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Equality diversity and rights

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Equality diversity and rights

I have done my presentation on equality diversity and rights I have chosen to do my presentation on a care home setting. I will be looking at the different aspects of care that is available at the care home and the possible barriers of care that may or may not be over come. I will also be looking at acts that are in place to protect the service user against abuse. I will also look closely at the safety measures they have in place to care for the service user and make sure that the service user is happy and is being cared for according to the care value base.

There are 3 ways that people can refer to care these are:

  1. self referral – when the patient itself brings their self’s forward for care
  2. third party referrals – this is when friends or family one someone else brings the patient forward to care as they may this he or she may be incapable of looking after their selves. There will be an assessment of the patient to see whether they are in need of help with the care of their selves. If they don’t want to go into care then things to consider will be their human rights (1998) and also other peoples human rights, so they have to either be a danger to their selves or the public (PUBLIC SAFETY ACT, 2002)
  3. Professional referral- when a doctor or someone who is an expert in the line of work refers patients in to care for a variety of reasons, i.e. Dementia. Practice should be regulated by the ethics in patient referrals act of 1989.

Effective communication – this is important in making sure the service user is happy also taking in to account their opinions and letting them express their selves by verbal and non verbal communication, also to make sure that someone is there to listen to the service users issues. There might be some service users who might not feel comfortable talking so maybe there could  suggestion boxes around the care home and also meeting with the service users every few weeks to see whether they are satisfied and to see if they have any thoughts about how to improve the care home, There could also be activities going on such as bingo and trips and events out for the service users. This would keep them occupied and meet their social needs; and also have a chance to communicate with the carers. There could also be a notice board with notices that allow news and up coming events to be known to the residences that may not be in a sociable mood that week this allows them to get involved in the activities that are going on, this stops them from being socially excluded.

Diversity (race, belief) and also equality –

Rights to individuality- everyone should have the right to express themselves in the way that they want to. Everyone should have the right to express their selves at the care home by maybe doing different activities that could take place each day such as bingo or arts and crafts this would give the service user the freedom to choose what they wanted to do .I think decision making should be left to the service user this should be down to what they eat what they ware their independence should be maintained unless it is no other way services user should also have the right to practice their religion without prejudice

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Effects of discrimination (this can be a bad opinion or feeling formed in advance without any real reason thought, in the care home by a carer and it that can lead to unfair discrimination of a person making a difference in which way a person is treated) which can lead to abuse towards the client (This may affect the client badly by them being socially excluded from the group as they feel low on their self-esteem. This will just lead to oppression of the client.

Acts that protect the service user

Legalisation comes about by media, pressure groups and MP’s bringing up an idea like equality in care homes. Then people recognize that this becomes an issue of equal opportunity. The assembly discusses this and then the government research and write a report on this matter. Then the civil services make a suggestion such as: passing an act to protect people who are of different ethnicities. The government produces a green paper, which people have access to, they debate about the matter, the civil services passes on findings of the debate to the government who then produce a white paper which then creates further debates about the matter, the house of parliament debates proposals the proposals get the royal asset which then finally leads to legalisation of the matter.

The sources of equality in law are the British courts, British parliaments European Union and the European courts. The British court passes case law and the British parliament passes acts of parliament. The European Union passes directives ad regulations and the European courts passes case laws. These are all then become into one equality law. These laws are the put into care settings by charters organisational policies and codes of practice

There are 3 different European laws affecting individuals these are:

  1. Regulations – this is the strongest law out of the three and must be carried out by all the members of the state straight away.

Directives – applied by members of the state to make their laws related to all the other members of the state. There are laws such as the race relations act 1976; this was amended in the year 2003 this protects the clients against unjust treatments due to their racial ethnicity. The act defines discrimination as “less favourable treatment according to racial ground” .This plans to promote racial individuality as a positive thing.

Section 3 on the 2006 act summarises:

  1. people’s ability to achieve their potential is not stopped by prejudice or discrimination;
  2. there is respect for and protection of each individual’s human rights;
  3. there is respect for the dignity and worth of every individual;
  4. every individual has an equal opportunity to participate in society; and
  5. There is mutual respect between groups based on understanding and valuing diversity and on shared respect for equality and human rights.

There are also bodies such as the;Equality and Human Rights Commission who was established under the 2006 equality act.

Empowerment – residents have the choice to do what they want when they want they are given a choice of when to be woken up in the morning and what time they want to have breakfast and to be given a choice on what they want to eat also they should be able to have snacks at anytime throughout the day

Care value base- this is a mixture of:

  1. Promoting anti discriminatory practice
  2. Maintaining confidentiality ofinformation
  3. Promoting and supporting individuals personal beliefs and identities
  4. Promoting effective communication and relationships
  5. Providing individuals care
  6. Empowerment

The care value base came around 1992; and it can apply to any age group that is in a care environment.


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