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Public Speaking And The Road To Success

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Philosophy
Wordcount: 1283 words Published: 2nd May 2017

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This is my first assignment in Public Speaking, and my topic is ‘The Road to Success’. I choose ‘The Road to Success’ to be my topic is because I consider that it is very important to us. In our life we have many of choice and those choices are the ‘Road’. The ‘Road’ that we choose will be reflected in our future. Are the ‘Road’ is go to ‘Success’ or ‘Failure’ it is not just choose it only and we also have to know how to walk on the ‘Road’ that we choose. Perhaps we will meet many difficulties and setbacks on the ‘Road’, but we must be strong enough to face it, to reach the destination that named “success”. Otherwise we can only reach to the destination that named ‘failure’.

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Definition of The Road to Success

‘The Road to Success’ is means that the ‘Road’ go to the ‘Success’, this ‘road’ is not easy to go through because you may be will meet many of the problem and obstacle. But you cannot give up and you have to be strong and courageous to face it because at the back of those problem and obstacle, have your destination that called ‘Success’. If you choose to marking time or just choose to only take the shortcuts, you will never reach to the ‘Success’, and you may be will go to the place that called ‘Failure’!


Road To Success

Many of the people would ask me that why we to choose the ‘Road’, it is because in our life we don’t just have one ‘Road’ only because we have many of the ‘Road’ to choose and we have to choose it also. I know that wants to make a decision is not an easy thing, and it is not only related to you now, it will also involve you in the future. So when you are make a decision, you must to know that it will bring what consequences for you, and you also have to know that are you made the right decision for you, at the last that you have to bear that all any consequences that it will bring to you in your life.

I know that ‘The Road to Success’ is not an easy ‘Road’ to walk on, but you have to know that in this world there is no free lunch. So if you want to achieve your goal, you have to know that how to pay for it. It is because if you do not want to make any pay, you will not get anything from the return. So do not think that the benefits of this world will just fall from the sky for you that are because you are not the special one in the world. So anyone that who wants to reaches to the ‘Success’, he or she has to be go through on the ‘Road’ that he or she choose.


But I want to tell you all that, if you really want go to the ‘Success’, you have to go exactly straight, and if you meet so many of problem and obstacle on the ‘Road’ that you have choose, please be strong and courageous to face it, do not just escaping from all the problems and obstacles, then just look for those shortcuts. Because when you are walk on the wrong step, you will not arrive to the destination that called ‘Success’ any more, and you will arrive to the place that called ‘Failure’. So I hope that when you all choose your own ‘Road’ in the time, please think clearly that what ‘Road’ you have choose and do not just think that you wants to reach to the destination in the short time.

We all are normal people; no any one of us is an exception, so that we all will have the experienced on the same way, so please do not think that only you have to go through on the ‘Road’. Even those well-known entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, musicians and so on. They also just like us. They also have to go through such a difficult ‘Road’, you have to know that the reason that why today they will be so successful is because they do not give up their choice on the ‘Road’ that they choose, they were brave to face the ‘Road’ that are brought so many problems for they. Therefore, today, they will so successful! So do not easily to give up or go back because as long as you are willing to face whatever will comes on the ‘Road’ that you choose, one day you will also become like them so successful!


The ‘Road’ that each person choose are different, and perhaps that the ‘Road’ that some people choose are go very easily, but you no need have to envy them because it may have been before he already put a lot of his thoughts on the ‘Road’ that he choose that you do not know. So you just need to focus on your own ‘Road’ is enough already, remember that the more you pay, the more that you can also can get. As long as you are willing to pay for it, so you no need to fear that you will not get anything returns from it because time will prove all.

Rome and the pyramids are not built in a day, they are also using a lot of time to build it, so if you want to success is also not just in a short time you will success, perhaps walk on the ‘Road’ that you choose cost you a lot of time, but please believe me that it definitely worth your time to spend. As long as you have the heart to walk on the ‘Road’ that you choose, one day you will reach to the destination that called ‘Success’. So time is not any problem for you.

God is fair for everyone. So the ‘Road’ that you choose that go to ‘Success’ must be broaden by yourself, but is it will bring you reach to the ‘success’? That is only you can go through by the decision that you choose because the fate is rests in your own hands you have to find out by yourself.


Poem by Sylvia Chidi

The Road to Success

We all want to walk on the road of success

But do you day by day measure your progress

Do you have a vision?

Do you have a mission?

You need one even if it is inspired by television

We all want to walk on the road of success

But do you day by day measure your progress

Critically look at your personal development

Grizzle over the final accomplishment

Decide on the instruments you need at the moment?

On its road, there are many paths to take

With many sacrifices along the way to make

Patience, faith and hard work, please don’t forsake

Or your dreams will pour empty into a wide lake

We all want to walk on the road of success

But do you day by day measure your progress

Is your vision greater than greatness?

You are the first one you must try to impress

Take a step at a time and do not digress

For success when achieved, I say without sarcasm

Is more gratifying than any orgasm



When finish my Public Speaking assignment I found out that wants to do a assignment is not an easy work. But because of my topic ‘The Road to Success’, no matter how hard or how difficult it is, I have to be strong to face it. So I did not give up and today my assignment already finish. I choose the ‘Road’ so I have to go through it, when I was walk on the ‘Road’ I have meet many problem but I use my best to solve all the problem that I meet, so now I already reach to my ‘Success’. The ‘Success’ that I reach is I finish my assignment.




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