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The Power Struggles In Scrubs English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 983 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Comedies have a special intricate way of presenting power struggles in the most comical form possible. They manufacture laughter from the simplest stereotypes of cultures, politics, and societies by using pun, wit, sarcasm, satire, parody, slapstick, farce, and scatology in order to cope with issues we face everyday. Power struggles deal with class, ethnicity, gender, and many others themes that offer issues that tend to be taboo. Hence, these themes are incorporated into comedies in hopes that they will somehow gradually mend the problems our society seems to ignore. The popular syndicated comedy, Scrubs, is the epitome of a comedy that introduces power struggles in a comical form. Scrubs follows the lives of Doctor John ‘J.D.’ Dorian, Doctor Elliot Reid, and Doctor Christopher Turk and elaborates on the dilemmas they face at their workplace, Sacred Heart Hospital. Dorian, Reid, and Turk try to cope with several issues that are presented on every episode, but struggle with their individual obstacles. In Scrubs, Dorian struggles to be recognized as a doctor, Reid struggles to be accepted as a women and an equal, and Turk struggles to be accepted as a surgeon.

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Second, Doctor Elliot Reid is another doctor that struggles to be respected as a woman and an equal. In contrast to Dorian, who struggles for recognition, Reid deals with the disrespected from patients and colleagues for being a woman doctor. Reid believed that becoming a doctor meant that she would receive the respect all male doctors acquire. Instead she is looked down upon for being a woman and is not trusted as a professional. She enters the doors of Sacred Heart Hospital ready to be accepted as a doctor, but is received as an immature doctor from females and a piece of ass from the males. For example, in an episode, Carla, a nurse, confronts Reid and explains to her that, “You are nothing, but an immature doctor that cries when thing get tough.” Moreover, her male coworkers repeatedly sexually harass her. It seems that there is no room for a female doctor in Sacred Heart Hospital and the only resort would be to be a nurse. Reid is not content with her treatment and resorts to constant crying. Her sobs adds to the negative perception people have about her. Even though she wants to be respected as a woman and an equal she wants, above all, to receive respect from Doctor Bob Kelso. Her main objective is to be accepted by Doctor Bob Kelso who has respect for no one especially Doctor Reid. Doctor Bob Kelso is a grumpy old man, who loves to humiliate and mistreat his whole staff. He is the Chief of Medicine in Sacred Hear Hospital and loves to abuse his power. Doctor Reid comes to Doctor Bob Kelso for advice and recognition, but she is pushed away by Kelso’s negative and degrading comments. For example, Doctor Reid explains her accomplishments to Doctor Kelso, but responds with sarcasm, “Great job sugar cakes, keep up the great work, now get out of my face.” A few times she tries to stand up to Doctor Bob Kelso, but finds herself fearing him more than believing in herself. Their encounters are presented on every episode and represent the struggles women have in male dominated professions. Despite the fact that she hates her treatment, she is determined to do the best she can as a doctor. Furthermore, while Reid faces unequal treatment other doctors struggle to just be accepted.

Finally, Doctor Christopher Turk struggles to be accepted as a surgeon and wishes not to be seen as a black surgeon. All his life he was seen as the over achiever due to his skin color, but was sick of hearing positive comments because he knew it was his skin that surprised everyone. No one expected a black individual to become a professional, especially a surgeon. Turk always faced people that treated him with respect, not because of his profession, but because of being a black surgeon. His colleagues view him as someone especial who fought against the odds to be someone respectful. He understands that society is full of ignorant people, but never expected that his workplace be infected with them. He carries himself highly and lets no one degrade him in any form. He is a strong believer of equality and wishes everyone can see pass colors and only see great people with dreams. For example, an episode introduced Turk as a hero after he saved the life of a reported. The media showered him with praise, depicting him as a great hero, but Sacred Heart Hospital saw him as a black hero. He was pictured with words such as “Sacred Heart is ‘DOWN’ for the People,” and other “black” slang. Turk noticed that he was not being recognized and praised for being a surgeon, but celebrated for being a black surgeon. His own employer did not see him as an important asset to the hospital, but as promoter for its own benefit. He spoke to Doctor Bob Kelso regarding this issue, but he refused to cooperate. At the end Doctor Kelso agreed to drop all advertisements after constant struggle with Turk. Up to this point Turk still struggles to be accepted as a surgeon.

In conclusion, in Scrubs, Dorian struggles to be recognized as a doctor, Reid struggles to be accepted as a women and an equal, and Turk struggles to be accepted as a surgeon. Each doctor had his or her own power struggle to deal with. They all have serious obstacles they have to face and comedy exhibits these issues as a means to cope with them. Comedies represent real life and real issues; their main objective is to help individuals cope with them with laughter and content. They use different tactics to approach each issue and present them in the most hilarious form. Power struggles tend to be part of everyone’s life, but everything seems to be easier with a smile on a face.


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