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Looking At The Importance Of Honesty To Children Theology Religion Essay

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The first major step we have to start working on is to care more about children and teaching them all the good morals to decorate the human soul in the future world. It takes a lot of time to see your baby becomes a man or woman, but it is important to make sure that he or she must be the good one, so definitely he or she has to be the honest one. For that we can see it is necessary to stand on why and how to be honest to children and also to discuss and list some useful steps that every parent or educator might apply to teach honesty to their children and some roles that any society would play to support its culture development.

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Childhood is just a great world where children used to do almost everything such as playing, acting, speaking and even sleeping peacefully with a full innocence and spontaneity to get and earn as possible fun as they can. However some children are acting most of these activities with high level of performance and some others do not. For that you can see and notify the personality difference between them clearly. This is the main point of why we have to be honest to our children. In fact after reading some books and many articles about the importance of honesty to children you can realize the real size of this great manner efficiency on children and at the same time you can imagine the dangers of disregarding it. Every parent or educator has to be honest to his or her children and to learn how to teach them honesty and how they can be honest all the time. As much as you are honest to your children as much as they can get a high level of performance and a strong personality because they will have no conflicts or even much more fears to get worry about. Recent children will be the world leaders later. Maybe now we can just realize the importance of honesty to children.

Why we should be honest to our children?

Since we all love our children and we will do anything to make them happy and to make them the best then we have to care about them much more we care about anything else even ourselves. Importance of honesty to children is one of the major things we have to care about because of the honesty positive effects on children personality and on the trust relationship between them and their parents or educators.

In fact we have to help children to get the best personality they need to begin their lives with the highest rate of success and the lowest of fares. Actually children have the intelligence they need to recognize between many things you never expect, so you have to respect their mind’s intelligence by being honesty to your children because they will start and keep on thinking, discovering, and learning the new world easily and logically without shuts or conflicts. If you want to learn them anything or they already asked you a question about something, then you have to tell them the truth, because they will keep thinking about a logical explanation for the new truth by several methods such as comparing the new truth with other truths or facts already stored in their minds until they found the logical relationship between them. At that time they will feel happy and glad because they achieve some kind of success. Otherwise they will have some complicated conflicts because they will keep thinking without finding the logical relation between those truths or facts for that they’ll feel sad, unsatisfied, and some kind of fail and fare.

Moreover the children will enjoy strong personality by the power of honesty because of the infinitive self trust which comes from knowledge and enough answers they need of their recent age questions to help them proceed in their lives with full encouragement to communicate well with the others to build their own friendships which is necessary for them to survive successfully. As soon as our children began their lives in this way it will be much easy for them and for their educators to help those children proceed in their success.

Actually parents or educators will face a big problem if they do not have a good trust relationship with their children unless they used to be honest to them all the time. When the children find out that their parents or educators are lying to them even, in some cases, for once they will no more trust them. Trust relationship between both sides should be very strong. This is the primary key to teach our children all the good ethics, manners, principles, and believes.

How to teach children honesty?

In order to encourage people to apply this manner and behavior to be on the way to live in a modern life style and also to help children and childhood life to get the best future life they actually need and deserve, then people must learn how to be honest to their children and how to teach them honesty.

The most popular difficulty parents or educators might face with their children, in such a case, is answering their several question specially the sexual one. It is not necessary to tell them all the details even if they asked about it, but it is necessary to tell them the truth. In addition sometimes it is good to ignore some of their questions but not most of them. In this case we have to be careful and use a wise way to apologies for not being able to answer that question clearly without mention the most popular dangerous excuse on the Psychic of children which is “You still too young to know that”. We have to think about their feelings and encourage them to ask again the right question they need to know its answer and to keep on expressing their suggestions and emotions clearly and freely without being afraid of such a parent or educator response or judgment.

Most people would agree that it is important to teach honesty and integrity to your children. However, if you were to sit down and write a list of character traits you want your child to develop, chances are honesty would at least be in the top ten. After all, without honesty, our children will be less able to make friends, succeed in a career, and have a happy marriage. The fact is, though, that most children do tell lies. So how we do instill the character trait of honesty in our children? 

