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Green Living: What Is It?

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Wordcount: 1517 words Published: 25th Apr 2017

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The earth, as we know it is deteriorating in ways more than one. In order to set it right and restore the balance of events, we need to take an initiate and change our lifestyles to support the planet’s health.

There are many ways by which you can also start to live ‘greenly’. The actual meaning of green living is to live in a way that is favorable to the planet and does not harm, or use up any of its resources excessively. It shows that you care for your planet, and are willing to make an initiative to set things right.

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If one person starts to live in greenly, others will see the effort he is making and eventually start to follow his example. Because the condition of the planet is worsening day by day, it is important that we take an initiative right now rather than repent it later. The world is deteriorating at a rapid rate, and it is all because of us. Many people don’t give enough care to what they do, and these results in a rapid use up of the planet’s resources. For instance, we often do not give enough care to the electricity consumption of our house.

There are many ways by which you can start ‘green living’ too. However, in order to actually make an impact, we people need to realize the damages that we are doing and we all need to make a collective effort towards the betterment of this planet. One person can make a difference, but one person can set an example for others to follow. Some of the tips that we can follow in order to live ‘greenly’ are mentioned below.

The first thing that you need to do is to limit your energy consumption. There are many ways by which you can do that. Try to avoid excessive usage of your desktop computer, because a desktop computer uses up lots of energy that could otherwise be saved. For instance, you could just start to use a laptop, and if you don’t have one, it is certainly wise that you buy one for yourself so that you can limit your energy consumption.

Now, as mentioned, one person can’t do anything or make an impact on the planet at all. However, imagine if every person in an area started to effectively use their energy and started to limit their consumption, then what would happen? I’ll tell you, the planet would slowly start to heal itself because a load would be lessened and slowly the resources that are used in generating electricity would be lessened and this could be highly beneficial because at present we use large amounts of coal and other thermal resources to facilitate our stay on this planet.

However, the rapid consumption of these resources, which are non renewable would want day result in the death of one of these crucial resources. For instance, if coal becomes extinct, then a lot of activity on this planet would cease to exist and we would just be searching for alternatives that might not be found so easily. However, if we start to use non renewable energy in our homes and start to take care of our planet, we could definitely make a small impact which might enlarge and the whole world might just join the ‘go green movement’.


Green Living- Time to go green:


Green living is the changing of your life style to set it according to the ways of the planet. By that, I mean that we need to make our stay more favorable in this planet so that we do not harm it in any way.

There are many ways to initiate green living. In order to make your life a bit better and a bit greener, you need to take certain steps so that you do not harm the resources of this planet. The first step that you can include if you wish to start green living is efficient energy consumption.

Many people don’t realize that they waste large amounts of energy in various unnecessary things that could otherwise be saved. Electrical energy is made by the use of thermal resources and there are very few plants that make use of non renewable resources. Hence, the more energy you waste, the more thermal resources would be used up of the planet. If all these resources get used up, this could be very harmful for the planet in a variety of ways.

At present, we are rapidly using the planet’s resources to facilitate and make our lives better. But, if we cut down on them, we could certainly make living on this planet a bit better and much greener. You can practice a variety of small things that could certainly save you a lot of energy which could otherwise reduce the load on the planet. If you have a car that runs on diesel or petrol, it would be wise to convert it to CNG, which uses compressed natural gas that is not harmful in any way to the planet. What happen when you use petrol or diesel is that carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are released in to the atmosphere, which harms the planet’s atmosphere as well as the ozone layer of the planet.

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We need to take care of the planet, because we have certainly used it in a very harmful way. Other things that we can do and change if we want to live greener life are that we can cut down on our energy consumption. Some of the largest amounts of energy are consumed when people leave the lights of their homes on and do not bother to turn them off. The lights just keep on using energy even though they are not being used in any way.

Therefore, it is always wise and highly recommended that you shut off the lights before leaving any room so that you can save on energy. A go green movement has been initiated by the people, and it is gaining a lot of popularity as more and more people are changing their lives and living methods so that their stay on this planet becomes favorable for them as well as for the planet. You need to take care of the planet, because if we don’t then there is no one else who will. We need to practice just a few things which would certainly not restrict our lives in any possible manner, but would certainly allow the planet to heal itself and become a better place for everyone to live in. Start green living, and support the planet, because it never gives up on you.


Time to Start Green Living!


Our planet is slowly dying, and if we don’t do anything about it soon enough, it would eventually begin to deteriorate and everything would be used. The world would become a barren place without any resources.

We need to cater to the needs of our planet, and we need to change our life styles so that it becomes beneficial to the planet. We need to become much more eco friendly, so that no harm is dealt to the planet by our existence. At the moment, we are certainly not doing anything like that and in order for us to be able to know what’s right and what’s wrong for the planet, we really need to open our eyes and look around. Global warming is rapidly become an increasing phenomena, the glaciers are melting at a very fast rate.

Do you think this is happening on its own accord? If you do, then you need to revise your thinking. The instigators of global warming are just us. We have driven the planet to the extent that it has begun to harm itself. Every day, we use up large amounts of the resources of the planet to facilitate our lives, but do we realize who is going to replenish those resources? No, we don’t. All we are intent on is making life easy for ourselves. However, the time has now come for us to make a move and change our lives so that we do not pose a threat, or become a source of harm to the planet.

We need to analyze and see that whatever we are doing is according the needs of the planet or not. If it isn’t, then we need to change and start green living so that the planet begins to replenish its resources and becomes the beautiful place it once was. Floods, earth quakes and all natural disasters are instigated because of us if you actually look at it in a wider sense, and all we think is that the planet is hurting us. It is not in any way trying to harm us, but these are just signs of things to come if we don’t take care of our beloved planet.

Many people have now begun to realize the message that is being conveyed and have begun green living so that they could be free of the guild of destroying the planet. You can start green living as well, and by following some simple guidelines, you could certainly be on your way in helping the planet. It is futile to think that one person can do nothing, but you should try and set an example for others to follow. Try being a source of inspiration to others so that they also being to adopt green living as well.

Simple steps such as turning off the lights or electricity when not in use could go a long way in helping the planet, and it highly recommended that we now start to utilize our energy efficiently because it is high time that we begin to listen to the pleas of the planet and try to make life better for ourselves before things get out of hand and it all becomes too late.


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