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Impact of Positive Thinking

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All our thoughts, emotions, the feelings experienced by us daily, one way or another affect our body. It is known that different intense thoughts and mood changes can change the chemical composition of blood. Negative thoughts lower the efficiency of the organism. When a person is depressed for a long time, bad mood central nervous system begins to send signals to organs in order to decrease an activity. The work of the body begins to inhibit. The irritation, aggression and resentment are disastrous for the organism; it gradually poisons a person from inside. Such emotions shouldn’t be developed in a person, otherwise, they can kill him or make sick (Anthony, 135).

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What can contribute to recovery and preservation of good health? Of course, it is positive thinking. Positive thinking is a special storehouse consciousness, the ability to control the own mind. It is believed that if a man can control his mind, he can control his life. Not accidentally, many sages say that your world is a reflection of man’s thoughts. If you are afraid of life, you will for sure have some problems. Once you are oriented on the path of joy, prosperity, happiness, your life is changing for the better.

The topic of positive thinking was studied by many people. Here are some of their thoughts. Positive thinking is very important for everyone; it can change the life for better. Richard Bach in “Illusions” said: “In your life all the people appear and things happen just because you invited them there. And what would you do with them depends on your own your decision” (Hansard, 84).

The law of faith says: “Everything that you really believe in is becoming a reality for you” (Quilliam, 14).

The law of expectations says: “Everything you expect with full will come true.” In other words, you do not necessarily get what you want, but get what you expect. People should develop the habit of positive expectations and they will be amazed at the influence it will have on them and the people around (Quilliam, 16).

The law of gravity says: “You are a living magnet; you always attract people, ideas and circumstances that harmonize with your main ideas”. One of the most important habits in this regard, is a habit to fill the consciousness of a positive picture of your life and the world.

The final law is the law of correspondence: “Your outer world is an accurate reflection of your inner world.” It means that people get what they think most of the time.

Brian Tracy who wrote “The habits for millions of dollars” is sure that every person creates his own world, his life and his thoughts, feelings and emotions. “Our action begins not with the word or the movement, but with our thoughts”. “The energy of human thought is quite material. The energy of thoughts is not closed in the human brain; it is spread in space and interacts with the surrounding energy field.” (Peale, 300).

John Gray (author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”) in his book “A Practical Manual for fulfillment of desires”, writes:” The secret of how to get what you want and love what you have is an ability to be happy , loving, confident and calm, regardless of the external circumstances. In order to find the happiness, you need to make small but important changes in your thinking. The first place should be given not to achievement of financial prosperity, but personal success” (Anthony, 136).

The power of thinking is the greatest power on the earth as well as on the heaven. We get what we think about. By submitting a thinking process on positive, the person can evolve to incredible heights. Conversely, if the human mind is directed toward the negative, then that person can degrade up to the pitiful condition. The positive thinking means the possession of such intelligence, which is not immune to the influence of anger, hatred, greed and other negative thoughts.

The brain, which is busy with joyful and kind thoughts, which is ready to forgive and forget, to create harmony and promote peace is called a positive mind. The mind has a profound direct effect on the nervous system and the entire human body. Indirectly, it affects all that surrounds us (Peale, 302).

The power of positive thinking is really great; it often plays a decisive role in the treatment of depression and many chronic diseases and is unnecessarily underestimated by most patients. Thus, the famous American writer Norman Cousins suffered from extremely severe disease – deformans spondylosis. Doctors gave him 1 chance of 500 for recovery. And he was prepared to die. But one day someone gave him a book about the power of positive thinking, and he thought: “My thoughts were always negative. For all my life I thought that I am supposed to die or that I am disabled. But if I think that I can recover, then I can manage it! “From the moment he started to look for a way to get rid of the severe depression that had gripped his mind. And he discovered the laugh. He bought dozens of comic books and asked the nurse to read them to him for several hours a day. A few days later he discovered that a good few minutes of laugh allowed him to feel so good that he could sleep without pain within two hours. Less than one year of “laughter therapy” he rose from his bed free from pain and full of energy. He started to play tennis, golf and even began to play the piano. Later he wrote a book, which became a bestseller – “Anatomy of Diseases”. This example proves that positive thinking can cure diseases (Ellin, 2009).

Positive thinking is a powerful force, which plays an important role in the formation of life.

The essence of such thinking is based on the psychological techniques, thanks to which thoughts, words and images that promote internal development and success are formed in the mind. All that happens on a subconscious level is possible to control. This thinking is aimed at achievement of a positive outcome.

Here is an advice for people who feel lack of positive thinking. In order the power of thought “worked for you,” you need to develop a positive attitude to life. You should expect only the successful outcome in all situations. You should have the internal psychological disposition to succeed (Peale, 78).

Positive thinking plays a great role in our life. As it was mentioned above, the idea of positive thinking is to restructure the perceptions so that any problem or negative situation was accepted as a kind of benefit or incentive for life, for fight for new actions. The methods of positive thinking are now used in many spheres, at work, while communicating with colleagues, or resolving conflict situations (Ventrella, 45). This method works and is sufficiently effective. If you think positively, it could change your life for the better!!!


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