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Facilitating Learning and Assessment In Practice Essay

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I have been working as medical assistant for past 8 years. Have experience working in emergency unit for six years and two years in forensic unit. I graduate with diploma in medical assistant and have go for short course in forensic medicine. Now I work in Forensic Unit at big hospital in Sarawak. I have been given to supervise one new graduated Assistant Medical Officer as my mentee for working in my unit. In this process I have to know what type of learning process have to apply to my mentee. What objective to be done and the most important thing is can my mentee success in a learning process that been given.

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In learning process between mentor and mentee, I have been opportunities to chosen new graduated staff as my learner. Mat (not real name) was a new graduate assistant medical officer. He was been posted to emergency unit for six month. Mat has shown his interested and wants to know anything about job that done in forensic unit. This is because he never been attached to forensic unit when student time. From my opinion this is a big opportunities to take Mat as my mentee because he has show his interested for learning. Mat was very happy when I ask him to be my mentee and will teach him about forensic medicine that been done at my unit. The details of my learner biography can be seen at (apendix1.)

The first processes for my learner is to make learning contract letter between Mat and me (see appendixes 2). In this learning contract written that Mat agrees to be my mentee. On this agreement it also mentions that I as mentor will helping and improve my mentee in learning process at the practice arena. Richardson (1987) show that reason to make learning contract is to make learner can achieves specified learning that learner needed. I’m having explained to Mat why important to have a learning contract. In this learning contract Mat will be agree to be my mentee. I also explain to Mat why we need to do a learning contract and benefit that can get with this learning contract. Benefit that Mat can get from the programmed mentor and mentee it can help Mat to improve his learning knowledge and motivation of himself. This programmed also can help expanded his skill and knowledge. Wai-chi Chan and Wai-tong (1999) from their study have shown that student with learning contract are more improving in knowledge and motivation. Gibbon (1989) implemented contract learning can make a student be more self confident and become more independent to find a resource their needed. With the learning contract it can make a learning progress between mentor and mentee can go well and successful. If this programmed was successful it can give a good feedback to my mentee career in future.

Identifying Learning Needs, Planning And managing Student Experience

In the learning process the important thing is to identifying my learner needs. This is to find which procedure my mentee weakest is. After have find the weakest procedure it was to find what type of learner was my mentee is. From here I as his mentor can find which learning theories and learning style that suitable to apply on my mentee. The first plan for learning process is to find my mentee learning need; I have brought Mat for orientation process for two week at my practice arena. This orientation process is to make my mentee feel comfortable and to teach him to not stressful when working at my practice arena. Casey, Fink, Krugman, and Propst (2004) found that new staff without orientation will feel very stressful and not comfortable when be working at the working place. This is important why the orientation process should be applied to all new staff. At the orientation time I have shown Mat the structure of my unit place. I also explain what is our specialities and procedure been done at my practice arena. To make Mat more understand the process of working at my unit and improve his learning knowledge I have asked him to attach at my unit in orientation week. In this orientation process I have tried to identify the learning needed for my mentee through questionnaire, discussion and observation. There also have pre test questionnaire about procedure been done at my unit. This pre test is to know about knowledge and does mentee now about the procedure been given.

At the observation and through pre test questionnaire that been given, I found the weakest procedure my mentee is in taking blood for alcohol specimen in medico legal cases. From the discussion between me and my mentee, he feels not confident and afraid to take specimen because it involved the police case. He also never was teach about taking specimen for blood alcohol in medico legal case. The leak of confident ant motivation will make my mentee feel not comfortable without any helper for learning g process. We agreed to make learning schedule plan for improve my mentee learning process. In this learning schedule we will concentrate with the important of this procedure, what our goal and what of my mentee needed in this learning procedure. Our objective is to achieve the goal of the target. My target for my mentee is I want him to be expert and understand the important of this procedure been done. In this situation, the main thing is to find what type of learner is my mentee and which learning style can be attach on him for learning process. After identify which procedure that been chose, both of us have discussion to make daily plan to achieve our target (see appendix) for two week. In this daily plan both of use will try to learn different method of learning style.

