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Presidents and Governors Powers

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The presidency and governance have more in common when it comes to its history that what you can see in a first glance, few are the people that actually compare the two and draw parallels between the two without looking for it or discuss it beforehand.

When we look at its history both come from a place where what they were looking for was independence and how the government works nowadays is a direct result of that, when the United States obtained independence the founders focus their efforts into creating a Constitution that would not follow the lead of other countries, but it would create a new system that work for them, the first constitutions were much less organized, it granted less responsibilities and power than the ones that came after it. The Texas constitution, in the other hand, was in control of Spain at first and then of Mexico, until it independence was achieved, their constitution reflected the several paths they had to take in order to become independent not only by name, but what it has in common with the US constitutions is the desire behind it to create an actual independent system that worked for them and do not adapt it from other country, having as a result the creation of an executive that the world has never seen (George et al, 398). Over the years the necessity of have a more efficient constitution would lead to the continuous amendment of it.

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In order to serve you should have certain qualifications to be eligible to the presidency or governance, both have very clear requirements that must fulfil, one of the most important is to be an US citizen by birth, if what you are looking for is to be the governor of Texas then you must be a legal citizen, but it does not matter if you become a citizen instead of  being born here and the time that you have been a citizen does not influence, in Texas a naturalized citizen can become the governor regardless of the time the person has been a citizen, but if you want to run for the United States presidency then you must be a citizen by birth, although there has been debates of what that constitutes since many have argue the if the child meet the legal requirements for US citizenship at the moment of birth then is regarded as a US citizenship by birth, one of the case could be that the parents are US citizens so their child is entitle to the citizenship.

Since someone could be a citizen, but have not been most of their lives in the US a state citizenship is require, if you want to run for the governance of Texas, then you must have live at least five years in the state of Texas, but you would have a better chance if you have live there more than ten years. When it comes to the presidency, like it was previous mentioned, someone may be an US citizen by birth, but had never live here, so the candidate should have been living here for at least fourteen years.

The last qualification that you are require to fulfill is to be age appropriate, for the governance in the state of Texas you should be at least thirty years old, while for the presidency you should be thirty-five to qualify, this is in order to have an experienced and mature person in the job. As we can see the presidency is slightly stricter regardless of qualification than the Texas governance, but Texas is one of the states that comes closer to it since in comparison to other states, since Texas has more clear and specific requirements to meet than others.

When it comes to compare, the power granted to the presidency and governance there are very similar, both have little executive power is even consider weak. In both cases this lack of power is done in purpose, since the abuse perpetuated by past executives the checks and balances was established in the Texas governance and the presidency. In the presidency, the way power is used has been evolving thanks to the presidents themselves, they have been expanding responsibilities and resources which has led them to have more power than the constitution allows.

According to the constitution one of the functions of the president and the governor is to enforce the law, in order to so the constitution allow the president to be able to appoint cabinet jobs and agency chiefs, but the governor has to work alongside those who the electoral also choose, leaving the governor working with people who may not be supporters of his policies or values, while the president is free of choosing his cabinet thus allowing him a better work environment and in a better position than the Texas governor when it comes to establishing policies, the president is the definite authority when it comes to the final decision of a cabinet discussion, which puts his cabinet as one of advisers instead of executives, the Texas governor does not have that luxury in order to pass any legislation he must convince or pass a bill that fits the beliefs of the senate.

The reason why the Texas governance is weakened compare to the presidency is historical and it begun with the Texas Constitution of 1876 due to the reconstruction after the Civil War, after it the constitution was amendment a numerous time which ended up making it the second longest in the country, uses very specific languages in polices that were previously abused, while as seem as whole the constitution becomes hard to understand with the vocabulary used at the time and the refusal of the framers to create the constitution in a slower pace and in good quality presentation.

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Nowadays it is impossible for the governor to claim he or she does not know what his or her constituents want, with social media citizens make their voices be heard, so in order to improve the role of the governor hearing the people is always the beginning. The reelection option was made in order to motive the public serves to do better in order to be reelected, this may be a negative thing since instead of doing was its best for the state, they take decisions according how much it will help their chances to be reelected, this is also true when it comes to the senate and the house since the electoral chooses their serves, passing or creating bills can become a game in which if the person with the contrary belief win, it would be a lost to the others, when they should be worrying about what is best in general and not what seems to look better for one or the other party.

In conclusion, while the two of these jobs evolve into lack of power, the presidency has more power than the Texas government, because while it does have a history with independence the repercussion were major in Texas, while in the presidency is more balanced, the president is allow to choose the head of the departments having an advantage since they would likely agree with him and otherwise his work has more weight than the others, the governor has to work extremely well with others, who also have different opinions, stances and beliefs.

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