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Story Titled Life Is Beautiful English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1375 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Indeed life isn’t easy but who said it was going to be easy? It’s a road full of ups and downs and as we call it a road, we should know that bumps are bound to be there. For some it’s a little bumpier than others but then that’s called life! However, it’s unfair to complain about things we don’t have or have lost without appreciating all that we got in return but in the hassle of this busy life we all forget to thank the Almighty for whatever he did give us. What I at times find ironic is that we’re too busy to appreciate what we have, yet have ample time to complain about what we don’t have!

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Every day I get up early complaining about why do I have early morning classes and why can’t my classes just start at 12 everyday and end in the evening? And then on those days when my classes start in the afternoon and linger on till evening, I find myself whining how the teacher ruined my perfect evening. And it’s not only me, everyone I come across is complaining about one thing or the other.

Jumping out of the bed, I look around and find hundreds of things that could have been better but can’t seem to spot the best items! I open my wardrobe and can’t seem to find something perfect even though it’s overloaded with clothes already! I spend my day cribbing about things, how the teacher took a surprise quiz, gave two assignments at a time which are due tomorrow, gave less marks to me on my project and more to the one who copied off the internet and it goes on! I keep venting out with my friends all day, at times complain to my mom who just keeps saying hmmm hmmm to every problem and then I complain (to myself) how she’s not bothered to solve my issues without thinking how she’s at least giving time to listen to what I have to say. Most parents today don’t even do that! And maybe she’s not intervening to give me more space and make me independent!

While I’m complaining about a hundred things around me, I come across all types of people from all ages and phases of life who aren’t content with what life has given them. Some whine about being fat, while others are wearing full sleeves and layers of clothing to hide themselves because they are anorexic. Some aren’t happy with their short hair, while others complain their long hair are such a mess and difficult to handle and then we find those who grumble about being short while the rest are shy of being tall! And amidst all this, we hear the clichéd statement, “Oh I would be the happiest person alive if I had your hair, figure or height.” And we all know nobody is the happiest person because it’s human nature not to be content with what you have, one keeps asking for more.

The day ends and I tell myself how everything is unfair. I close my eyes hoping tomorrow will be better and it’s the same! Life will continue to be unfair until I change my approach! And then one day I change the way I look at things around me only to realize that everything is just so beautiful! I get up early morning and see the pleasant weather in Islamabad and the sun shining through the clouds, I open my wardrobe and thank Almighty for the extravagant wardrobe that I have and pull out a funky dress to wear. I spend my day appreciating the small blessings in life and realize how a positive approach makes life easier for me! I get done at whatever time and spend time with friends. With them I realize I have people to lean on to, to enjoy with, to laugh with, and to have fun with! Spending time with them relaxes me, I get to be myself without the fear of being judged or criticized. They make me realize how loved I am and how beautiful life is with their presence.

After spending a good time with friends, I rush home! In between if my mom calls to find where I am, instead of cribbing about how she’s always pestering, I feel proud of the fact that I have someone at home, who worries about me till, I get back home safely, who longs to spend time with me, who’s ready to listen to my stories. This thought makes life even more beautiful! Then after giving a short update to my mom, I log on to the internet quickly to catch my best friend online who’s sitting at the other corner of the world, waiting for me to come online everyday and give her an update, which she listens to with keen interest! And if I’m busy and can’t update her, she’ll make sure I do that! In case I start to complain how she’s so far away from me, I stop right there and thank Almighty for the fact that at least she’s with me if not by my side.

Needless to say, a best friend is very important in life. You may have lots of close friends who you can hang out with or call at any hour of the day, but if you don’t have that one best friend who feels the same about you, you will be alone at one point or the other! The reason why they call this relationship, “best friend forever” is because even when you don’t know where you’re going, you know there’s someone with you and you’re not heading alone! They say, love may fade with the season but some friendships are year round. Try to find such friendships that don’t leave you even when your shadow disappears.

All in all, in today’s busy life we are too caught up with things to enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer, which we fail to notice. Take out time to enjoy the rain and sip a cup of coffee while watching the rain pour down. Watch a small child play, listen to the songs that take you back to the time you first heard them and you will realize what you have been missing on in the hassle of this busy life. Look at the beauty of relationships like friendship and love and stop taking them for granted to find out we are left with a very few to cherish.

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We’ve started living in a world where fame, glamour and money means everything and the child inside us is too scared to step out of this world! In times like these you need to step outside and clear your mind and open your heart and think about all what you have! Remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be? What do you really want to have – materialistic things or friendship and love which will last a lifetime? Sometimes you will really have to put an effort to find yourself, but you will eventually!

Stop wasting life complaining and whining about what’s fair and what’s unfair and what went wrong and what you don’t have! Life is too short to spend it like that. Just look at what went right and what’s good around you. Appreciate the nice things around you and realize everyone’s life has ups and downs and bumps, but it’s still beautiful at the end of the day!

Make friends who are true at heart and accept you the way you are, who don’t judge you and who you can be completely at home with. In a life where you can’t choose your family, you can definitely choose your friends so choose them wisely and then you will realize life isn’t that bad at the end of the day. And while you are at it, capture all the beautiful moments in your life in a picture so that you can cherish them forever. Cameras are one of the best inventions, they help us capture moments in the form of pictures that tell us more about ourselves than we know, they take us back to the long journey we have taken, the loved ones we have around and those we have lost on the way! If you can try to bring those loved ones you’ve lost, back in your life and if nature came between you and them then cherish what you have for now.

Life is incomplete without family! No matter how successful you become, how many friends you make, or where you go in life the importance of family remains the same as it was when you were a baby. And as gossip girl says, “when it comes to family, we’re all still children at heart no matter how old we get we always need a place to call home because without the people you love most you can’t help but feel all alone in the world!”


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