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Globalization And Its Impact On Malaysia Media Essay

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In 1985, the term of “globalization” was first used by Theodore Levitt. He characterizes the vest changes that had taken places in the international economy over last two to three decades. The rapid and pervasive economic and financial changes had taken place in production, consumption and investment globally.

“Globalization” can generally refer as a process or widening economic integration. Thus globalization increase the economic openness and growing economic interdependence between countries around the world economy. Furthermore, the process are involves the increment of people’s movement, goods, capital across the national borders and services. All of this has been made possible by revolutions in communications, information and other technologies as well as important political changes. In other word, globalization typically refers to the process by which different economies and societies become more closely integrated, and concurrent with increasing worldwide globalization.

Globalizations can generate wealth to the country and it definitely can bring the economy of the country to the highest points. Furthermore, globalization draws peoples closer together, and offers many of us choices. It also enables us to produce more efficiently, effectively and it allows us, at least some of us to improve the quality of life.

However, if globalization can generate wealth, for sure it can take it back. For sure, not everyone is happy about globalization because it brings the negatives impact to country as well. Globalization allows rich and powerful outside business interests to intrude into the local culture and they are attend to overrides local traditions and for sure it has threatens a way of life. The cultural and religious of the society has effected and threatens because of globalization. In industrialized and developing countries, many people have felt threatened and they are threatened by the globalization. A globalized economy presents a myriad of challenges for the peoples such as in the form of protecting local cultures and environment as well as local jobs.

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Globalization also tends to impact the national security of the world. This close integration of the countries in the world in the global system has wide implications or ramifications toward national security. The effects of the globalization on national security is the world has created a new international law which were stripped the nation-state from its sovereignty and also made the neutrality moot, political and economic integration. Because of this, it tends to increase the tension in the international system as neither geography nor national policy offers much protection. With this, national security question has created because of the globalization.

In addition, the globalization also can impact the human work for the whole world. The most important factor that effect the changing in work is technological, so the changes due to the world-wide and wholesale introduction of new information technologies (NIT) is particularly important impacts when promoting and speeding up globalization, in part of recurrently influencing work settings. However, world-wide changes in technology not only induce changes in work places but occupational structure and the professions in company have dramatic changes too.

The process of globalization is one of the most critical developments that will affect the evolution of national economies. Since, globalization offers participating countries a new opportunities for accelerating growth and development, unfortunately, at the same time, it also poses challenges to and imposes constraints on policy makers in the management of national, global economic systems and also regional. So, globalization may impact the world’s poor and making the people of the world become very poor which are making the world unbalanced.

At last, we know that the greatest challenge we have face today is to ensure that globalization becomes a positive forces which can helps the world’s people, instead of leaving billions of them behind in squalor. Inclusive globalization must be built on the great enabling force of the market, but market forces alone will not achieve it. It requires a broader effort to create a shared future for world’s people based upon our common humanity in all its diversity.

Section 2 : Discuss Current Key Issues (Lee Tsun Chieh 1071113009)

Differential aspects of globalization


After Malaysia’s independence, Malaysia has been one of the most globalized developing countries. Globalization is one of the major factors to Malaysia’s phenomenal economic development and growth. In addition, Anwar lbrahim had said that globalization has done us a good service and especially in the economic sector. [1] In 1992, Malaysia had offered to reduce the tariffs on 79% of imports ,however, non-tariffs has converted into tariffs, mainly for import licenses involving approval permits(APs). With this, Malaysia has benefited from increased manufactured exports and consumer welfare has been improved. On the other hand, Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio has increased, the trade liberalization decreasing, and indicating the increase in economic liberalization year by year. In facts, the globalization has directly improving the economics of Malaysia. Similarly like what Stiglitz said (2009), who defined globalization as “closer integration of countries and people of the world” and the growing importance of internationally active corporation moving capital, goods, and technology across borders.[2]

Economic liberalization has in indirectly made the economy increasingly susceptible to external shocks, and undermined the expansion of domestic industrial capacity and capability. Malaysia has incurring trading losses from RM 809 million in 1961 to RM 53,691 million in 1997, this will led to a decrease in the export purchasing power, and also will reduced the quantity of imports into Malaysia.

