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The Two Stories Of Creation That Begin Genesis Religion Essay

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According the creation of genesis there two stories that differ from the other, but at the same time both of them have similarities .Genesis is the first book of the book which provokes conflict about creation of Earth. The first story of Genesis is introduced to P’s vision and how the creation was. Throughout this story, God human creation was in the six day; also God created humans by his own image. In the other side there is the second story of Genesis which represents the J’s vision of creation, based on this story human have different origin from the first story. In Genesis II God did not created man by his own image, it was created of “the dust of the ground”(Genesis 2:7). Comparing both stories there is a huge difference of power between the two Gods. Moreover these two creations show evidence in different styles of writing and have conflict with it.

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Both versions of Genesis have been contrasted, in the first story of Genesis, the order of creation differ from Genesis II. In Genesis I the heaven was first, then came animals, and finally was the man. But in the other hand, Genesis II human was placed on Earth before the animals and nature.(genesis 1:1, genesis 2.1) After those different versions is really difficult to understand the truth of God’s creation. In comparison between these stories is that God created the Earth like human kind, but in different ways. The most important similarity is that God shows humans complete love and adornment and only gives them one strict measure not eat from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. But they do not obey him, and they eat from it anyway.

Before the mankind comes, Genesis I have a lot of events such as firmament, waters, plants and animals. Meanwhile, in Genesis two the preparation for man’s home was really emphatic and special planning upon human.” There different emphases in the two stories…., but the reason for these is obvious. Genesis I continue the narrative of creation until the climax, namely, man made in the image and likeliness of God. In Genesis II gives certain added details about man’s original condition, which would have been incongruous and out of place in the grand, declarative in Genesis I”(Edward J. Young, 1960).Therefore in Genesis II the center of this creation was human, it involves his setting and how perfect God created him. And at the same time in Genesis II there is no mention of creation of Earth and Oceans. There is no allusion to the sun, moon. The main purpose of this creation is to show how man was developing around the Earth.

In contrast Genesis I explain us a general conclusion of this creation that have lastly a human without any details that involves him. Therefore, it show a man which was created without any main goal, this story basically describe an important care of environment as plants and nature. Moreover, Genesis I the creation of human takes place on the sixth day and is as follows, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness. As a result God created man in his image and also male and female.”(Genesis 1:26) Be fertile an increase, fill the Earth and master it. The story of Adam and Eve portrays them as the two characters that did not have enough understanding of the effects of disobedience would bring to their lives and their next generations.

In comparison, there is another similarity is that in the first account, there was a pre-existing watery chaos.” The ocean was already present and a wind moved across the surface. The seas rested on the dry land , which appeared on day 3 when God gathered the waters together.(Genesis 1:1 to 2:4). The second story says that there was pre-existing dry land.AT first God created Adam, and then began to create all other living things. As a result God before created human being, he had made the water around the world.

In version P’s God was the creator, there was no mention of laws and redeeming, how this God had made everything and was omniscient. This contrast from the P’s vision God, the evidence of this is found in Genesis II , where J explain,” You shall no eat from it and you shall not touch it, lest you died. “(Genesis 3:3) In this case it is referring to the tree of Knowledge, in the Garden of Eden. This shows evidence that J’s God was the lawgiver and judgment giver. When comparing this to P’s God, we can observe that J’s God was not as all knowledge. In J’s vision found this disobedience from Adam and Eve, that’s why he started the judgment. It is in this aspect that J’s God is not omniscient.

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Another big contrast as we can see in Genesis II, God require materials to make Earth. This is opposed to how God is making Earth in Genesis I. “in genesis I, the earth could bring forth vegetation, in Genesis II, there is no vegetation without rain and tillage of the ground by man; God has plant the first garden himself” (Wybrow, 138) So, it demonstrates the difference in the Earth process to be set up. Furthermore, another difference is that in genesis I God doesn’t have a very clear characterization because God was more a powerful and omniscient being. While in Genesis II God was less powerful, simply because it could not just imagine something into creation.

“The best way to reconcile the accounts was to assume that in the six “days” of creation, God created the potential for everything that unfolded, so that the potentiality for humanity was created on the sixth “day”, and this potentiality then became actual when activated by the breath of God. So it avoids contradictions between the two stories. It is a really interesting text which could be connected with the evolution.”(Augustine of Hippo).Therefore in real life both stories are based with a same purpose, created the man and environment around him, but both creations did it at his own style.

In conclusion, to me understand in Genesis I and Genesis II there are great comparisons and differences about the creation. Genesis I was written by the author P who is known as Priestly writer. Genesis II was written by the author J. I believe that Genesis I and II are very important to have an argument to discuss and analyze the creation of the earth and men.


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