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Elijah The Prophet In The Bible Religion Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Religion
Wordcount: 666 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Faierstein, Morris. Why do the Scribes Say That Elijah Must Come First? Journal of Biblical Literature. 100.1 (1981), pp. 75-86. Print.

This resource would be vital for research as it looks at the controversy surrounding Elijah’s accession to heaven and its meaning. It provides a different approach to the understanding of some of the most vital events surrounding Elijah’s life.

Penninger, Harold. Walking with God. New York: TEACH Services, Inc., 1996. Print.

Elijah’s story is well explored by the author of this book; Harold Penninger. Although the author discusses in depth the experiences of some of the icons in the Bible who, as the author puts it “followed in the Gods footsteps”, the Elijah’s story is well explored in two parts; Part I and Part II giving the reader a vivid insight into his life and works (Penninger 51).

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The author stirs interest into this story by quoting important events both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament which would trigger any serious bible student to look into the life of Elijah. First, he quotes that he appeared in the New Testament during the transfiguration of Jesus, and secondly, Elijah is among the few people in the bible who were taken from this world before seeing death. Among other events surrounding Elijah’s death, the writer looks into all including his miracles, his fight with King Ahab and the rise of Baal. Of the controversial aspects about Elijah, the writer points out the view of the bible students who view him as a prototype of john the Baptist. The description the bible gives regarding Elijah fits almost the same as the description given for John the baptism (Penninger 57). Part II of the Elijah’s story gives mainly the encounters of Elijah and the Baal prophets and King Ahab.

This book would be quite useful for anyone doing research work as it not only explores Elijah’s life, but it is also provides a critical review raising important insights which might be useful for deeper understanding.

Wood, Norman. Bible Characters for Your Weekly Bible Study. Virginia: Weekly Bible Study Resources. 2010. Web.

This is a Christian website intended to help readers of the bible in bible study. It does not give an overview of Elijah’s life or work but is rather specific to some aspects of his life. Although based on the bible’s scriptures, this source gives wide information regarding Elijah and Elisha and some of the details from the historical books not necessarily included in the bible. It also explores other aspects of the Israel culture as mentioned in other scriptures which would be very beneficial for any reader seeking to understand the bible well (Wood ¶ 21). For instance, Elisha asked for a double portion from Elijah as he was about to depart to heaven. This was according to the Israel traditions where the father gave the first born son double share of his possessions since he was supposed to be the successor as mentioned and elaborated earlier in Deuteronomy. This website reveals much about Elijah’s relationship with Elisha and the events surrounding the succession of Elijah’s work.

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The fact that this source mentions and quotes materials from other sources and other writers including published papers and journals like “Christian Science Sentinel” and “Christian Science Journal” makes it an ideal material for anyone doing research project on the topic (Wood ¶ 21). It does not focus on merely exploring Elijah’s work and life, but seeks to bring out the best understanding of Elijah as a person and as a prophet clearly interpreting all the mysteries and events surrounding his work. Elisha, being his successor is also mentioned and their interaction detailed clearly. The reader is not only gains explanations, but is also allowed to think, consider and challenged to reconsider his/her stand and understanding.


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