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Different types of camera

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Video Camera Normal/HD:

We bring forth our vast experience and expertise in this domain, involved in providing best quality photography services with Video Camera Normal/HD.Weddings defies imagination, as people try out everything different to enhance the event and make it memorable. Your wedding is a day in your life where you can live your dream and that wonderful day of you dream is closer than you ever imagined. Now is the time to turn those dreams into reality through our best photography services. Wedding photography encompasses photographs of the bride and groom before marriage as well as coverage of the wedding and reception. We have a team of expert photographers who render these services as per client’s requirements. These photographers use Video Camera Normal/HD, capturing perfect and clear images during the wedding day. This video camera switches to normal light when needed. It even has a built-in IR light. This video camera is perfect for capturing images in the dark then switch it to normal light mode. With the ability to switch from normal light to night vision, this Video Camera Normal/HD can capture a higher quality picture from greater distances. We offer our photography services to clients at nominal rates. To make your wedding memorable, we capture optimal quality photos.

Still Camera Normal/HD:

Wedding is undoubtedly the most special and celebrated day for every bride and Groom & their family, and each one plans for their big day keeping in mind the class and the lavish feel they would want to give it. Here is where our photography services play a key role during the wedding day and wedding ceremonies. We are one of the reputed organizations involved in offering a quality assured wedding photography services. We have professional wedding photographers to best suit your requirements and budget. These photographers use latest Still Camera Normal/HD to capture each moment and movement of the day. This range of camera is ideal for creating unique, eye catching and inspirational imagery of your wedding day. We arrange pre wedding photo shoot, engagement photo shoot and bridal photo shoot as per client’s requirements. Our Still Camera Normal/HD captures each emotion and joy with clear and bright images. This camera can cover entire wedding with all the rituals and ceremonies without any hard light on the photos. We strive to bring candid feel to each frame of our work at affordable cost. Weddings are the biggest function in anybody’s life, these moments need to be captured and archived for life time.


If you are amazed about your wedding then we are here to take your amazement to the highest possible degree. We shaadistudio here offers you to have the most thrilling experience of your life by providing a helicopter service to arrive at the venue in the most classy and elegant way. We have planned to offer this service to our customers keeping in mind the kind of treatment they desire. While keeping up with the ever-growing technology we have employed some of the most excellent technologies available today in the market. Aerial photography is one such technology we offer to our customers to make their luscious moments even perfect. The mainstream technology or equipment we employ to capture aerial photography is via a quad copter, more specifically a drone. A quad copter or a drone is smaller form of a helicopter which is controlled with the help of a remote controller. This quad copter is mounted with a camera for the purpose of photography or videography from any altitude. Having attained Excellency in this genre of photography our photographers know how to capture each moment perfectly with this technology.

Studio Setup:

For the most important day of your life, we ensure to provide you with nothing but the best Studio Setup services for wedding and pre wedding rituals and ceremony. Capturing your special moments was never so easy, we shaadistudiobrings to you a team of professional photographers specialized to carry out a comprehensive event coverage. These photographers can effortlessly capture those candid emotion filled with exclusive moments at your weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. We provide exclusive theme based studio setups at your venue for bride & groom and family portraits. The entire setup is equipped with all types of backdrop & lighting facilities, latest high resolution cameras and a complete setup for highly professional studio shoots. Shooting in the extra formal setting of our studio environment will ensure classic family portraits that will last centuries. We capture the couple and entire family element in different angles and in a series of images under exterior natural light as all images centred on individual themes. Equipped with the special skills, our team doesnot only make couples pose in awkward poses, click everyone who climbs the stage or click people enjoying the food but make efforts to get to know the family, relations, bonding and reflect the same through live moments in the form of photographs and videos.

