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Movie Review Of The Last Song Film Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Film Studies
Wordcount: 958 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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For those hopeless romantic who get captured by the plots or meanings of any Nicholas Sparks novel, then The Last Song is the film of the year to see. In The Last Song, Sparks captures the heart of his audience by introducing themes of first love with some hints of disparity throughout the film. In his past films such as Dear John, The Notebook, and A Walk to Remember, Sparks successfully promotes the impression of young love with the framework of hope. This makes it the ideal plot for any classic romantic. As first time screenwriter Sparks effectively delivers to his audience a more sentimental film than ever before. The Last Song tells the story about family, friendship, tragedies, and reconnecting relationships.

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The Last Song is the tale of a rebellious musical prodigy named Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) who sent to her father’s beach house by her mother Kim (Kelly Preston) along with her younger brother Jonah (Bobby Coleman) for the summer. Ronnie is quite bitter towards the stay with her father Steve (Greg Kinnear) because she blames him for the divorce and leaving the family. She even stops playing the piano and rejects her acceptance into Julliard despite of him. Sullen and withdrawn at everyone, she explores the town and beach and bumps into a local boy named Will, (newcomer Liam Hemsworth) a wealthy, volleyball playing hunk that becomes charmed by her and falls in love with Ronnie. Despite Ronnie’s defiant attitude, Ronnie’s mother Kim hopes that the stay will give the chance for both Ronnie and Steve to rekindle their relationship. The film collectively brings together all 3 relationships of parallel love of those between a father and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend, and brother and sister. Most importantly the film gives the audience the chance for Cyrus to break away from her widely known Disney pop culture phenomenon.

Miley Cyrus definitely got her work cut out for her in this film in taking the role of Ronnie in The Last Song. Known for her popular role as Hannah Montana on the hit Disney Show Hannah Montana, Cyrus is given the chance to break out of her shell, separating from her childish role by transitioning into a more mature role. She surprisingly transforms herself of what we expect to see in the film in the character of Ronnie, making her lovable and quite engaging. Sparks even had Cyrus in mind while writing the story and casting the role for the movie. This film gives her the potential to be taken seriously in later films by slowly breaking away from her popular alter ego. In being her first “adult” role, Cyrus portrays everything from a sympathetic friend and daughter to pouting and troubled brat. Cyrus is astonishingly attractive in the way of a girl you might actually want to approach. Her acting is serious, and in working with such actors like Kinnear, the film breaks away from your typical boy-meets-girl story line. Director Julie Anne Robinson even does a great job as to focusing on each character by establishing a fear of abandonment in Ronnie because of the divorce. As the film progresses you notice her character transition into the kind, loving young woman she was went out to be. Audience watching the film can hopefully take Cyrus serious as an actress and like the new Miley. Personality and charm can be seen through both Ronnie and Miley, but most importantly though the help of the supporting actresses and actors.

With the help of her supporting cast and actors, the typecasting in The Last Song gives the film full potential. Her costar Bobby Coleman, (who plays the role of her younger brother Jonah) gives the film more of an emotional stance by creating cutesy sayings and bringing out the right emotional feelings in the film without going overboard or too little. Kinnear plays a great character in the film by being the sympathetic dad, with his own secret and troubles that are later seen in the film. His character Steve brings out the best in all the characters in the film, which truly brings the film all together. Even the chemistry between both Cyrus’ and Kinnear’s role as daughter and father give an effective tearjerker for dads and their daughters. Kelly Preston, who portrays Ronnie’s mother Kim, displays her roles as the mother quite well, despite her lack of appearance in the film. As for newcomer Liam Hemsworth, he plays your typical dreamy hunk; he’s nice, volunteers on his spare time, and captures the heart of pretty much any teenage girl. Other than hiding his Australian accent, Hemsworth was able to deliver the role of what seems to be the perfect boyfriend, but as the audience figures out has troubles of his own. Casting both Hemsworth and Cyrus to play the on-screen couple brought great chemistry between the two characters. Both Sparks and Director Julie Anne Robinson can be sure to be appraised for well written screenplay as well as casting.

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Compared to the novel, the film follows directly with the book, despite forgetting some minor background details from the book. Overall the audience can captures the messages within the film and relates can to each character in some way, whether its experiencing first love, the relationship between a father and daughter, or how close we really are to a brother. The main themes of the movie tend to deal with the idea of hope, faith, and the relationship one can have with another person. For the most part, The Last Song is a great family film to see with anyone of all ages. In delivering messages on second chances and the moments in life that lead us home, this should give audiences to give Cyrus a second chance at a more mature role like The Last Song.


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