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The Boollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan Film Studies Essay

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Wordcount: 852 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Success of My Name Is Khan: My Name Is Khan was not only big hit in India but also proved to be biggest bollywood opening in many foreign countries. Movie showed biggest Shah Rukh opening in India as well as in biggest weekend opening in United Kingdom and United States of America. Movie was directed by director and friend of Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar and actress in lead role was Kajol. Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol have given many big hits movies to bollywood which earned in country as well as in foreign countries. Such heroics were not on Shah Rukh’s mind when he started preparing for the role of Rizvan, a character who turns into a Forrest Gumpian folk hero while journeying across the States and attempts to make America see the errors of stereotyping Islam. Rizvan’s journey takes him from the 30,000-strong town of Banville in California to the 204-strong village of Wilhelmina in Georgia. For the character of Rizwan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan prepared himself by reading the various books, watching documentaries and he also met two youngsters who were suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome and recorded himself in the character and watching himself on screen in his bathroom-cum-video projection room, and even followed a man with the disorder around San Francisco for two days. He learned well and there was no stardom in role and it was a role of simple guy who have even trouble in looking people in the eye. His character was much alike a penguin and it was completely different from his previous movie he has ever done in his career. The character he played, Rizvan Khan was a cosmetics-salesman-cum-repairman who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and his life changes dramatically after 9/11 attack. He proved himself once again with playing such a character that he is really King Khan of Bollywood. His movie “My Name Is Khan” was a big success worldwide because of the role he played so well.

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on nationalism: Shah Rukh Khan has always got the pride in the secular nation as well as a good Muslim. Shah Rukh Khan follows his religion with cosmopolitan ease but it is certainly one of the reasons that he is embraced so warmly in the Middle East, Indonesia and Malaysia. Comment which Shah Rukh Khan had made taking side of Pakistani player that should have been selected for the Indian Premier League made big issue and it was not easy for him to tackle with it. He was out of the city with his wife Gauri Khan during the first protest in the Mumbai while his mother in law was at home with his children and also his sister was at home so he was very worried about them and got too emotional. Saamna editorial asked him to go to Karachi and Islamabad to play cricket with the Pakistanis to Uddhav Thackeray comparing him to Ajmal Kasab when he said, “Kasab and Shah Rukh are the most secure people in Mumbai.” Shah Rukh Khan did not bend his knees in front of Shiv Sena and country accepted him by making his movie a big hit of the year. Karan Johar was happy with the fact Shah Rukh Khan tackled the conditions which was a heroic act taken by him in real life standing against people who were trying to prove him wrong while he had not done anything wrong.

About Shah Rukh Khan: Shah Rukh Khan is star icon of bollywood and the richest as well. He is the star in today’s date who can make a movie success only because with his name. He is having maximum millions of the fans across the world. He had started his film debut with movie “Deewana” in year 1992 and after that he never looked behind and emerged a big star with his movies earning good profits. He had started his career on television with serials in late 1980s. He is not only popular among Indian audience but his movies also earn a good amount in foreign countries as well. Shah Rukh Khan is at age of 44 now and working in bollywood from about last two decades. He has won thirteen film fare awards for his quality work in Indian movies out of which seven are in the best actor category which shows his quality of acting. Some of his movies are biggest hits of bollywood like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Chak De India, Om Shanti Om and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi while some of the movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Veer-Zaara and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna have been top-grossing Indian productions abroad which made him most successful actor of India. He started film production and television presentation in year 2000. He is founder and owner of two production companies Dreamz Unlimited and Red Chillies Entertainment which are continuously active in various entertainment activities. Other than acting he has produced many movies as well like Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, Asoka, Chalte Chalte, Main Hoon Na, Kaal, Paheli, Om Shanti Om, Billu and currently producing Ra. 1. He is also a playback singer as he has sung song in various movies. His journey is still continues as bollywood’s most successful star and he is still aiming to go much far in his career. He is real star icon and his name is Khan.


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