Method of Communication

From the angle of technology, the technological innovation lead to a lot of convenient especially the communications technologies, such as fiber optics, electronic mail and also particularly satellite communications, all these discover made their life easier and they be able to communicate all around the world because of the revolutionary innovation. On the other hand, it enable cost saving for internal communication and reduce the travelling costs. By internet, the able to support the business online and reduce the capital expenses and also the maintenance costs.


Technology always is the important impact of the globalization, and technological innovation also part of promoting and speeding up globalization, it also used to recurrently influencing work settings. Nowadays the technological advances occur rapidly and all around the world, some of the industry has responded by forming joint ventures, overseas research and development organization and etc. All the new organization will speed up the world technological innovation and help them own county develop to globalization and this interaction will continue. To make sure the technological innovation keep going on and without influence the working setting, our country try the best to globalization it. Examples transfer of technology through licensing, creation of new business and also joint ventures. All these interactions had been done to increased the number of subsidiaries of the multinational corporations and have created new strategic alliances.

In the twentieth century, which machines have increasing rapidly and replaced the skills of workers nowadays. In a production process in which science and technology are central, knowledge and not skill defines the process.[3] Now most of the university employees spend few hours in a day in front of the computer screens. They linked to their colleagues through internet services to find out their needs.

National Security

The impact of globalization on national’s security is complex. Furthermore, it could be affecting the political and economic conditions within the states. However, the impact of globalization is not necessarily negative. Some of the participants have argued that some ways the forces of globalization have brought about greater stability in the region. For example, Johor-Riau-Singapore triangle in Southeast Asia, these countries have reduced the conflicts between them and they have give some cooperate between each of them. Nevertheless, the impact on globalization on the national security environment is not fully positive. Globalization may actually serve to aggravate long-standing tensions. This is the challenges to the whole world and many of these are represent long-term threats which have traditionally fallen outside the realm of foreign policy. In fact, in the last 11 years, the US interference in Malaysia economy had threats of economic sanctions under the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA) on the PETRONAS. This issue is to pressure Malaysia to tow along the line set by its foreign policy in the New World Order.[4] In addition, the foreign interference that increased in Malaysia’s internal affairs had demonstrated by the Anwar. However, USA-led was tried to inflame the Anwar-Mahathir conflict in order to erode the confidence of international community on Malaysia’s political stability in the Malaysia’s internal affairs. [1] With this, we know that the economic interdependence has a political price which is either delegating some nation authority to a common international institution like World Bank and IMF or increased the vulnerability.


For the cultural aspect, globalization means the changes in term of the way of living among people in the community. Hallak (2000) [5] in this regard states that globalization has produced two discrepant phenomena; standardization and diversification. Standardization refers to similarity in eating habits, clothes, and cultural products whereas diversification is more about encouragement in accessing the multiple nature of world heritage. The process of cultural globalization would not be smooth without the help of advanced communication technologies. Scientific and advanced technology of communication plays a vital role in disseminating a certain culture throughout the world. Mohamed and Musa (1999) [6] noted that the communication media, especially television and the Internet, are the tools to spread out diverse cultures and lifestyles which mostly come from Western societies. The society is exposed to the Pepsi lifestyle, McDonalds, Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Globalization, in short it creates similarities and differences in the cultural.


Mobility can be characterising into tourism and migration. For past, to travelling world-wide is hard to accept because of the travel fee is too expensive. But nowadays, the international tourism has become one of the target and fastest growing business sectors in many countries. The cheap air travel and enticing tourist infrastructures have made it possible and interesting also for that low income population to make vacation far away from here. Example AirAsia airline always comes out with a lot of offer and package for us with affordable price, with that kind of promotion, the low income family have the chance to do more vacation.

Section 3 : Case Study and Discussion (Tan Jin Sheng 1071113007)

From our questionnaire survey, there are 50 students have participated.

There are 25 students are male and another 25 students are female.

There are 45 students are Malaysian and 5 students are non Malaysian.

All of the students that participated are at the range of age at 18-29.

