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Summary Of The Wedding Novel English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 1635 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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One of the most anticipated events of this special month is the wedding of one of the daughters of New Bern’s best lawyer, Wilson Lewis. His daughter Anna is finally engaged to her long time boyfriend, Keith, and to make it more special their getting married at the date Wilson and his wife, Jane, got married. However, there was one problem; they only got one week to prepare this wedding. How can everything be possible?

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Preparing this wedding wasn’t easy but soon all their hard work paid off. The wedding will take place in Noah Calhoun’s house and garden, the place where Jane grew up and the place where Jane’s sister, Kate, also got married. This place was special for the whole family, but a week ago this house was a complete disaster. It had been abandoned for years since Noah and his late wife, Allie moved into Creekside. Miracle, I thought, was the reason why from where I am looking now this place was magnificent.


Not only did they finished this house in a matter of days, they were also able to get a photographer, a caterer provided by Henry MacDonald, and a musician, John Peterson, to play during the wedding and the reception. All may seem impossible but they did it. Everything was perfect and the one thing I admired the most was the rose garden designed with five beautiful hearts. No doubt for sure that they spent a lot of money, from my early conversation with Wilson, he does not have one bit of regret as long as his daughter is happy at her wedding.

It had been a long wait and finally John Peterson began to play the piano and I knew at that very moment the bride is on her way to the aisle. To my surprise, Anna was not a bride. She was just an ordinary guess wearing the same dress as her sister, Leslie. I was confused at first but when Jane walked in her dress with a bridal veil and a bouquet, I knew she was the bride we were all waiting for.

This is one of the most unforgettable weddings that ever happened here in New Bern. Not only was there twist in the end, we also gained so much knowledge about love in this wedding. We come to realize that love is not just a word but the action you take to make it happen. Wilson and Jane had a tough thirty years of marriage but they learned to be love and fall in love all over again. Anything is possible when it comes to love so never ever give up on it!

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks contains a lot of cause and effect relationships towards the two main characters. The novel started of on August 23, 2002 when Wilson forgot about their twenty-ninth anniversary. This was the day Wilson finally comes to understand that Jane might have fallen out of love with him. Forgetting their anniversary was not the only reason why they grew apart. All of the causes built up to one strong force that strike down the bowling pins in just one hit.

First of all, Jane and Wilson grew up from two completely different families. Wilson growing up mostly alone as both his parents work as one of the most trusted lawyers in Washington, D.C., never experienced what love really is. He never knew the exact meaning of romance or even how to be romantic. In the other hand, Jane grew up in a family full of love, romance, and happiness. Through her parents is where Jane learned what love truly is.

Another major cause occurred at their own wedding. Every girl in this world wants their dream wedding to come to reality. However, Jane never got hers. Wilson wanting to start a law firm as a new law graduate did not want to spend more money than needed. Also as a man, Wilson wanted to pay for the expenses of the wedding from his own pocket. He didn’t want to rely on anyone especially to Jane’s parents. Then their honeymoon didn’t even last a whole weekend since he has to get back to work right away.

As the new provider for the family, Wilson wanted the best for his family. He wants his children, Anna, Joseph, and Leslie, to have a good education and a good life. He achieved this by spending almost every minute of his life working. Spending little time at home brought major consequences. He left the responsibility of raising kids to Jane. He missed birthdays, school plays, and soccer games. Wilson basically missed his children growing up. Lastly, Wilson forgot about their anniversary after being drowned in work the whole day. This became the turning point of what seems to be the end of their happy marriage.

Jane and Wilson now barely speak to each other. Even though, they live in one roof, it seems like neither of them exist. Jane then fled to New York to their son, Joseph, to spend some time to think and according to Joseph, Jane was crying ever since he picked her up the airport to the minute she dropped her back. That she didn’t want to come back but she knew she had to because Wilson needs her. All these made Wilson realize that he can never live life without Jane, since because the day they met until now his love for his wife grew more and stronger.

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The second cause and effect that occurred in this novel was the day after the forgotten anniversary, when Wilson finally realize that he has to do something that will make Jane fall in love with him all over again. First, he started to wake up extra early to walk around the neighborhood and loss some weight. Luckily, he got another chance to prove that he can change when Anna announces that she was getting married. Wilson became a big help in the wedding. Since Jane has been constantly busy he started to cook dinner for them and when Jane needed help with anything he was always there. He helped arrange the guest list, caterer, rentals, music, and most especially Noah’s house, where the wedding and the reception will be held.

With the help of Noah, Wilson learned to become more romantic and start to express his feelings to Jane more often. When everything was going smoothly, Wilson decided to arrange a romantic dinner Thursday evening before the day of the wedding. He taped a note to the front door saying, “Welcome home, darling. Your surprise awaits you inside…” (Sparks 207). When Jane opened up the door she saw a living room full of lit candles, scattered rose petals on the floor, and another note. Each note brings in another task that will bring Jane closer to where Wilson was. After Jane took a bath and refreshed herself, a limousine that will reveal the place where she’ll meet Wilson, awaits her

The limousine arrived in front of Noah’s house. Jane, blindfolded, was surprised the second she was finally able to open her eyes. The house looked the same exact way it did the years when Jane was growing. Then on the porch, was a romantic table Wilson set up for their dinner date. When Wilson was cooking their dinner, he asked Jane to grab his apron in her room upstairs, but instead of an apron Jane found a letter. The letter contained every memory they made together, Wilson’s feelings towards Jane that he was not able to show, all his regrets, and sincere apology of every minute he wasted in the office not realizing that everything is falling out of place. Together with that letter was a photo album, which has pictures of the two of them through the years. Wilson took every small step to court his wife and everything step became worthwhile when Jane learned to love him all over again.

Wilson’s biggest step was when he finally revealed his secret. The wedding Jane thought was for her daughter, Anna, was actually her wedding all along. Wilson was finally able to give Jane the wedding she always wanted. A year worth of planning became a complete success. At that day, Wilson discovered that second chances can really happen, ” I learned that it’s possible for two people to fall in love all over again, even when there’s a lifetime of disappointment between them” (Sparks 263). Even if, your second chance can be your last chance, it will never hurt to try. You will never know, maybe this second chance can be start of a new beginning in your life.

I am not lying when I say that Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author of all time. Your books were the ones who changed my views towards reading. It always brings out the fun in reading and brings out every emotion of a human being has. We laugh, we get angry, we cry, and we learn to love. Your books not only bring emotions but also provide valuable lessons that can be used in reality.

I’ve read a lot of your written works. For example, I’ve read A Walk to Remember, Dear John, At First Sight, the Last Song, and The Wedding. All these books have different stories, but they share one thing in common, they contain a twist of faith in each of its major characters. Anything you least expect always happen that stop us, readers, from closing the book. I am not afraid to say that I cried in each of these books I read written by you. If only I have all the time in the world, I’ll be honored to read every novel you ever written.

As a great author, most of your books had been turn to movies. However, I hate it when they change the story from the book and sort of ruined it. The only ones that are not greatly ruined in my opinion were The Last Song and A Walk to Remember. I also do not like it when others who enjoyed the movies do not even give any honor to you and your work. You are the reason why we have phenomenal movies like The Notebook that almost every American still enjoy to this day. You are really the best and I hope that you’ll continue to write more beautiful novels and inspired many more of your readers like me.


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