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A rose for Emily and a good man is hard to find -1

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A work of fiction that is most of the time rather than not in prose form as well as narrative format is referred to as a short story. The length of a short fiction is subject to the tastes and preferences of an author as well as the requirements as per the market that the genre of short fiction belongs to. The guidelines in the market are not standard as they vary from one publisher to another.

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Writers of short works of fiction use tools such as their own expression or experiences, their ability to create as well as their integrity of the art. This explains the reasons as to why there may not be a proper way to categorize writings of people. According to Centeno, Teresa and Obler (p.12), it may also not be appropriate to categorize the writing of short fiction stories as there are very many ways that human beings can express themselves in writing. If one human being can think in very many ways and therefore write in very many ways then imagine the numbers of writers out there where in this case we refer to almost everybody as anyone can decide to write. Categorization of the genres and people goes against the dynamic environment that the creative art of writing exists. This may explain why most definitions do not include length in them as they may find a million lengths to a certain category because different artists will want to write a certain story that may be categorized by a definer to have so much pages but the author decides to exceed the pages or write fewer pages than what is under the definition.


Writers use different tools to create emotion from the reader, to create some break from a certain flow of events, to bring the character of a person whose character will not feature till the story ends, to temporarily bring someone’s presence to an end in the case of temporary death in cases where the person’s presence will not be felt between the time of faked death and the time the character will be required as well as to spice up the story. Death is used in the story a rose for Emily and a good man is hard to find to bring the emotion out of the reader among the many reasons that have been highlighted for death being used by writers in stories.

Death has been used by writers to ensure that a story has some kind of continuity (Ferguson, p.18). Since the writing fraternity is really dynamic then death can be used by various people to do various things. There is no one way all writers can use death in a short fiction story or any other story for that matter. Each writer will have a different reason for killing a certain character in a story. In the story a rose for Emily, Miss Emily Grierson died. It gave the write more stuff to write about. From this death there was a series of events that came up. The whole town went for the funeral. We are told that the men went through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument. The women went mostly out of curiosity to see the inside of her house, which no one save an old manservant -a combined gardener and cook- had seen in at least ten years. This gave the writer a chance to get the details of the house out to the readers. This is something that had helped in creating suspense and creating eagerness to know. The reader keeps on reading and reading with the eagerness to find out the details of the house. Miss Emily Grierson’s house is described as big and squarishly framed. The writer goes on to explain to the reader the condition the house was in before how it looks now.

In the story a good man is hard to find, death has been discussed by the characters of the book. The Misfit and the old lady discussed about death when the misfit told the old lady that Jesus was the only one who could raise the dead. Here, death has been used as a topic of discussion and not necessarily somebody’s funeral. Death is being argued here on the basis of the Jesus’s ability to raise people from the dead. In the ditch there was a grandmother and a child and they were lying there in a pool of blood and so they were to be thrown into another ditch where they throw all the people who die. Death has been actualized in this sense. It gives the writer a story within a story. The writer now has to explain a lot about the death that occurred in the story and he does.

It is clear that death has been used in both stories yet in a different way but in a different view it is also used in the same way. In the story a rose for Emily, it was actually a funeral and it was used to reveal details that if were revealed earlier in the book, would not make the book interesting to read. It was used to reveal some part of the many intrigues that the short fiction carries.

A book that tells everything in the first chapter and does not create suspense is not such an interesting book to read. It does not keep you glued to the book. The reason why the same reader may take one day in reading a five hundred paged book and one week to read a two hundred paged book is because of the suspense factor. The fact that there is always something to be found out is very important and that is the reason as to why the adrenalin of the reader is beefed up and so the reader naturally reads on very fast because he or she wants to find out how the story will proceed. The reader also makes guesses of what he or she expects so the reader will rush to make sure that his or her predictions, wishes, answers, preferences and prayers are correct.

Death has been used in the same way due to the fact that in both of them it did break the monotony of everything being okay. It brings some emotion to the reader when someone or people die in the story (Petelin et al., p.24). It takes the reader to a different level of thinking of his or her predictions. Maybe their predictions involved the people who died or the people related to the people who died and with something different comes a new shift of ideas.

Dwelling on the similarity, death theme has been used to put an end to characters that the writer did not need at the end of the story. The people who died in the stories a rose for Emily and a good man is hard to find were not to be seen again at the end of the story. They had become history in the stories. Sometimes the characters that the writers kill are the most important according to the reader because most of the time, rather than not, the people who are killed are the people the writer had put a lot of hype on before their death. This also creates suspense for the reader as the most common question after the deaths in the two fiction stories is “what happens now?” With this question then the reader again comes up with his or her own conclusions and this makes the reader want to read on in order to find out whether he or she is correct.

The theme of death has been used in a similar way in the two stories because in a rose for Emily it only happened but in good man is hard to find death has been discussed as well as happened. In good man is hard to find, death has been discussed just like any other theme such as love or conversations of day to day. It formed part of the story in a different way. This explains how one theme can be used by many writers yet in their many different creative ways.


It is evident that the common theme in the short fiction stories a rose for Emily and a good man is hard to find is death. The writers used death as the main tool to convey messages but in a different way for both of them. It is amazing how writers can use the same theme to convey different messages as well as create different meanings within different contexts (Caroll, p.36). This is one of the reasons why writing is considered an art. It is a way of expression and writers are at liberty to express themselves in any way they know how for as long as they are within the law in doing so.

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