Teaching honesty may not be as easy as it seems when trying to teach it to a young child but these steps may help every parent or educator to reach the target according to the point of view of a Children’s Minister “Stacey Schifferdecker”:

“First of all, you need to make sure your children understand what lying is and why it is bad. If a child tells an untruth to get out of trouble or to get someone else into trouble, that is a lie. A good way to subtly show the importance of honesty to your children is to read stories where honesty plays a role. An old favorite is “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Other good ones include Marc Brown’s Arthur and the True Francine, Franklin Fibs by Paulette Bourgeois, and The Bernstein Bears and the Truth by Jan and Stan Bernstein. 

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Second, you need to create a safe and secure atmosphere in your home where honesty is expected and required. Most children tell lies out of fear. They broke your vase and they are afraid you will be mad, so they say the vase “just fell.” They don’t want to be grounded because they played a computer game instead of doing homework, so they tell you they have no homework. The thing is, kids do make mistakes and break things and forget stuff. If you are overly harsh when your children break a vase, you are encouraging them to lie next time instead of taking responsibility for their actions.

Does this mean your children can do anything and there will be no consequences as long as they ‘fess up? Of course not – there are always consequences. But remember Newton’s law from high school science? For every action there is an EQUAL reaction. Make sure the consequences fit the “crime.” A broken vase shouldn’t equal a month’s grounding!

It is also important that you don’t set your children up to lie. If you know your child has homework but he is playing on the computer, don’t ask him, “Jake, do you have any homework?” You already know the answer. It is better instead to say, “Jake, you know you’re not supposed to play on the computer until your homework is done.”

It also helps to praise your children for telling the truth. When they tell you something you know was difficult, give them a big hug and thank them for being honest with you.

The third and most important way of teaching honesty is to be honest yourself. Don’t lie to your children or let them hear you lie to others. If they ask a question you can’t answer, tell them why. What to do when your children do tell a lie? The best response is to be compassionate and loving. Talk to them about why they lied, what they could have done differently, and what they need to do to make things right. For example, if they lied to someone else, they need to go apologize and tell that person the truth. This gives them a second chance to be truthful.”

Brief message to societies leaders in all over world

Every society in the world has to be integrated and to think of drawing a good strategies and developing its policies to reach that goal. It has to understand that enjoying living in such ideal world needs several years of tough work. After that the society may convenes its members that they have to work together to improve their children future life and how can a simple idea like this, which is teaching them this manner, be one of the most important useful things they have to start with. There are a lot of ways to do that specially by using advertisement. Marketing this principle needs qualified famous specialist where people can trust them and believe in their thoughts. They will be in charge about identifying the problem and leading people to the right way to find out the solution for that problem.


Any one now can just imagine the need to be honest to children and has the desire to learn more about why and how he truly need to teach his or her sons and daughters honesty although sometimes parents or educators might not be honest persons but they would to help making their kids in the future an honest respective people. Persons can be respective and successful ones if and only if they are honest people. Parents and educators now can just think about how much a simple lie could affect negatively at their young sweethearts. Finally they can also feel and realize the power and the ability they have to enhance humanity future life. Society leaders should participate hand by hand with those parents and educators to ensure living in that life one day.


The importance of honesty to children is one of the most important primary keys which stand behind changing society members and the world life as whole. Everyone has to know the efficiency of this key in converting our lives to the best and how just a key like this could make this difference in the way we use to live with positively. The key has power to build and guarantee the continuity of the best relationship you absolutely would like to be between you and your children. Facing the challenges of this mission successfully requires full knowledge of the reasons that make this mission take an important place in our lives and it forces every parent or educator to learn as much as they can about how to inculcate this moral in youngsters. At the end we introduce the society leaders’ duty to pass over all those challenges and give people a hand and an opportunity to brought this project to life as soon as possible because we all know very well that children nowadays are society future members and leaders.


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