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The Advantage Of Dream Sweetie Nail Polish Marketing Essay

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Wordcount: 1536 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Description has introduced the condition of the recent nail polish market and the advantage of Dream Sweetie nali polish. The differences between other brands of nail polish and Dream Sweetie nail polish are the attractive factors appeal the consumers

Nail polish originated in 6000BC-3500BC.It’s popular at the beginning at the 20 century.Through the market research,market analysis, market strategy,and market mix it can find that Nail polish has an long-term existing market .It will be more sensitive to the foreground of Dream Sweetie nail polish.

The conclusion summarised the main image of the product.It’s included the colors,materials and the shape of the nail polish bottle.

The reference shows the websites,articles and sources which mentioned or used


Beauty is woman’s nature.Each girl have a dream that can makes them more shinning and attractive .Dream Sweetie nail polish is a new kind of new product which can make girls dream became true. Nail polish is sold in liquid form in small bottles and is applied with a tiny brush. Within a few minutes after application, the substance hardens and forms a shiny coating on the fingernail that is both water and chip resistant.There are many brands of nail polish in the market.Accroding to the research,it can easily found that many consumers are not satisfied with the nail polish which they have used.Here are many reasons.First,the color of the nail polish they have used is not puring,the color also difficult to cover. Second,the smell of some brand of nail polish is pungent ,its caused some consumers allergic.Third,some nail polish is difficult to purge ,its dip in the nails,both ugly and harm to nails .The last one is the most seriouse problem that there are too many bad materials such as Acetone and Formaldehyde.It may caused consumers have a headache and nausea,its very bad to health .Dream Sweetie nail polish aim at producing pure and safty nail polish ,gives the woman who likes beauty the most smooth care and service.The pure material and perfume matters makes the consumer far from the damage.Another advantage factor of the Dream Sweetie nail polish is the color and efficacy,after use this polish ,nails will be more shinning and attractive when under the sunlight or the neon lamps ,because of the glowing materials added

Market research

Market research: Market reaearch is the function which links the consumer,customer and public to the market through information.The information is used to identify and defined the marketing opportunities problems and actions


Observation :Observation is to watching the behavior of consumers who bought the nail polish and recording it.

Qustionnair:The firm hire workers to make personnal questionnairs.Find out the altitude of consumers to the nail polish of different brands.Collect the reflection and aviod the mistake which will happen.

Primary research is new and can be exactly,but it require money,time and human resources

·Secondary:Secondary research is to surf on the internet find out the price of each brand of nail polish and the price of materials.Obvious the accident caused by nail polish and the government publications.

Secondary research is more cheaper and quicker to obtain.but the information may not perfect.it may be out-of-date

Market analysis

·Market size:There is a tabel show the sales volume of different brand of nail polish in 2008























¼ˆSources ¼šhttp://key.kimiss.com/topic/zhijiayou/paihang/2008/¼‰

·Age:The age from 10 to 65 is suitable for this kind of nail polish .Baby or kids will eat the nail polish.So it’s not suibabell for them.

·Gender:Dream Sweetie nail polish target at girls and women.Because nails are the part of their beauty.A huge population of women use and like nail polish.Man also can bought Dream Sweetie Nail Polish as a gift to give their girl friends or wife.

·Income:The price of Dream Sweetie nail polish is not too high.There are more details mentioned at the part of market strategy

·Psychology:When the customer going to buy the nail polish the color ,smell and the shape of the bottle are the factors affect their purchase behaviours.The color of this product is colorful ,consumer has hundred of choices of different color and feel of Dream Sweetie nail polish.The smell of flowers and friuits makes the nail polish more pretty and tempation,each color of the nail polish has a different smell,such as the color of pink has the slight smell like strawberry.The shape of the bottle is very important bacause girls ande women always attracted by the cute and beautiful things.The shape of the bottle will like a water-drop,the lid of nail polish can be colorful in different angel.There also some carving design on the outside of the bottle .

·Market share:The popular brand of nail polish has been mentioned,there are many small brand producer produce nail polish ,it’s the part which can not ignore.

·Market growth:There is a brand of nail polish called OPI is very popular.Its seems like a kind of speculation.The price of OPI and Dream Sweetie nail polish are almost same,but the Dream Sweetie aim at to became the momopolist in the nail polish market .

Market stratege

·Market penetration:Do the market pennetration can give more appeal it will distinguish it from the other bail polish in the market .

Physical:Make the bottle and the shape of the bottle more attractive throght the new materials and technology.

Non-physical:Advertising is very important to a firm to increase sales volume and profit,it will be mention at market mix

·USP:Dream Sweetie nail polish give consumers the feelings of dreamlike.Increase the brand loyolty can based on the image of this kind of nail polish.The image of Dream Sweetie nail polish is pure and smooth

Market mix

·Price:The firm may set the price deliberately in order to gain more market share and brand loyalty.The price of thie product is not very high but can be very low.Because low price always means low quantity and poor materials,women always generous when something really attract them.Psychological aspects of a pricing strategy is very important such as RMB169 instead of RMB170

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·Place:Distribution:Each city has several big departments which include the sales of the Dream Sweetie .Sale the Dream Sweetie Nail Polish in the big departments will be good to advertising and let people know the product.Sale on the internet is also availabel,but the price must be the same with the big department .It will keep the value of Dream Sweetie nail polish and has a long time advantage

·Promotion:Advertising is very important to a firm that will help the firm achieve success.Advertising throght the internet will be more efficient because there is a huge population surf on the internet everday .Combine and work together with some beauty or women magezines,it will be more usefull to make the product become more and more popular.Spend more money on advertising ,the reflection will be more better.

·Product:At the stage of producing and testing the nail polish will cost more.When in the product in the introduction stage ,the spend on advertising will be more.But the sale volume will increase.When the sales rapidly increase ,the extension strategy is important


Market analysis can gain the knowledge of consumers .So it can prevent nail polish being promoted to the wrong perple But the primary research will requires a lot of money and the secondary research will be not very exactly.Market strategy is the carefully evaluated plan of the marketing activities that can balance the objective,availabel resourses and market opportunity.Its also can reduce the risk.


Running a firm and sale the product is not a easy thing.The most efficient method to gain sales volume and profit is to creat some differents from the competitor.The advertising and distribution are both important.But it will waste a lot of money,balance them should be pay more attention.Always analysis and research the market can makes the sale performance more stable.Service is always important.service is another way to let the cosumer have a deep realise of the product.











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