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Expanding Knowledge To Gain Success Social Work Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Social Work
Wordcount: 3370 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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I believe that the more I know, the more likely I am to succeed. To expand my knowledge horizons, I read, communicate with colleagues and clients and try to put my new knowledge to practice. My engagement with clients like Malia Furniture and Globe Coat which required me to pitch different producst and services in the first few months of my employment with Bayt .com helped me to grow and learn about the diverse range of services offered by us . I read continually and have had no qualms asking my colleagues about anything I may feel I do not know enough about. I put this knowledge gained into practice by effectively pitching to clients like United Infrastructure and Nakkash Gallery and closing deals by informing new clients about our offerings.

I have recently been reading books like-

1) Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright .This book has helped me to gain a better understanding about corporate culture and provided me a roadmap to better shape our office culture.

2) Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh who is The visionary CEO of Zappos.com. The author shows how using happiness as a framework can produce profits, passion, and purpose both in business and in life for all of us. It focuses on employee empowerment and the promise of delivering happiness though satisfied customers and a valued workforce.

I devote some time everyday to learning and then putting that learning to practice which has been evident with my acquiring companies that have no significant revenue history with Bayt.com by selling bayt.com’s recruitment products and services.Every new client I sell to is a new learning experience for me because every client has a different and unique set of requirements and I keep myself updated with not only matters related to Bayt.com but general knowledge issues as well so as to be able to relate to clients in their different industries and sectors by talking to them on a platform that would put them at comfort and ease.

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I need to spend some more time in researching about the company that I am pitching to to ensure that I understand their operations and requirements clearly when I speak with them. Also I need to dedicate more time to reading and expanding my knowledge horizons and asking myself if I am a more knowledgable person today than I was yesterday.

I work to fulfill my potential and to satisfy my life’s ambitions. I therefore primarily work for myself and hold myself to the highest standards. I ensure that everything I produce is done at the best of my abilities within the time frame and resource constraints available to me. An example of this would be an account Edward Kelly that had been lost to bayt.com because of frequent account manager changes, site being down many times and other service issues. When I started pitching to this client, they had given up on Bayt.Com but within a short span of time , I demonstrated to them that we have a solution to all their concerns with the resources I had in hand like giving them trials and assuring them dedicated and personalized service and one by one took care of all their objections in such a way that I brought them on board with us again with a 6month long subscription. Also I assured that they did not have any account manager changes during these six months and that the site was always available to them .When we had certain it issues, I ensured that they had a way to use the site at any given point of time. I made sure that all their objections and concerns were forgotten. They are now very loyal patrons of bayt.com and are ready to renew with us again.I am proud to be associated with the service rendered to this account and did the work to the highest standards that I set myself.

I recieved the Star Award on the basis of revenue brought in for the organization and believe that this award was presented to be beacuse I always produce to the best of my abilities within existing constraints.

I need to ensure that I go out of the way and despite time and resource constraints provide a level of service to the clients that I would be proud of. I would time manage myself better so I can balance my time devoted to each assisgnment so that I am proud of everyting I submit to everyone.

I believe that being the best requires me to be continually different and inventive. I do not believe in taking the easy path and copying others. I try to be as innovative and unique as possible. A good example of this would be the initiation of the Hunters Territory Management Project which was an innovative way of capturing market share that was an area where bayt.com lagged behind. It was something that brought me outside my comfort zone since I had to think of ways of putting into practice a new mission of gaining market share and I led this project by example. I believe in always thinking out of the box since that is the only way to maintain a leadership position and I always brainstorm with my colleagues and managers to come up with better ways of doing things. I need to embrace calculated risks and try to keep finding a new and better way of doing things by ensuring that I am pusing myself beyond what has been asked of me.I need to collaborate with my managers and come up with innovative ideas which have not been previously done.

I believe in treating the needs of others as important. Whether it be my colleagues or my clients, I allow them to communicate their thoughts candidly and without fear of reprisal. I treat others as I would like to be treated myself .My clients feels comfortable turning to me and sharing their needs, thoughts and issues. Accounts like Baker Regent which had serious account manangement issues with us before now feel that I am at their disposal to help them achieve their objectives and are ready to renew their subscription with us. I listen attentively and initiate and develop a strong relationship with all my clients. I realize that I can only succeed if stakeholders succeed and therefore, I can only lead by serving. I am focused on people and the betterment of their lives. All of my clients like Sodexo ,Firefly ,System Construct etc would vouch for my humility and approachable attitude and I respect their opinions of me. Also, I accept management feedback in a positive way and always ensure that I work on whatever feedback my managers have for me-positive or negative. My approachable nature brings many of my co-workers to me to share their concerns, queries or doubts.

I will always make sure that I make choices that lead to mutual wins for us and all stakeholders. I will go out of the way to ensure that all the lives I touch imrove through my interaction with them.Will make an effort to reach out to those around me and tackle issues with the assumption that a better and more mutually beneficial solution may exist.

I empower our stakeholders by providing them with training on tools and knowledge that will allow them to independently make the decisions and choices that will improve their lives. In case of clients, I determine the exact customer needs and pitch only relevant services. I educate them with how that service would be best suited to the clients needs. An example of this would be an account called Evonade who had very specific and niche positions to fill. I educated the client on our different services but instead of pitching a search I recommended them to go in for hot jobs which would be a an ideal service for them. The client appreciated this and came back to tell us that they had hired suitable candidates and were exceptionally happy with the choice of package. They went ahead and gave us a wonderful testimonial and are ready to use us again. I try and give demo’s to as many clients as possible before selling to them like Grant Thornton Auditing and Accounting, Dolphin Steel Construction, Isit etc so that the client understands the tools that can improve their lives.