ZIB Cranes with Video Camera:

Capturing every moment with the highest degree of accuracy is our expertise. In order to ensure such accuracy we employ the latest machinery and technology. To keep in balance with the latest technological advancements and to remain a step ahead we offer ZIB cranes mounted with video camera in order to capture precious moments. A JIB crane is a type of crane which is specifically used for the purpose of photography and videography. It is a smaller version of a general crane and is very useful tool for a photographer to capture photos and videos from different angles. A ZIB crane offers high degree of flexibility owing to its reach at angles of varying degrees. This crane employs a kind of controlling mechanism through which the person controlling it can manage to alter its tilt in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Keeping in mind our customer base we offer this service at a very economical cost. We all know that perfection is what we all human beings thrive for and so we want everything around us to be somewhat perfect to maximum possible degree. So avail this service of ours to make perfect and remarkable photography or videography of our photographers even more perfect. Being in great demand owing to its remarkable capabilities, availing this JIB crane service of ours will make you highly satisfied.

Led Walls:

The ambience of the venue is one of the most fascinating attractions for the guests. Ambience specifically may refer to the surrounding or the atmosphere of a place. A very important factor to judge how great the ambience a venue possesses is by the decorations around. These decorations may include dining area, seating arrangements and others like these. But all these decorations tends to go waste in the presence of improper lighting arrangement. A well-lit venue will look adorable but a venue with no proper lighting will make it look dull. So keeping this concern in mind we the shaadistudio offer an exceptional technology of LED walls which can brighten up the venue to create a majestic effect which can amaze anyone present at the venue. These LED walls are a gem of feature that have an excellent ability to make the guests star struck. This service of ours has been praised by many till date and anyone opting for it would definitely feel extremely proud. Besides serving as a remarkable lighting arrangement these LED walls can beautify the venue to a great many folds. The aura which these LED walls create is worth watching and for anyone arriving at the venue will get totally stunned after watching these LED walls. Our highly trained light installation team are skilful enough to create a highly astonishing effect after installing these LED walls. Keeping in view the love you possess for your loved ones and the nominal cost of this feature going for it is a must.

Screen & Projector:

If you wish your images or videos to be displayed live during the occasion, then we have excellent solution for that. We offers an exceptional projector screen arrangement for those who do not want any memorable moment of the occasion to be missed by anyone present at the occasion. Be it the bride or the groom or any other memorable moment of yours, let us know and we will display that up on the screen through a projector screen arrangement for you which will definitely make experience of yours and others present at the venue extremely delightful. There is always a doubt in the mind of the customer regarding where to place the screen at the venue. To address this issue our expert technicians will guide you to achieve the best possible result out of the projector screen arrangement. You can even get this screen placed at the position of your choice be at the venue’s entrance it be it anywhere else. After the set-up is done, it makes the venue look so grand that almost everyone present at the venue becomes an admirer. We being fully aware of the ever-growing changes and trends in the technological domain always bring into practice the best available and highly efficient technology and equipment. So keeping forward with this approach of ours the projector screen arrangement we prefer and offer are of the best possible quality available in the market. Do avail this service of ours to mesmerize everyone.

Normal Screen:

Photography is one of the essential part of wedding. No wedding is complete without photography. Focusing on making your every memory into a realisticmoment, we use normal screen during the photography of bride, groom and their family pose. These normal screens help in adjust ting the ratio of light and brightness during photography period. Screens are one of the most important tools in photography as well as in videography. There are different uses of normal screens during wedding as they can be used to display wedding events or to adjust light ration during photography.

Mask Screen:

LCD / Plasmas:

To make the most out of your occasion we offer LED or Plasma screens for displaying your most precious moments. Usually in wedding halls opting for an LED or Plasma screen is great decision. With the help of these screens the guests present at the occasion need not miss any precious moment of the bride and the groom as the important moments are captured and displayed on these big screens. The user has option to choose between the display types i.e. and LED or a plasma screen. Based on the convenience of the customer he can get these screens installed at position of his choice at the venue. May it be entrance or somewhere else, regardless of whatever the place of installation of these screen be, they will definitely add up to the beauty of the occasion. The customer even has an option to go with multiple screens at a specific venue and position which suits him the best. More specifically these LED or plasma screens will be extremely appropriate in displaying and zooming the pictures of the bride and the groom. You may also opt to display any pictures or videos which are near to your heart on these screens. We have an expert and highly talented workers who will best guide you in installing and deciding the best possible position for setting up these screens. We the shaadistudio are much aware and respect our customers so thus, we always offers the best to them.


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