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The Aspect of Hypocrisy in the Workplace

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English
Wordcount: 394 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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From the previous emotion and writing exercise, several sentences were noted down. These sentences were as a result of the frustrations which I had experienced at my previous workplaces following the hypocrisy which existed. This paper seeks to discuss the problem of hypocrisy as per the previously noted down sentences.

The problem of hypocrisy in the workplace has always left me feeling both angry and helpless. As a result, I have often wondered why individuals have to be selfish. At the workplace, I observed that managers were only keen to have their orders followed. Already receiving higher incomes, they still found it easy to step on their juniors who had no choice but to follow their orders. People should not expect others to do things which they are not prepared to do themselves. Every other time, such managers made decisions which were not rational and only because they wanted to profit from the benefits alone.

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It does not hurt to wish and dream and so many times I have wished I had the power to put a stop to this hypocrisy. If only I was at the helm of that company, I would set an example for everyone else. As a leader willing to serve everyone equally I would be prepared to apply the same for those with whom I share special relations. I do not see why one deserves to be treated differently from others simply because they know the boss. Managers often had their friends receive special treatment with most of them being engaged in various workshops which came with a lot of benefits. Some things should just be prohibited. Hypocrisy not only lowers a company’s efficiency but it also brings about unethical tendencies which should not be allowed in workplaces.


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