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Big Bang Theory And Christianity Religion Essay

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The highly heated debate and discussion about how our universe and earth began has been going on for many centuries. In the old days many people believed that God created the universe. They even believed that the planets and the sun revolved around the earth. With today’s technology scientists scientist have been able to explore our outer world. In their research some scientists scientist have begun to believe that the universe was created not by a God or a divine force but by a big explosion called the Big Bang Theory.

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About 15 billion years ago an explosion started the expansion of the universe. Scientists refer to the explosion as the Big Bang. What happened in this event was all the matter and energy of space contained at one point. The explosion is not an explosion of a bomb where particles are thrown outward but it consisted of an explosion of space within itself. All the galaxies and planets were not clumped together, but the explosion or Big Bang laid out the foundations for the universe. (The Big Bang)

How the Big Bang theory came to existence was from the observations of Edwin Hubble. He observed that the universe is always expanding. He calculated that a galaxy’s velocity is proportional to its distance. This means if galaxies are twice as far from us they move twice as fast. He also found that the universe is expanding in every direction. With these observations Hubble concluded that it has taken every galaxy the same amount of time to move from a common starting position to its current position. As galaxies kept moving farther away from each other it is called the red shift. As light reaches earth from other galaxies there is a greater distance between earth and the galaxy, which leads to wavelengths being stretched. (The Big Bang)

In 1964, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson were two astronomers who discovered cosmic microwave radiation. The two men discovered this when one day they were trying to detect microwaves from outer space, but accidentally they discovered a noise of extraterrestrial or alien origin. The noise came from all directions and not just one direction or location. What they heard became obvious to them what they discovered was radiation from the farthest points of the universe. By discovering these microwaves they could calculate what Edwin Hubble calculated also. They concluded that everything in the universe came from the same point, which they say was the explosion which is referenced as the Big Bang. Everything in the universe moves away from each other at the same rate and velocity. NASA has sent a satellite and has been able to detect cosmic microwaves from the outer reaches of the universe proving the discovery of Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson. (The Big Bang) (Origins of the Universe)

Edwin Hubble’s discovery of finding that the universe is always expanding and everything is moving away from each other at the same speed was the base of the Big Bang Theory. Then when Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered cosmic microwaves radiation is just supported more evidence of the Theory Edwin Hubble created.

The Big Bang Theory is the origin of our universe which means it is the theory of how our universe was created. When the universe was created billions of years ago, billions of years after the planet Earth was created. Thousands of rocks were orbiting the sun and many of them started to crash into each other. The collisions of rock created mass amounts of energy and formed Earth. Earth took its form when the initial lava mass cooled and it formed the outer crust of our Earth. But with the outer crust covering all the heat and energy of the earths core, the middle of the earth is as hot as the sun. (Earth, Earth Science, Planet Earth)

Earth’s distance from the Sun allows the ability to absorb solar energy and create photosynthesis. When photosynthesis occurs it lets off oxygen and this began the accumulation and storage of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. With all the build up in the atmosphere it lead to the development of what is now called the ozone layer. With the ozone layer around Earth, it blocks out all the harmful ultraviolet radiation waves from the Sun. With the ozone protecting the Earth’s surface, multicellular organisms slowly became populated to the planet Earth. (Earth, Earth Science, Planet Earth)

The explosion known as the Big Bang started the origin of the universe, which created the universe, earth and eventually human beings. Without the great observations and calculations of Edwin Hubble humans would not know how the universe might have begun. With his discoveries he developed the Big Bang Theory which was the origin of the universe. Edwin also got some back up when Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered cosmic microwaves radiation, which helped support Hubble’s thought of everything in the universe starting at the same point.

The Big Bang theory has some evidence that might make the theory true but it is still a theory, and it cannot be proven. Many people may believe that there was a Big Bang that started our universe and our earth, but there are also billions of Christians and other religions in the world that believe in their own God and that he created the universe.

Christians are monotheists which means they believe in one God. Some Christians believe that the Big Bang theory is totally false and that God their creator made all the planets, stars, our earth and the people who live on the earth. But, other Christians believe that God did create everything, but they also believe he could have made the universe any way he wanted to. He could have done it like it says in the Bible in the first two chapters of Genesis. In chapters one and two of Genesis it describes how God made light and dark and all the planets, stars, Heaven and earth, or God could have created everything with an explosion. But those Christians believe that God still created all the particles in the explosion and he controlled the explosion and it was all a part of his greater plan which was to create man and woman in his image.

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So, many Christians believe that there was no Big Bang or explosion, but rather that everything was created by a higher force which is God. But, there are also some Christians who see and believe some of the evidence Hubble and Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson found, but they challenge the Atheists and ask them where did the energies and powers come from. The Christians who believe in God and the Big Bang theory say that the powers and energies in the explosion came from God and was the entire plan God created to make our universe, our planets, earth and moon.

Although there are billions of Christians in the world who believe God is the creator of everything, there are also many Atheists who don’t believe in God. Atheists are people (many of them are scientists ) who believe that everything was all started and can be explained by science. Atheists believe that the Big Bang theory was a likely origin of our universe.

Atheists believe that science is the answer to everything and that science can explain everything. They believe that there is no higher power or God. They believe that there is no way there is a God. Atheists believe that you have to see it to believe it. They believe in science because science is something they can see and they can prove everything by science. But still many things in science are theories and have not been fully proven.

When Atheists are challenged by Christians they are often asked where did the energies and the particles come from? Did they just appear? Atheists come back with the counter question of where did the Christians creator God come from? Did he just appear? That is the mystery of life and the Atheists believe that everything began with science and everything can be explained through science, which is why Atheists believe in the Big Bang Theory. On the other side of the argument , the Christians believe in a God and that this is a higher power that created the universe, planets, moons, stars, and humans who live in this massive universe.

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