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Role Of Youth Empowerment In Promoting Peace Religion Essay

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Wordcount: 1555 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Youth are the pillars of peace and tranquility in the world. The threat of nuclear has been killing our peace of mind, happiness and our wish to live. It has affected man’s life directly or indirectly. Even a slight misuse of atomic energy may bring about horrible changes in climate, biological structure; ecological system and finally annihilate the world.

To promote inter nation discussion of youth’s common problems we must approach UN and its related agencies on the topics of human rights and rights of the children. Let the youths make special request for providing advice, help with setting up courses and conferences on the world peace to assist in workshops on peace education for the youth. Youth must be encouraged to appeal to the world leader to create peaceful and sustainable world. Every youth has different knowledge and capabilities.

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International peace and security can not be achieved without the promotion of mutual understanding, cooperation and goodwill among the youth of the world. The world community must give a new dimension to task of education, producing a new kind of spirit of harmony and understanding in the art of living in the world community. UN must empower every youth with the education and resources to sustainable livelihood and provide social security and solution building concerning peace.

However the United Nations has seeds of hope and peace. We should remember that in comparison to the United Nations the world is very old and it is not easy to change the world. Youth can be said to be the most innovative and uncompromising part of society. UN was setup from the ashes of the Second World War and the declaration of human rights was one of the first things that it produced.

We should understand that whole universe is created for peace not for destruction. People should therefore live together in peace and do whatever they can for the wellbeing of the suffering ones. However, we have not been successful in stopping the arm race among the great power yet.

The exercise of human rights and freedom is an essential element of peace. Peace is an essential requirement for the satisfaction of human basic needs such as food, shelter, health, education, labor and environment.

The young general assembly is uniting young people from all over the world in responsible action to initiate practical activities through promoting youth empowerment in decision making and solution building. The children of the world are calling for a better future. They have the chance to develop their potential. They need a peaceful world. Children’s rights are being violated every day and yet the offenders continued to say “Children are the future”.

To educate and enlighten the youths about social services and also promote community organizing as a tool to reconnect people to each other with a common goal of building supportive and good community. To create spaces for the youths of the world including people who are young of color, queer, poor and or have disabilities to invest in the power of collective action.

The world community is extremely worried about the continued worsening condition of world-wide youths who face growing levels of unemployment, poverty, epidemic diseases, functional illiteracy and other social and economic challenges. Youths continue to deal with grievous health problems, specially the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) / AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which is the greatest challenge confronting our generation at present. The world community is extremely worried about the prevalent violation of the human rights concerning with youths such as child labor, trafficking and living in countries under occupation [1].

We know that there are large number of youths missing the proper training and education for good productive jobs, very less jobs and too many nonproductive employments with poor payment and security. The world community should invest much money in applicable skills training, underlining training suited to the job market. Growing awareness of the interdependence of the world and of global problems is concern to all people of the world.

The purpose of youth network is to increase the youth’s respect for human beings, love for humanity and develop a peace loving mind all of which should be the foundation for international understanding. Therefore moral education is very closely related to international understanding. Special activities play an important role because they help the youths develop international understanding through actual experiences. We must empower all the youths of the world and encourage them to pay need to the followings:

– Interests in the world surrounding and in human cultures.

– Understanding of world and cultures.

– Transformation of consciousness to include the world and other


– Formation of an attitude of international harmony and cooperation.

Often teaching for international understanding is based on a description and analysis of different international social systems. The aim is to develop a critical idea in young people who should be able to discern the political and economical structure, which are the causes of conflict, violence and war. This is right but not enough.

The young people will be encouraged to take part in activities of understanding other people and to discover the cultures of other races such as Japanese, the Africans and the Arabs. They may learn in other lands such as the famine crises, earthquake crisis in Pakistan and may decide to sponsor a child in Africa in order to help pay for his education.

The venture may be successful in bringing the awareness amongst the young people about the value of understanding and peace and benefits, peaceful cooperation amongst the different people of the world.

The people of the world should take keen interest in establishing the identity and pleading in favor of initiatives that empower youth to have greater control over their individual and collective fates and their capability to lead efficaciously to the progress of the community worldwide and achieve peace and international understanding [2].

Peace is not just a state of freedom from any kind of war or conflict but also a condition of mind, individual or collective a political, economical and social cultural harmoniousness. In other words, peace is also defined as a way of living and a way of existence. For this reason to have a true culture of peace, it is required to develop law and order as well as pay respect to human rights for fighting against poorness. We require to support intercultural talks which can be conducted among civilizations and to empower youths. As youths it is our governments concerning about dialogue to establish a culture of peace. Hence we must endorse the following definite schemes to backing youth against oppression and we have to recognize the number of existing obstacles for the realization of a true culture of peace [3].

To form a youth network which could mechanize to guarantee the involvement of youth representatives in reconciliations process, negotiations and peace building. Let’s develop and support the education of culture of peace in curriculums of all school levels.

It is essential to terminate conventional or formulaic conceptions in education by increasing consciousness the contribution and function of young women and girls in society. The UN system should boost, encourage and detect paths to recognize the participation, facilities and technical assistance for their work [3].

Training, education and capability building of youth are of predominant influence to encourage youths to contribute their time and energy in the field of international understanding and peace. Especially the young people of the developing countries are facing lots of problems for example, lack of opportunities for education and training, unemployment, drug abuse, poor health facilities and services etc. The youths comprise the main human source of support for development. They are in many sectors, the fundamental factors for social transformation and scientific inventions.

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Young people are frequently the last to benefit directly from general progress, living without basic resources curtails the participation of youths in the lives of their communities and nations. It also has an adverse impact on the access to education and skill development. Poverty undermines the aspiration of millions of young people globally, manifesting itself in illness, illiteracy, drug abuse, trafficking and crime.

Faced with too many demands, too few resources, the needs of youth go unanswered to the long term detriment of development. It is evident from the foregoing facts and figures that youth need support if they are to play a central role in society.

The international communities also have objectives, to promote youth activities as an integral part of social and economic development; to enhance the active participation of youth in society and to promote among young people, the ideals of peace and international understanding.


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