Firstly, in the daily plan, I explain to my mentee why important to him specialize in this procedure. Under Malaysia Road Traffic Law someone can be charge if the blood specimen was taken from the individual that involved in road traffic accident is more than 0.08%. Under Malaysia Law someone can be guilty if the alcohol in their blood is more than normal range. Without the proper procedure in taking specimen for blood alcohol, individual that involved in medico legal cases can be charge because of the small mistakes been done by medical staff. Diane (1997) has mention that specimen for taking blood must been swab with alcohol swab 70%. Medical staff that doesn’t know the proper way for taking blood for alcohol will apply the alcohol swab on the skin before blood been taken. Contain of alcohol swab on the skin can increase the content of alcohol in individual blood that been taken. This mistake will be make the person involved in medico legal can be charge under alcohol influence because of high content of alcohol in their blood. This is will be unfair for individual that involved in medico legal cases because been charge under alcohol influence because of mistake in taking blood specimen process. The knowledge to do is important especially for new staff. There is why this procedure is important for my mentee to learn it.

I also gave my mentee, Honey and Mumford style of questionnaire. The objective is to know what type of learner and which learning style that suitable for my mentee in learning process. Honey and Mumford have recognized four type of learning style. The four type of learning style is activists, reflectors, theorists and pragmatist. Knowing my mentor style of learning can accelerate the best fit in preferred style. This method of questionnaire can help avoid repeating mistakes by undertaking activities of learning. I found that my mentee like activists and theorist learning style. From the interview he admit that he love to memorize all subject been teach and been studying. In this situation this method of learning was helpful for me as mentor to identifying learning needed for my mentee. This method is very helpful for see achievement improvement in subject been chosen. Analysis’ and studying management in learning progress is important to make learning progress is successful. Without knowing learner weakness of learning style this will make the learner not interested and not understand what subject been teach to achieve. This will make a learning process been fail and not achieve the goal.


Duncan (1989) analyze that learning strategy is a process for helping individual to improve their knowledge. In this situation I have done some learning strategy for my mentee that been put on daily plan. After been introduce the important of this procedure and identified learning needed for my mentee , I have give him task to find the theories and correct procedure in taking blood for alcohol specimen in medico legal cases. In this task I was given my mentee time for two days. In this two day my mentee will try the best to find much information that he can get for the procedure been given and present it to me. For helping my mentee to get the information, I have asked my mentee to find information by using conference room at my unit. In this conference room it was complete with book. I also have structured unit portfolio of learning opportunities (POLO) and educational resources file for make my learner easier to find the information that he needed. For helping my mentee I have asked him to use internet to find the information that he needed. I also have given the homepage address where he can find the information. Using of these technologies can improve my mentee knowledge and get much information in the short time. These learning opportunities can help my learner to find more information in short time. With helping from mentor this can help them where to find correct information. Paulo Freire (1996) in his famous concept of banking which the student is an empty account but been feel by the teacher. In this concept is it was important for teacher for helping their student for their successful with helpful of knowledge. This concept of pedagogy was been apply by me as mentor to my mentee .This concept will make my mentee in the right track of learning progress.

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When the present time of what information he get, Mat can give a good theories of taking blood for alcohol specimen after been helping with reading , look at (POLO) and find information in internet. This show my mentee was theorist type of learner. Because of my mentee more to theorist type of learner, I give much exercise that suitable for his learning skill.

In week two, I and my mentee decide to make a demonstration and practical session. In this session my mentee will try to practise the procedure with the theory that he know. In practical session I teach Mat one by one the correct procedure how to taking blood for alcohol in medico legal case. In this session I more encourage my mentee to memorize the step. This can help in learning progress. We done a practical session apply on the manikin. Then I ask my mentee to do himself the procedure after seen the demonstration that been given with observation. In this taking blood for alcohol all the step must been apply with carefully to avoid any mistake been happen. Beside of practical session I also ask my mentee for attend the continuous medical education for improving his knowledge. Their also continuous medication education by specialist about blood for alcohol that been attend by my mentee. This continuous education is important for my mentee because it can give a new information and new technique been use in taking blood for alcohol in medico legal case.

After been supervised and confident that my mentee can do the procedure, I has attach him in Ambulance and Emergency Department for his apply what has he been teach and practise it on real situation. In this department, my mentee will be responsible in taking all blood specimens for alcohol in medico legal case under supervision. In this procedure, my mentee are responsible to know all of procedure process that been teach. My mentee will also have assessment for procedure that been done.


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