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The Life Story Of Helen Keller English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 1793 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Helen Keller was born in 1880, in Tuscumbia. Her born is like every single child in every family. She brought happiness to the whole family. Everyone was full of curious and surprise about her. She said “the beginning of my life was simple and much likes every other little life. I came I saw I conquered as the first baby in the family always does.” Because of a high fever, when she was 2, then it completely changed her whole life. Her mom figure out that her eye ball did not even move when she swarmed the hand in front of her face. Later Helen did not even pay attention when her mom was calling her. Then her mom knew her daughter was blind and deaf. Like other mothers, Helen’s mother cannot even believe it and get herself out of the truth. Anyway they have to adaptation it. Since that, little Helen’s world from color to black, from noisy to quite. By the time past, Helen’s became cannot talk as short as the time past. It seriously drove her family to death. Maybe Helen did not what happen to herself. She just felt lost. She would hang on to her mother’s skirt to get around.

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Helen tried to let everyone knows what she want even she cannot see or hear. When she wanted bread, she acted out the cutting of slices and buttering them. Pinching a tiny bit of skin on her had meant “small”, spreading her fingers wide and bringing her hands together meant “larger”. If it was ice-cream she wanted, she shivered and made the motion of turning the handle of the ice-cream freezer. I was always wondering how she could know if it is a stranger, she explored the unknown face, the dress and everything.

Of course, she probably made a mess at home, too. Because she cannot really say what she wants she cannot hear anything even anything happened or she was not be able to move. She locked her mom in a room for all day by accident. Her mom was knocking on the door for the whole time, but she could not hear that, and she did not even know that she did lock her mom in the room. Her mom just can wait until someone came home after their work.

When Helen was 7 year old, her family brought her a family teacher named Annie Sullivan. She was a nice lady and she almost blind when she was a little baby, too. So she can totally understand how Helen felt and it made Annie understand Helen more.

She taught her everything, she taught her letters, she wrote every each letter in her hand all the time and tried to let her understand and let her to remember all the letters. She still taught her use her hand to touch stuff and feel it, And tell her what it is right way. Like the word “water”, Annie let her feel water and then write it in her hand, meant that this is water, the things like cold and don’t stay in your hand. Of course she had to teach Helen again and again. Because Helen could not really understand Annie like a normal person. In that time, Helen learned sign language, learned to read and wrote in Braille, While, Helen was trying to understand other people talking, too. She was taught to read the speech of others with her fingers by placing her middle finger on the nose, her forefinger on the lips, and her thumb on the throat of that other person, she could follow what was said. She did that to herself, she tried really hard, because she could not even really talk. She practiced it all the time. Finally, she talked, and she talked like how people talked, she only used her hands , that helped her from don not know how to talk to talk like a person .

Annie was still trying to let her near the natural more, so she let Helen roll on the grass, jump in the farm , seed the farm, even she let her eat in the tree. Let her feel the real natural life. Let her breath the different air, touch different stuff. Annie brought her to touch little pig and play with her in the lake. Annie tried her best to let her to overcome her blind and deaf.

Helen never gave up her dream, she never gave up everything, she only knew she had to be persistence and she always look forward. She even will not give up her nail-biting until one day there descended upon her a human whirlwind who boxed her and ears and tied her hands behind her back, thus shutting of all means of communication. She had a kind heart, too. She said they are my friends because they think of me and write to me.

She worked hard at school. In 1891 Helen wrote a little story, 《the frost king》as a birthday present for Mr. Anagnos. That should be her first writing, the family read it and talked about it, as Annie recalled and agreed it was a marvelous creation—- so imaginative, so flooded with color. They ask Helen where did she get this lovely story, Helen said “I didn’t read it, it is just my story for Mr.Anagnos’s birthday.” Anagnos was so delighted with the story that he had soon published it in a magazine hailing its importance in literary history. However, it was soon discovered that Helen’s story was the same as one called 《The Frost Fairies”》by Margaret Canby. This was ultimately to be the end of Helen and Anne’s friendship with Michael Anagnos. He felt he had been made to appear foolish by what he considered to be Helen’s deception.

