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History Of The Scope And Limitation Philosophy Essay

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We all knew that Tracymachus is a philosopher who has many beliefs. According to the dictionary the synonyms of justice include: equality, fair shake, and right. Thrasymacus argues that justice is nothing more than an advantage to the stronger people. That is sound like barbaric to us reporters. Now, we will try to clear up those barbaric methods considering Tracymachus “might makes right” that we will base on studies.

Statement of the Problem

-What doe’s Tracymachus really mean of saying might makes right? Didn’t he also know that there’s a law of justice?

-How would you go about responding to the Tracymachus that “justice is the property of the stronger” (might makes right)?

Significance of the problem

This research will help other researchers on how to think critically. Again Tracymachus is a well known philosopher and actually that is really a challenge for us. So in order to fight for our beliefs, reading this will help the researchers to think in a different way like others do, sometimes might makes right was not applicable.


Believing on something is somewhat common to mankind. That’s why all people think. We all actually think. Even in sleeping our minds really work. But there are people who really use their ability to think. Those are the philosophers. Thales, Socrates, Plato, Rene Descartes and many more, which will choose to argue just to defend what they believe. That’s why it is so hard to contradict them because some of their teachings serve as the basis of this new era. But although they are really smart, at last they are still humans. Humans who committed mistakes. That’s why, we the researchers will tend to uncover some of the philosophers mistake and holes in their beliefs in particular to Tracymachus “might makes right”. We will try to prove that sometimes “might makes right” is not applicable it depends on the problem who is right or wrong. Doing this needs an ability to think critically. But on the other hand, it is like a blessing in disguise because it makes our mind sharper.

The Fuzzy of Tracymachus Philosophical concept on justice

In Thucydides’ “The Peloponnesian War”, the Athens argued that might makes right in a famous debate with the Mileans (right before they annihilated the Mileans). In Plato’s “Republic”, Thracymachus also agree that, Socrates provided an interesting rebuttal to Thracymachus, but Glaucon and Adeimantus defended Thracymachus so well that Socrates confessed he could not refute the idea. However, the early moderns took a different approach to the question. Machiavelli showed in his “Discourses on Livy” how the weaker can overpower the stronger and therefore become the stronger. In his “Second Treatise on Civil Government”, Locke argued that might makes right in the State of Nature, but a new form of justice takes place when the weaker band together against the stronger and create government, and this justice is enforced by the might of the government (which is always in the State of Nature).

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For example, if you were taken to court on charges of assault and you defend yourself with the argument that you were mightier than your opponent and thus you were right to harm him/her then according to your argument, the court is right to punish you despite the fact that you were right simply because they are mightier than you are. Another scenario is that for example, there is a trial between a man who has a right and an ordinary man, base on Trasymachus, the man who has the right will eventually win the case. But not all cases are just like that. There are some cases that ordinary man wins the battle because it can be winning is the choice of God for them. According to Saint Agustine, there is no other being than can broke he’s will.(google.com/Wikipedia/tracymachus)


However Tracymachus said that “might makes right”, at last by common sense it is so ridiculous. You yourself knew that there are laws of justice in this world so why not implement it? The researcher thinks that Tracymachus said that might makes right but not in literal meaning. Just like in he’s explanation. Thracymachus clarifies that justice is good only when the strong are truly strong. That is, if justice is the weak following rules to the advantage of the strong, it is only good when the strong make rules truly in their best interest. Else the laws would be followed to their detriment, and justice would be both good and bad for them, so to the extent that they don’t make mistakes, making them weaker, justice is the good for the strong. He maintains that justice only serves the strong, whoever is in that category at the time. It’s just like impossible for one person to handle all the people especially if he has no ability to handle them.


Before starting the research, you must gain knowledge first by researching. Don’t just bluff because research is talking about facts.

Think logically and critically. Don’t just look at the literal meaning of the word.


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