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Islamic And Christian Creation Myths And Comparisons Religion Essay

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The religions Christianity and Islam have many comparisons in there creation myths. The creation of Christianity started on the life teachings of Jesus Nazareth and the creation of Islam started by the teachings and normative example of Muhammad. Both of the religions mention the creation of Adam and Eve, and how god was the creator of everything.

The Muslim creation myth starts with god, that if god wants to create something, all he needed to say was “Be,” and it becomes(). So god created the world and the heavens(). He made all the creatures walk and swim. Crawl and fly on the face of the earth(). He made the angels, sun, moon and the stars to dwell in the universe(). The Qoran mentions that god poured down the rain torrents and broke up the soil to bring forth the corm, the grapes and other vegetations, the olive the palm and the fruit trees and grass. God ordered the angels to go to the earth, and to bring seven handful of soil to model men. So god took seven different kinds of earths and shaped them into a model of a men(). The first men was called Adam. God took Adam to live in paradise in where Eve was created from Adams side(). God taught Adam the name of all the creatures, and commanded the angel to bow down before Adam. But, Iblis one of the angels refused and disobeyed god.

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God place the couple in a beautiful garden in paradise. God told them they can eat whatever they wanted except the fruit on the trees. Adam and Eve disobeyed god and ate the fruit. Once god found out that they disobeyed him he sent Adam and Eve to earth. The earth was created to give food and shelter to human race. The sun and moon gave light. The people should serve god and obey his will like the Quran teaches. Those who submit to the will of god will be saved, and take to live forever in paradise.

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The Christian creation myth also starts out with god and in the beginning god created the universe. At first the earth was shapeless and covered in darkness, and gods spirit hovered the waters(). God said ” Let there be light,” and there was light(). God divided the day from night, naming them day and night. This was the first day. On the second day God made the heavens to separate the water from the earth. On the third day he raised the dry land up from the waters below the heavens and commanded the earth to bring forth from all plants. On the fourth day god made the greater light for the day and the lesser light for the night(). On the fifth day God commanded the waters to be filled with living creatures and the air to be filled with birds. On the sixth day God commanded the earth to bring all the living creatures(). On the seventh day God said “Let us make man in our own image()”. So God created man and women in his own likeliness and gave them authority over all living things(). Then God looked at everything that he made, he was pleased so on the seventh day he rested.

The first men, Adam, was created by God out of soil and given life by gods breathe(). Adam named all the animals and birds that god had made. Adam had no companion of his own so god caused him to fall asleep. God created woman, Eve, from Adams ribs. God told them that

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together they can live in the Garden of Eden eating whatever they wished, except the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The animal that God made the serpent, tempted Adam to eat the fruit. So Adam and Eve ate the fruit and suddenly saw that they had don ant that they were naked(). Covering themselves with leaves they tried to hide from god. God knew about their sin and called them out. God cursed the serpent and Adam and Eve, and were driven out the garden. God told Adam he would now have to toil and sweat to work the soil from he was created. Then god blocked the entrance to the garden with a fiery sword so than no one could enter.

Both of these creation myths describe the creation of Adam and Eve and that is how humankind started. Both myths reflect that Adam was made from soil. The Quran describes how Allah created Adam, ” We created men from surrounding clay, from mud molded into shape…”(15:26). In the Christian creation myth it mentions how Adam had to work the soil in which he was created when he ate the fruit.

Another comparison the two creation myths have is the fruit in the tree and in both creation myths Adam and Eve are prohibited of eating the fruit. In both of the myths Adam and Eve disobey god and eat the fruit. In the Muslim creation myth God place Adam and Eve in a beautiful garden in paradise and they could have ate whatever they wanted except the fruit. What tempted to eat the fruit was the evil angel. Since they ate the fruit and disobeyed god, god sent Adam and Eve to earth. In the Christian creation myth Adam and Eve were placed in the garden of Eden in where also they could of ate anything except for the fruit in the tree. What tempted Adam and eve to eat the fruit was the serpent. Since they ate the fruit god blocked the entrance to

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the garden. The only differences Is that the evil angel tempted Adam and Eve in the Islamic myth and in the Christian myth the serpent tempted Adam and Eve.

Another comparison that these two creation myths have in common is that Eve was created from Adam. In the Muslim creation myth God created Eve from Adams side. The Quran makes it clear that a mate was created with Adam from the same nature and soul. In the Quran it states ” It is he who created you from a single person, and made his mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her in love”(7:189). In the Christian creation myth of Eve is that God put asleep Adam and created Eve out of Adams ribs. The only difference in these two comparisons is that in the Islamic tradition Eve is known as “Hawwa”.

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Some of the differences of the Islamic and Christian myths of the creation of Adam and is that in the Christian myth Adam got to name all the animals and birds that god made. In the Islamic Myth god taught Adam the names of all the creatures. Another difference was that in the Islamic myth Adam and Eve were sent to earth when they disobeyed god from eating the fruit. In the Christian myth everything took place on earth.

The Muslim creation myth can be found in the Quran. For Muslims one god created everything. God’s world is a good world, and when people summit to god life is good. Muslims believe that humans have been given everything on earth to take care and look after. The Quran teaches that Muslims should be thankful for all living things, and god is the creator of all life.

For the Christians their creation myth can be found in the bible. Christian believes that humans are the most important of gods creations. They believe that god will create a new and better world where those who have tried to live as god wants, will live forever.


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