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Photography to Exhibit the Extinction of Animals: Joel Sartore

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Wordcount: 1175 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Extinction of Animals

The job of a photographer is to capture a moment from the angle, perspective, lighting, balance, and framing. Therefore, these photography techniques help to show people what is really happening in this world. Joel Sartore is a national geographic society photographer use photograph to tell the truth about the importance of prevent the extinction of animals.

One of Sartore’s main objective of the exhibit was to demonstrate the majesty and beauty of the animals, no matter how big, small, colorful or monotonous. On one end of a black-painted wall, the photograph of Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit hung. Unlike the perfectly centered animals that took up the majority of the canvas, the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit sat at the bottom of the banner, overshadowed by the unsettling negative space that loomed just above it. The black backdrop seemed less of a method to make the biological details this sad-looking creature pop, but rather, it engulfed it. Furthermore, unlike the other animals in the gallery that looked to the camera, the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit looked away, almost as if it was disgusted by our very presence. This Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit was named Bryn. She was just one of two purebreds left to known existence. She died a year later. Joel Sartore’s deliberate photography techniques served the purpose of creating an important, non-verbal message to those who viewed it. The sanctity of nature and its preservation is key to preserving these wonderful creatures. As Sartore stated in the video, the creatures have no voice, so his photography gives him the platform to speak. For Bryn the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit, this photograph was meant as a precautionary warning to the human world. Changes need to be made and they need to be made soon. Additionally, there are several reasons why animal species become extinct such as climate change, deforestation, and hunting. This is why we must prevent the extinction of animals

Human activity has been causing huge extinctions among animals. The loss of biodiversity can be blamed on the influence of human beings on the world’s ecosystem.

Firstly, animals are becoming extinct due to our activities. Human beings have greatly changed the environment. Humans’ actions are threatening biodiversity. For example, we cut down trees which are the habitat of other animals, we hunt and fish. Human activity is also more affecting biodiversity because of our effects on global climate. According to Aguilera, “Over fishing, hunting and land development have pushed more species closer to extinction.” Humans cause other life forms to go extinct are by overfishing, overhunting, and habitat destruction. I believe that if more animals continue to become extinct, it will affect the whole food web. Animals play a vital role in the world. So, if we continue to force them to become extinct, the whole ecosystem will suffer. The loss of the world’s biodiversity lowers the production of natural ecosystem. They may harm society by lowering ecosystem services that are important to human health and wealth.

Secondly, another reason for the extinction of animals is climate change. Climate change is the change in weather patterns, and it causes global and regional warming. Humans keep glittering a lot of unrecyclable rubbishes, burning fossil fuel, destroying rainforest, farming livestock… that makes the greenhouse effect and then climate change even worse.  In article, “1 million species are under threat. Here are 5 ways we speed up extinctions,” Carolyn Gramling notes that the global and regional warming “is linked to the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as floods, fire and droughts, as well as to rising seas.” Moreover, climate change results in higher temperatures and this create drought and wildfires. High air and water temperatures lead to a decrease in a number of animals. It also causes the migration of animals because some animals cannot adapt to changing weather conditions.

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Thirdly, Deghett explains the idea of the picture is to show others what could happen in the future and what is currently happening everywhere: “If pictures tell stories, the story should have a point.” In today’s world, people need proof to truly understand the dangers. The photographer has the ability to teach others what not to do and what to do in the future. This leads to the idea that it is our responsibility as humans to prevent the extinction of animals in order to protect our own self.

In conclusion, animals have been extinct for a long time. It is a significant effect on climate change that causes to decreasing food availability, and the overfishing, hunting due to disruption the food chain. As a result, people should set up protected areas and reserves of protect animals’ habitats. Society needs to protect animal species to conserve balance in environment. We share the common living place with animals and plants. Humans and other creatures will have an impact on each other. If humans are more conscious and willing to put all of their effort to protect natural surroundings and other species, we can expect for the benefits of a better future and better place to live in and vice versa. 

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