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Should the Electoral College be Abolished?

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During the creation of the United States of America (USA), the Founding Fathers had to decide how the Leader of the Country will be chosen. After discussion multiple options they decide the best way was to have each of States would have a set number of Electors based on the States population, Who would then elect the President of the USA.  In the 2016 USA Presidential election, Hillary Clinton the Democratic Presidential Nominee won the popular vote of the nation, however, Donald Trump the Republican Presidential Nominee won the Presidency due to the Electoral College.  After the Election arose a movement to disband the Electoral College and elect the President of the USA by the popular vote as a democracy. While those who opposed the movement said the Electoral College was needed to give the smaller States a voice in Presidential Elections. The electoral college should remain in place for the USA Presidential elections because the Founding Fathers wrote it into the Constitution to ensure its survival, without having the electoral college it would undermine the Federal election system, and Presidential nominees would only care about the big cities and states.

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 The Founding Fathers laid the foundation for the USA majority of what they put into place are still present into days climate. Just as with the rest of the constitution they created the electoral college with a lasting nation in mind. During the Constitutional Convention knew the Presidential election had to remain unbiased. The electoral college allows this to remain unbiased. The electoral college is made up of a group of citizens that will only meet once, effectively stopping foreign influences of convincing or forcing them to elect a president that would serve their interest over the USA. (Schulman, n.d.)  It was for this reason that the group was giving more information than the general public about the candidates so they could make a final decision on who would be President of the USA. In the news currently today, there is a lot of discussions whether there was Russian influence over the 2016 election, the electoral college is designed to such events from occurring. Secondly, it was put into place to ensure that every state had an equal vote in deciding the presidency Even back in the founding of the USA they wanted to make sure the President was not decided by the masses, but rather was a choice by all the states not just those with the highest population. Giving the states a minimum of three electoral votes no matter the population of the state and more electoral votes to those states that had a higher population. In 2000 former president George H.W. Bush lost the popular vote but still became president-elect due to him winning more states that his opponent Al Gore. (Levy, n.d.) This infrastructure for the federal election process accomplished that goal if the electoral college was removed it would undermine the whole process of how the USA President is elected.

 If the electoral college was removed it would erode the federal election system that has lasted over 200 years. The electoral college gives the USA the certainty of a winner once a candidate reaches a total 270 electoral college votes than that they won the presidency. Without the electoral college recounts on the election would never end. Even with the 2016 election, there were calls for recounts in swing states to try and change the election results from then president-elect Donald Trump to favor presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The recounts have to be done in a short period of time because of the electoral college votes on January 6th after the Presidental election. Without having this safety net of deciding a clear winner then both political parties could continue to do recounts after recounts if the election was close enough. Currently, certain American citizen wants the presidential election to be based solely on the popular vote. This type of democracy only aids in the mass majority and not the nation as a whole. With the electoral college, the presidential candidates must visit the entire nation and understand the problems of those living in the inner cities and those whose population is mainly rural for farming. If the USA did adopt the popular vote method than the smaller states would be overlooked and they would only care about high populated areas. The United States population is over 329 million people (United States Census Bureau, 2019), to win the popular vote you would need roughly 165 million votes. It may seem like a lot but the nine most populated states cover more than 165 million votes. How can not even 1/5 of a nation be the deciding factor for the entire nation? The answer is that they cannot and should not be the deciding factor. The electoral college ensures every citizen’s voice is heard and that presidential candidates understand all the nations problem.

 Presidential need to care about every state because as it was seen in the 2000 election former president George  H.W. Bush won 271-266 electoral votes against Al Gore. (Levy, n.d.) without the electoral college, the candidates would only need to focus and pander to major populated areas to win the election. As previously mention a president only need a total population of nine out of fifty states that leave no reason for the candidates to care about smaller states such as Rhode Island. No one is going to use their valuable time for such a small number of votes when they could try and get millions of more votes in California. While this may not seem like a big deal because the majority of the population chose this person to run the country it will have adverse effects on the nation. The issues that are present in the metropolitan areas may not be present in the rural area of the country. The United States is a unique country because of its huge metropolitan areas but also a vast amount of farmland that lets it be self-efficient. Removing the electoral college would cause the candidates to focus solely on getting the votes from the major populated areas and ignoring the smaller popular area problems, which will lead to a big problem later on.

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 Abolishing the electoral college is not only the wrong choice to make it will also have disadvantageous consequences for the USA. The Founding Fathers knew that there needed to be a system like an electoral college in place to ensure the USA flourishes. That is why it was written in the Constitution. Even back then they knew that the popular vote was not the right way to elect the president of the USA. The popular does not actually pick a president that represents the entire nation. Using the popular vote would only cause future problems of those in a small populated state since the candidates would ignore them to gain more votes. While there argue that the electoral college system has its flaw they always fail to produce a better method of selecting the next president. The electoral college system need to remain the method of selecting the president to ensure the proper person to lead the nation is chosen.


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