Helen moved on to the Cambridge School for Young Ladies in 1896 and in the autumn of 1900 entered Radcliffe College, becoming the first deaf blind person to have ever enrolled at an institution of higher learning. Life at Radcliffe was very difficult for Helen and Annie. But she tried her best to understand and caught up the rest of student. Later on, her daily schedule was not very different from everyone else’s. She loved the hard work, the languages, and the ancient history, everything except mathematics. She studied in collage just like a normal lady like other people. Everyone helped her and forgave her about her Inconvenient. During their time at the College Helen began to write about her life. She would write the story both in Braille and on a normal typewriter. It was at this time that Helen and Annie met with John Albert Macy who was to help edit Helen’s first book 《The Story of My Life》 which was published in 1903 and although it sold poorly at first it has since become a classic. Her opinion of college never improved; if anything. It became increasingly. Few weeks after the start of Helen’s sophomore year. In Copey’s opinion, Helen Keller was the best writer of English themes he had come cross. She was called out of. Latin class to meet someone by the name of William Alexander­â€•â€•an editor of ladies’ home journal, as it turned out. He said the magazine want to publish the story of her life in monthly installments. And she would be hand somely paid. Helen explained, her collage work was all she could manage. Without a clear idea of what she was getting into, Helen soon found herself signing a contract that promise ladies’ home journal her life story in installments, for the sun of three thousand dollars. By December, the first installment was finished ―― Helen’s infancy, her illness and isolation. When it was published in march 1903 ――Helen’s junior year in college, the year of her twenty third birthday ―― critics and readers alike were enchanted. She graduated from Radcliffe College. She always forgot she was blind and deaf when she was with Annie. That helped her spent her whole collage life with a really happy time. And she always said about collage is “collage is not the place to go for ideas.”

In 1936, Annie died. To Helen, she was very sad and helpless. They have been stayed together for 50 years already. She moved to Arcan Ridge, in Westport, Connecticut, which would be Helen’s home for the rest of her life. Helen knew if she didn’t have Annie’s love, She will not like today that success and happy. She decided she needs to let everyone knew Annie’s love, let everyone can feel her love and enjoy her love.

Then she ran to the whole world, she talked about Annie’s love, she helped people that who were unlucky had problem even she was like that.

She started writing books and speaking. She became a really successful woman. She was a blind, deaf writer and a disability educator. She is learned. And she knew 5 different languages, including English; French; German; Latin; Greece. And she was even these languages’ writer.

She has been done with14 books in her life, including 《the story of my life》 《my teacher》 《 the world I live in 》 《three days to see》…………

In October 1961 Helen suffered the first of a series of strokes, and her public life was to draw to a close. She was to spend her remaining years being cared for at her home in Arcan Ridge. Her last years were not however without excitement, and in 1964 Helen was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award, by President Lyndon Johnson. A year later she was elected to the Women’s Hall of Fame at the New York World’s Fair

She became famous and traveled around the world speaking to groups of people. She met many important and well-known people as she traveled

She died in 1968. She was 89 years old. She died peacefully in her sleep. She gave all her energy to the world. She slave the disabled people to the world. Annie gave Helen her Precious love, and then Helen spread her love to everyone. After she died, because of her strong will and Outstanding contributions moved the world, people from everywhere had activities to memorial her.

To her. She thought everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and she learn whatever state she is in , therein to be content. She said she did not want the peace which passeth understanding, she wanted to understanding which bringeth peace.

I always think God is not fair sometime, because he should not let her blind and deaf. She is that success, she is that smart. But every time when I think until here, I realize that God is fair. He gave her wisdom but not eyes and ears. God wants her to feel him by heart. And Helen did it. She felt every single thing by heart. That is why she can know everything well.

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In her own words:”The public must learn that the blind man is neither genius nor a freak nor an idiot. He has a mind that can be educated, a hand which can be trained, and ambitions which it is right for him to strive to realize, and it is the duty of the public to help him make the best of himself so that he can win light through work.”


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