All of them are single and none of them are in married.

There are 39 students doing their degree and 11 students doing their diploma.

There are 30 students are from FET, 10 students are from FBL and another 10 students are from FIST.

From the pie chart above, we found out that there 66% of students are understood about the meaning of globalization. Most of the students believe that the globalization will bring benefits to them and also our countries. Part of the students does not know well the meaning of globalization because they seldom access to the media, and also internet. For the students who know because they learn it from the syllabus of studies and the access to the media frequently, like reading newspaper or access to internet every day. On the other hand, they also able to list out the impact of globalization and important of it toward Malaysia. Example, globalization enables fast growth in economic and decentralization of production, rapid development of urban centres, and etc.

Of course globalization also bring us a lot negative impact like increasing inequality and poverty, negative use of labour flexibility particularly for easy hire and fire, and etc. For further improvement, our government need to take action to minimize the negative impact due to globalization.

From the pie chart above, we found out that most all students are think that the technology, economy and the method of communication will have impact in Malaysia. Mostly all of them think that the impact will come in the positive form for example we invented new technology, we have more convenience way to communication and more people will become rich. In facts, when our county has good economy, it definitely will make the people rich, when we are rich, we can have better live and quality life. In addition, they think that we will have a good way or convenience way to communication with each other when globalization in Malaysia has growth fast likes others country. Technology are the one of the main impact of globalization, it development in science and technology in order to fast growth in technology sector. Technological innovation is the part of promoting and speeding up globalization, it also going to replace the skills of workers nowadays.

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So, from this survey, we found out that most of the students can understand what is globalization is, however they wish that our country can be globalized and become more developed country in Asia as well as in the world. Furthermore, we also can see that most of the students can only see the appearance impact when Malaysia is globalized, in facts, there are more aspect that will impact in Malaysia when Malaysia are globalized. So, these kinds of information are importance to the people of Malaysia in order to be a developed country in the world.

Section 4 : Conclusion and suggestion for Improvements

(Kishok nair a/l vijaya seharan 1071118515)

Suggestion for Improvements

Globalization in general humanitarian sense must be understood as creating a situation where people & nations all over the globe come closer and closer with lesser & lesser conflict and greater & greater prosperity. During globalization, there are a lot of impact occurs within our nation, there have positive and also negative impacts which will bring a lot of benefit and also disadvantages to our life and country. So, we as the nation of Malaysia play an important role to minimize the bad impact. Example, we need to have ethical behaviour to treat or serve everything around us, not just being ethical behaviour but we need to put effort to do it also. The government also the important role, government need come out a lot of action like promote by advertisement, do campaign and etc. All the action taken by the government will make the nation aware of their attitude and they will review themselves if they found it wrong. Besides that, government also can come out certain plan to archive Malaysia ideal achievement, examples like Tenth Malaysia Plan on Globalization. The related ideas in the plan was leveraging on our diversity internationally, nurturing, attracting and retaining top talent, supporting effective and smart partnerships and etc.

Currently Malaysia are using the critical discursive strategies like mimicry, hybridity, representation and orientalism, this has been able to selectively appropriate “fragments of modernity” via its embrace and successful prosecution of the free market laced with an Asian ‘cultural’ flavour enabling it to portray itself as a successful ‘Asian’ market economy. In so doing, it has allowed Malaysia to transform itself from a relatively ‘passive’ object into an active subject broaching issues of pan-Islamic practices and thought, global inequalities, human rights, the environment and social, cultural and political representations of ‘developing countries’ and/or the ‘third world’.[7]


As the spread of globalization, globalization has increasingly become a specific economic strategy pursued for many of the countries in the world in order to re-exert their position and influence over those other countries. However, in Malaysia, we should know about the globalization maybe will gives us the positive impact and also the negative impact. Then what we want to do is to ensure that globalization can bring us more positive impact instead of negative impact. So, we should improve or to achieve the 10th Malaysia plan on globalization in order to be a fully globalized country. At last, globalization may become a key to success or a key to become a developed country; however, it may also become a key to failure the country when the country cannot manage it well.


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