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Where are the children

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Nancy faces her past with the suicide of her first husband and in the process of being charged with murder of her two children, Peter and Lisa. But now she has to deal with the kidnapping of her other two children Michael and Missy. Being the focus of Cape Cod Michael and Missy were kidnapped by Courtney Parrish, a man they seen before but always had a bad feeling about.

Are these conflicts internal or external? Explain.

Nancy Eldredge’s conflicts are both internal and external. These conflicts are internal because she still thinks about her past and the fear of something happening to Michael and Missy. Her conflicts are also external because her children are missing and everyone thinks

she killed them just like she might have done to her two previous children. Nancy’s conflicts are man vs. self and man vs. man. Michael and Missy’s conflicts are external because they have to deal with an unknown person.

What is the climax?

The climax of this story is when Dorothy takes John Kragopoulos to see the Lookout where Mr. Courtney Parrish was holding the kids hostage. They went up to the 5th floor where Mr. Parrish’s apartment was so they could view the rest of the house. When they entered, Dorothy was well aware of Missy scent but did not take it under consideration. But just when they were about to leave the Lookout, Dorothy found Missy’s mitten lying outside on the ground.

How is the major character affected by the resolution?

Nancy, the main character was affected by the resolution because she now had the confirmation that Carl was actually gone and wouldn’t harm any of her children ever again. She also had the relief of having Michael and Missy back.


What do you see as being symbolic? What is it and what does it represent?

What I see as being symbolic is Missy’s mitten. Since it was red, I think it resembles the kindness and love that Missy inherited. While she was being held in Mr. Parrish’s apartment, the love was flowing from her out to her family which gave Nancy the feeling that her children weren’t dead.

Select a favorite quote or statement from the novel that is meaningful to you. Write it below and explain its significance to you and to the novel as a whole.

“Thank You, thank You, thank You. You have delivered us from evil.” This quote has a lot of significance to me because it’s giving respect to God and how important it is to use prayer when you are going through things in your life. The significance to the novel as a whole is how prayer can really help because Nancy got her children back from the harmful hands of Courtney Parrish/Carl Harmon who symbolizes evil.


What connections can you make between this book and your life? Explain them.

The one connection that came unto me strongly is when everyone suspected and accused Nancy of killing Peter and Lisa. In my life, there are many disagreements and arguments, but sometimes I am the one being accused. When I know I didn’t do it, my opinion doesn’t matter because you can never change a persons mind. So therefore, I feel Nancy’s pain when the officers and judge accused her of killing her children.

What connections can you make between this book and the world around you?

The world and its dangers is the connection I made between this book and the world around me. There are so many kidnappers, rapist, and just all around bad people in this world that can harm both children and adults. And in the book that’s exactly what Carl was to the Eldredge children.

Why should others read this novel? What theme or message(s) can readers take from the novel?

Love and aggression is what I think the theme of this book is. The love Nancy had for her children was so great she sacrificed her life to get to them. Almost killing herself by crashing into a tree, Nancy hurried out of her car and ran all the way to the house and up the flight of stairs to the 5th floor. Her aggression was so strong she wrestled Carl for the rescue of Michael and Missy, which then ended her nightmare.


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