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The Boss Of A Few Smugglers English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 2294 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Two customs men, Silver and Rank, received a call from police inspector Francis Roland that they had to watch John Samuel Fame, a businessman he said that 3 times a week over the border went, and that they had to search his car. After a while, John Samuel Fame at the border and the guards stopped him and took him to Silver and Rank. They asked him things like: “Who are you”, “you are businessman”, etc. They searched his car, but found nothing of interest.

Chapter 3. Strange encounter:

John Samuel Fame had an appointment with Emil Harker, but he was 3 minutes late. When he arrived at Harker `s hut, no one responded to the sign that he had agreed with Harker. He went inside and saw after a while searching a shadow. He looked up and saw Harker hang.

Chapter 4. An escape at the last minute:

John Samuel Fame thought Emil Harker had hanged himself and felt his hand, which was still warm. Fame cut him loose and examined him. Someone had fought and bled Harker on his shirt. So he had not committed suicide. John Samuel Fame was Emil Harker `s poem and read it. It was a message, he thought. When he had read it he heard people coming and John Samuel Fame jumped out the window. He listened and heard two voices: one heavy and one with an Italian accent. They saw that someone was inside and saw the open window. Fame and ran to his car when he drove away, he heard gunshots.

Chapter 5. One night in Darna:

John Samuel Fame drove at once to the village Darna and after midnight he stopped at the Garden Hotel, where he always stayed when he went to Darna. Fame went to his room: number 18 on the first floor. He read the poem again. What was the message in the poem? He could not go to the police, because they do not like ‘Fame’ s ‘and’ Harker ‘s’. He called another gang member, Zara, and made an appointment at half past nine on the terrace of the Garden Hotel.

Chapter 6. On the terrace:

Fame got up and the first thing he did was a copy of the poem. Then he went down to the terrace. He told that he Zara Harker had died and the poem which he thought there was a hidden message in it. Fame Zara asked who the gang leader would be now Harker was dead, perhaps Ezra could it be? Zara said that Ezra had stepped from the gang after a disagreement with Harker and they proclaimed himself gang leader. They ordered a waiter a drink. Suddenly there came a bald waiter who said that phone for him. Fame ran inside and took on, but there was nobody on the line. He went back, but Zara was gone and John Samuel Fame called the waiter, but there was another waiter over who said there was phone. Fame asked him if he knew where the other waiter was: a bald man with a scar on his left cheek. The waiter said he did not know him and suddenly started a car on the other side of the wall. John Samuel Fame ran there and saw the bald man with the scar behind the wheel of a long, black American car.

Chapter 7. An encounter:

John Samuel Fame ran to the street and jumped into his own car. He chased the American car. He could just read the license plate: ZX 425. He wrote it in the dust of the window. After a while John Samuel Fame could no longer see the car, but he drove through to Don `s shelter (Don was a gang member). Zara had in fact said that he had to go. In a bend of the road saw John Samuel Fame Zara stand. He stopped and let her boarding. She said everything with her, but the bald waiter had taken the poem. Fame asked what had happened. Zara said that when he went to take the phone, “the bald waiter came to their table and took her. She tried to escape, but he was very strong and had a gun. Then he picked up the poem and left her on the side of the road. They drove on to Don and asked what the news was. Fame said Harker was dead, but Don could say anything, there were two police cars Don `s yard drive up with Inspector Roland it.

Chapter 8. Inspector Roland:

One man held Fame, Zara and Don gunpoint and the other police officers searched Don `s house. After a while there was a policeman at the inspector said there were two cars in the garage stood. Inspector Roland went with him, but after a while he came back and asked the key of Fame `s car to the boot menu. After a while he came back and said he wanted to talk.

Chapter 9. The picture:

Inspector Roland said he was looking for something and thought that Don knew what he meant. Don said that he did not know. Inspector Roland asked the newspaper and read an article stating that a 3000 year old golden Egyptian head of pharaoh Chephren IV was stolen from the museum. Inspector Roland asked who it was stolen, but they said they had nothing stolen. Inspector Roland showed a picture where a group of people stood at the head. Harker stood between. Fame asked what that proved and Inspector Roland said that he was on the back of the photo to look, what ‘C304 Monday’ on it. It was Harker `s handwriting. Inspector Roland said he was the picture of Harker’s house had found. Fame asked what he did in Harker `s house. Inspector Roland said he searched, because he had received a tip that he might find something interesting. He suspected now Zara, Fame and Don. Inspector Roland did not know that Harker was dead and Fame devised a plan. He told Inspector Roland that he and Zara Harker went searching and Don as ‘hostage’ by Inspector Roland would remain. That was not a bad plan.

Chapter 10. Room 304:

Fame and Zara went to a restaurant and wanted to go inside, but saw the black American car with the license plate ZX 425. In the restaurant told what he had invented Fame: Behind the picture was “C304 Monday ‘. On Monday it was golden, Egyptian head stolen. Fame thought ‘304 ‘was a room number. The “Imperial Hotel” was the only hotel with many rooms. Suddenly they saw Skull with an Italian-looking man (Guido) and a small, fat man (Robert). They had not seen Zara and Fame. After a while Skull, Robert and Guido road and Zara Fame and went after it. After a while, stopped the car with three men inside at the Imperial Hotel and went inside. Fame asked the doorman whether the men were in room 304, but they were in room 303, next. Fame had 5 mins when a fat man with a pale face and a mustache came down: Ezra.

Chapter 11. Check-out:

At 10.00 am Fame went back to the border to ‘things’ to do. Inspector Roland phoned back to Silver and Rank to say that they John Samuel Fame `s car had to crawl. They did, but found nothing. But what they asked for scratch in Fame `s car. He said that there had always been.

