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Strategies for Living Sustainably

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Living in a Sustainable World

As we search for new found Earth in our Universe we have to think about how we have treated the one we are currently in. As amazing as Earth is it has it down falls. We have to think about what a complex cycle this has been to us. Over years Earth has come across some major affects from dinosaurs to humanity. Now with humans doing more of the lifting and changing of the land we have to think on how we are affecting the natural order of things. As the world becomes over populated we have to take into consideration of how we are harming the Earth’s natural causes. Over the years there has been constantly argument of climate change. As many have seen we have came across some pretty big natural disasters and global warming. As global warming is still being a place of a myth factor many have tried to exam that the effects of global warming. Scientist over the years has tried to explain that humans are causing the most damage, which has resulted in a collective movement of natural disasters. As time has moved on Presidents have tried to learn about the effect of what humans have done to the Earth , as they see that humanity has tried to adapt to the changes we are in need of the trying to figure out at what point of damage have we caused our environment to suffer. While other have also tried to look for ways that we can slow the affects of what we have done; many are looking for answers on alternative way we can come to solve the harm that we have done., and possibly try to slow down the impact of the ecosystem. We must first find a way to slow down and change our attitude to what is going on and look for a way to help nature heal itself with our help or at least give nature a chance to heal itself without human interference.

 “Adopt the pace of nature her secret is patience.””Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.””Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with secrets of life itself.” (Alcedo, 2018)

Earth’s Biodiversity and Ecosystems

“The variety of life on Earth and that most of the complex feature of our planet and it is the most vital. The Earth’s biodiversity is a number of animals, plants and other living organism that lives in the ecosystems.”(theguardian.com) In order to have a sustainable ecosystem and biodiversity we must be willing to be flexible and have the ideal to provide a helping hand into producing a reasonable food source and a way to breathe along with the water that we drink that we can find some type of peace to aiding our nature in helping it flourish and making it a place of natural resources.

Agricultural Production

 In order to be more sustainable in agriculture production we could learn how to plant early and ensure proper water drainage. With little approaches of protecting our environment we can find renewable and life sustainable resources that can produce its own. We must find ways to make sure that a clean water systems and our soil is protected

. We can see that if farms would us less chemical in fertilization, harmful pesticides and fake seeds. One must think that to have a future in agricultural production that we could learn to treat our lands with friendly compose and not harmful toxics. Farms could grow their free range animals and grow multiple produce. Also it would be useful to have a crop rotation and make sure those insect are there to help the crops. If farms make sure to weed early and often then an increase of organic substance could help the support of biodiversity.

Water Solution

 In a sustainable ecosystem the water resource would have a way to conserve what we have. If the water is part of waste management then we could look at is being treated and going through a cycle of treatment to withdraw the waste from it. The sewer system would be a place of reuse and recover. The installation of the water filtration will aide in the help of low rate steams that are place with sewer run offs. We will have installed rain garden or rain barrel that are place near every living home.

Maintain Habitable Atmosphere and Climate

 As we know the most harmful energy that we have is the use of light and gas. If we are to keep our energy conserve, we could look into having a change in light bulb use. We can change our light bulbs to more of an HE lighting or compact fluorescent lighting. In the future we will be able to make sure to disregard the incandescent light bulb and making it affordable  to get CFL light which have shows to be more energy saving by just placing one 60w incandescent with a CFL bulb you save 7 years of electricity. Helping to reduce global warming with carpooling, lowing the fuel intake and oil will help lower the pollution of green gas in the environment.

Waste Management

 In order to have a great future we would be able to control our waste management by including a incisive for who much a household can implement their five R’s. The fact that they could refuse, reuse, reduce and repurpose a product will get a family some extra cash. Our fact of lessen the waste would also help the city to show how they could have a smaller landfill. They would get to bring businesses and other resources to the their own community.


 As others look to the universe to find another planet like the one that we currently inhabit, many have question what is the use. If we don’t try to fix the one we already have then how are we to learn to inhabit another faith. We must look to making our current planet more sustainable by having a chance to create a more dimensions-economic, social, environment chance to replenish the Earth. We must want to strengthen what we have now and make the change quick; because no matter where we go into the future if we don’t change then we have no future.


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