women (Dee and the mother). Main conflict in the story is that Dee struggle because of creating identity for herself. She wants to change her name. Moreover, her strict heritage can be defined as that of Afro – Americans. The point is that Dee was named after her grandmother and aunt. It was a kind of tradition. Finally, through the story Walker illustrates readers that “culture is neither name changes nor speaking a foreign tongue. One’s culture and heritage are taught, from one generation to the next, not suddenly picked up or acquired. A person who possesses real heritage and culture make use of it every day of their life” (2003, pg 1, <http://www.freeessays.cc/db/18/erk87.shtml>).


In conclusion, I must admit that both stories touch conflicts and problems that modern people face in their routine daily life very often. The value of these stories is definitely great in nowadays culture, because people can gain some experience from them and look for some answers for their questions. The main mission of the paper was to discuss and analyze the relationships between siblings in these two stories and to explain how conflicts are resolved or not. I believe mission is completed. “Sonny’s Blue” by James Baldwin and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker are obviously talented and useful stories in our fast – moving contemporary world.


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