Chapter 12. Ambush:

Less than 24 hours later was back Fame. Rank and Silver found again nothing but the scratch was gone. Fame said he had let him spray. He stopped along the way at a cafe and listened to the radio, which was told that the police Harker `s body was found. Now Roland knew Inspector so that Harker was dead. Fame went away quickly, but did not notice a big, blue car followed him and drove him a little later, as he watched a bird of prey. After awhile Fame saw a sign saying ‘slow travel’. He slowed as he thought something had to be repaired on the road, or something. Suddenly he was shot at from all sides and came to stand with a flat tire and a broken windshield. He ran into some bushes at the foot of the road, but Ezra said he had to come out with his hands up.

Chapter 13. Another trip:

Fame came out of the bushes with his hands up. For Ezra had also Skull, Robert and Guido. He was tied brought in the big blue car that was long before he drove. In the car, said Harker that Ezra was dead and Fame said that he had heard on the radio. When they arrived at Ezra’s house, he was in the basement.

Chapter 14. Ezra `s place:

After a while Fame called to talk with Ezra. On Ezra `s office was the photo that Inspector Roland also had shown. Ezra asked Fame to the golden head of Chephren IV. Fame replied that he did not know and had Ezra’s poem Emil Harker to see him and asked if he knew what that meant. Fame denied. Then he was again bound and Ezra said he and Harker along the robbery had been committed, but that Harker only ran off with his head! Therefore Ezra went to Harker and killed him. Ezra asked again of Fame knew what the poem meant and Fame again said that he did not know. Then Ezra hit him.

Chapter 15. Escape:

Fame was often beaten while Ezra him the same question and still nothing Fame said. Ezra shouted back that he had to be brought to the cellar. Fame fell asleep and when he woke up in the evening, he made the rope around his hands through it against a sharp edge of an old iron bed sanding. Then he put a broken chair next to the window and looked: in the middle of a garden and stood in the middle of his (repaired) car with Skull next. Fame waited until it was dark and found a large nail to the window to open. Skull was gone and he heard laughter. Ezra and his gang members had a party. Suddenly he heard that Guido had to go get him. He jumped in his car (where the key still in it) and drove the garden from the road. The blue car with Guido and Ezra followed him. Suddenly Fame that the road death ran on a wall. He jumped out of his car and ran through an opening in the wall.

Chapter 16. Pitfall!:

For Fame was a high wall, behind him, Guido and Ezra. He ran quickly and heard Ezra and Guido to someone else cry. He saw the wall too late and slammed ertegenop. Ezra and Guido had not seen him, and he went through a door. He saw a house and wanted to look inside, but there was a stack of boxes around and he also fell. When shone a torch in his face and Inspector Roland said he was welcome at the police!

Chapter 17. Plans:

He was taken back to inside and Inspector Roland asked him what he had done. Fame said he had thought and told Inspector Roland Ezra Harker had killed, and the rest of the story. Inspector Roland told Fame that he knew she smuggled and that she had to help him to head to find, because he would otherwise be arrested for the theft of the golden head of Chephren IV. Inspector Roland had also seen the poem. Fame asked where he had come from and Inspector Roland said that he had received from Zara. A door opened and Don and Zara came inside.

Chapter 18. The poem:

Inspector Roland left them alone with 2 guards and the poem. They had to find out where the golden head was hidden. They tried some things out on the poem: initial letters, final letters, etc. but nothing came out. Then they tried: the first letter of the first line, the second letter of the second line, the third of the third, etc. and there was ‘GOLABRIDGE’ out. They did not want the police would know, so she pretended nothing came out. Zara then asked if she was a glass of water and then they asked the other guard or a letter ‘G’ or ‘Y’, and when he bent over the paper, Thurs hit him. Then came the other guard returned and Don held him down and hit him from behind. Then they went away, but the paper ‘GOLABRIDGE’ it was still on the table.


Chapter 19. The quest:

Fame, Zara and Don walked quickly to Fame `s car. Zara `s car was gone. They drove quickly to the bridge over the river Gola. She did not know where they had to search, because the bridge was very large, but the poem was that they did not have an easy path to walk up the hill was a quarry with a rough and difficult path to it. Also there was the poem she suffers heavy loads and the miners were also wore heavy loads. At the end of the poem was exactly where they could find: but then they are against the wall, and against a rock they lay their hand. “That wall is my wall and next to the wall is a large rock and there is a narrow cave.” Said Don. They went and found the golden, head of Egyptian pharaoh Chephren IV. She wondered what they were doing and Fame said they had to send it to Inspector Roland. Suddenly a voice said that they were not going to do. It was Ezra, Guido, Robert and Skull. All of them had a gun.

Chapter 20. Kill Shot:

Ezra said she had come to him and Zara, Don and Fame came with the head of gold. Ezra said he had followed them simply. Fame asked what he was going to do with them and Ezra said he to them, “travel” would send. Guido continued Fame `s car in the river and Ezra said Zara, Don and Fame able to sit. They did so and Fame had the car start. “Hello,” said Gallagher. “Have a safe-” But Ezra was never finished his sentence: Inspector Roland had shot him. Fame put the car back on the road and raced across the bridge.

Chapter 21. A long time later:

It was five years later. Inspector Roland was on vacation in a small fishing village on the sea. Suddenly a voice said: “Inspector Roland!” He stood up and looked Fame and Zara are. Inspector Roland told that the golden head of pharaoh Chephren IV safely back in the museum, and that Robert, Skull and Guido. Fame from prison and their lives were made better. Fame and Zara said they were married and had two children. At one o’clock in the morning Zara said she was tired and Fame and Zara walked away, but Inspector Roland called them back and asked what they doing all these years smuggling. Fame said he smuggled cars. He went with a new car across the border in Don `s hideout, he gave him a used car of the same type and color, which he again crossed the border went


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