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Research Report on Saint Camillus de Lellis

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Wordcount: 1229 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Saint Camillus de Lellis

1550 – 1614

Feast Day: July 18

“Think well. Speak well. Do well. These three things, through the mercy of God, will make a man go to Heaven.”


In order to better understand my role as a catholic member, I have decided to conduct research on Saint Camillus de Lellis. Saint Camilus was born on May 25th, 1550, where he was given the birth name of Camilus de Lellis, in Bucchianico, Kingdom of Naples (Italy). Not much is known about Camillus early childhood other than his mother passing away when he was 13 years old. Camillus father neglected him at an early age. During his adolescence, age 17, Camillus decided to follow his father’s footsteps and became a mercenary soldier. Once experienced, Camillus joined his father where they traveled and fought many battles together. Unfortunately, Camillus suffered a disease on his leg that remained with him for the rest of his life. During his later life, at the age of 24, Camillus became addicted to gambling which affected his life negatively, and eventually led to the lost of everything he owned. This negative experience led him to work at at Capuchin friary. One day Camillus took the advice of a sermon which led to a conversion in his life. He entered the Capuchin novitiate, but was dismissed because of the apparently incurable sore on his leg. Camillus devoted his life to the sick. In Rome he entered the San Giacomo Hospital for Incurables as both patient and servant, but was dismissed for quarrelsomeness after nine months. He served in the Venetian army for three years. Camillus received permission from his confessor (St. Philip Neri) to be ordained and decided, with two companions, to found his own congregation, the Ministers of the Sick (the Camellians), dedicated to the care of the sick. Camillus devoted the rest of his life to the care of the sick. Along with Saint John of God he has been named patron of hospitals, nurses, and the sick. In his last illness, he left his own bed to see if other patients in the hospital needed help.

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Saint Camillus de Lellis died on July 14, 1614, at the age of 60, in Rome. He was buried near the high altar of the church of St. Mary Magdalen, at Rome, and, when the miracles which were attributed to him were officially approved, his body was placed under the altar itself. He was beatified in 1742, and in 1746 was canonized by Benedict XIV. During his journey Saint Camillus de Lellis made real miracles of Christian charity. He went with his brethren through all the streets, assisting the suffering. He carried many, whom he found lying in the streets, stricken down by the pestilence, into the house where he and his priests resided, and nursed them there most tenderly, without in the least fearing death or infection. Camillus de Lellis, was graced with the gift of prophecy, and of miraculously restoring the sick in an instant. Saint Camillus de Lellis is the patron of hospitals, nurses, and sick. He is the patron of Rome. One of the churches named after Saint Camillus de Lellis, is the Saint Camillus located at 1600 Saint Camillus Dr., Silver Spring, MD, 20903, United States. Saint Camillus feast day is July 18th, but some people celebrate it on the day of his death which is July 14, 1614.

Saint Camillus de Lellis, is a man of virtue, strength, and courage. His way of being drew me to conduct more research on him. I first became exposed to Saint Camillus de Lellis, at an early age of 13 years old. My mother, a fellow Catholic member, brought me to Saint Camillus Catholic Church, where I was intrigued by the man whose name was on the church. All my youth, I attended this church on a weekly basis. This also made me pick Saint Samillus because I was baptized there at the age of 2 and did my first communion in the church, each week I would walk past the church with the same Saint Camillus on it. I had little to no knowledge on the saint. When I began my process of confirmation, I was given the opportunity to pick from a list of saints. I saw the name Saint Camillus, and decided to conduct research to better associate myself with the name placed on my church. During my research process, I quickly learned the importance of Saint Camillus, within the Catholic community. Saint Camillus was a man of faith, leadership, courage and most of all, people driven. Saint Camillus and I, share many similar traits. Just as Saint Camillus, I too am people driven. I am the type of person who likes meeting new people, building relationships and most of all helping those in times of need. As some would say, Saint Camillus and I, are determined. Once we have a goal, we strive until we complete it. Recently, I was having a hard beginning of the school year. I was in the process of almost failing my classes. I made a goal to myself to make a positive change in my lifestyle. I made my mom a promise that I would be more engaged, willing to follow directions, and helpful. To this day, I can firmly say that I have kept my word. I made a 360 degree change with my grades. I was able to be more focused in class, participated, and got only A’s and B’s while making the honor roll. I have been helping my mom at home with cleaning, cooking, and taking care of my younger cousin. Doing these basic, yet necessary skills, I have come to learn that I feel comfortable around people, and the biggest reward is feeling like I have made a difference in someone’s day. Saint Camillus had the same philosophy when he got out from his hospital bed to help others in need. I hope to one day be half the man Saint Camillus was. I will hold his values dear to my heart and act out on them just as he did, Amen. 

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