When it comes to my co-workers, I continually work to improve the skills and capabilities they possess. Every day is a day of service and I assist the newcomers of the team in understanding the best possible ways of serving our clients. I have trained many subordinates with crm practices, package offerings, and quality of calls, tips and effective ways of closing deals and making them more effective in my jobs. I share knowledge and information with them and ensure that all my stakeholders learn a lot from me

I would like to work on my training skills and conduct effective training programmes for the new joiners. The better trained and educated they are, the easier all of our lives become.Also I would ensure that the clients I engage with benefit from me and hence my job serves a higher purpose.

I feel that given the significant amount of time we invest in our work, we owe it to ourselves and to the people around us to make our environment and our interaction one of interconnectedness, joy and effectiveness. I initiate after work get-togethers like Iftar parties, birthday celebrations, Diwali and Christmas celebrations, so that the office environment is one of togetherness and joy and employees from different cultures feel one and bind together. I consider my co-workers to be like family and friends and I personally help add to this sense of family and friendship. When it comes to my clients , I try and remember personal things like wishing a happy delivery to one of my clients at Al Waseet International or a joyous birthday party to another one at Paramount Computer Sytems and wish them on occasions to make them feel special. I enjoy working with people and make sure that people enjoy working with me.

Organize many more fun and motivational brainstorming sessions that encourage teamwork and after office get-togethers.Also need to build stronger relationships with clients and managers by constant interaction. I believe that rewarding success is far more likely to incentivize positive outcomes than penalizing failures. I always encourage my co-workers and highlight their achievements because I feel that success if celebrated is contagious. Recently, an account of mine called Olivier Dolz needed a tagalok speaking relationship manager. The researcher took initiative and helped me to close my deal. I ensured that in the daily huddle I emphasized her outstanding contribution to bringing in the account onboard and got her the deserved acclamation. I thank people around me for their good work and appreciate those who are enabling me to lead a better life.I always let them know how special they are.In case there is anything I want them to improve upon, I always advise them in private. I also encourage others to reward celebrate successes of co-workers.

I will try and effectively manage time in such a way that we can celebrate important milestones in their lives.I will try and send out love touches to people working in different departments to also encourage inter-department coordination and interaction.

If there is something that I feel can be done better, then I take it as my personal responsibility to be the agent of change. I do not just point out the issue and complain or wait for someone to fix it. I get personally involved in searching for and implementing solutions. A client of mine called Speridian Tech which recently purchased a long term package from us was having a few technical issues on the site.I created the ticket for IT but just did not sit back on it and wait for the issue to be sorted. I coordinated with the It team and ran back and forth. The team in Jordan was off so I made sure I organized some alternatives for the client till the time we managed to work on the technical issues. At the same time I communicated with my co-workers on what these technical issues were and how to get them sorted just in case they faced the same with their clients. While working on crm and demos, in case we ever face any issues, I just don’t wait for problems to be sorted by themselves. Instead I alert the team and make sure that the problems are worked on and sorted immediately so that productive calling hours are not wasted. I firmly believe that we will succeed by leveraging the intellect and the hardwork of each of us in creating solutions for our stakeholders.

I will look at every shortcoming as a positive opprtunity for change and try and get involved with issues even beyond my direct job description in order to make my immediate world better.I will volunteer for trainings to be conducted for fresh joiners and not wait for others but take initiative myself in training them.

I believe that there is always a better way of doing things. I therefore search for multiple potential solutions to a problem, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each and then commit to the one that serves the interests of the stakeholder’s best. An account of mine Nagarjuna Construction Company saw our database and wanted to come on board with us but their budget restricted them.I presented multiple choices with customized packages and enabled them to come onboard with us by picking up the solution that best served their interests and they signed up for a long term package with us.I also discussed with the management and and won their support on the choices made. While at workplace, I ensure that any decision I take, I stick to it and not only plan and select solutions but also make sure that the same are implemented and executed by following up with all the stakeholders involved.

I must indulge in brainstorming and discussions to come up with multiple solutions to choose from. I should understand clearly about the other services like BCC, ECP etc so as to to provide multiple choices to clients when they come to us for recruitment needs rather than pitching the usual services.

I feel that even the best decisions may sometimes produce poor outcome due to improper execution or planning. I therefore commence any project with detailed time and resource planning and SMART description of the desired outcome. I feel that in the Hunters War Plan, out of a range of multiple solutions, we had picked up the correct solution to capture market share.However, the planning should have covered some more intricate ways of execution since the process was a little time consuming. I have now realized the same and intend to ensure that my predictions of outcomes and resource requirements are close to actual.

I must work on the Hunters War Plan and ensure that the project is executed to the end by implementing some better and effective ways and solutions of putting it into practice.I will set a detailed plan for this project and for any other project and do my utmost to deliver as per the plan.

I believe that change is constant .I feel that in order to excel in a dynamic world, we need to welcome change, seek to understand it , embrace it and then encourage others to do the same. A fine example of this would be when we started a new way of documenting our sales creating a shared google document and filling it up. It took a few extra minutes of one’s time but I sought to understand why this change had been made and quickly accepted it and moved on. I also encouraged other team members to use it and explained how it would benefit all of us individually as well as in the form of a team. The new way of putting in the names of all the companies needing product specialists also took some time but I realized that all these changes were there with a purpose which was increasing productivity in the long run. The move from the previous office to the new one was also accepted in a positive manner keeping in mind that centralizing the office would benefit us and promote inter-department cooperation and coordination. In response to a change, I always agree and commit or disagree and commit. I never agree in public and disagree in private and encourage all the new team members to follow the same.

I should regularly try things at work that challenge me and and encourage others to do the same. I will focus on selling more products like BCC’S, ECP’S, Salary surveys etc and I realize that this would benefit me in turn with increased revenues and target achievements.

I try to keep my verbal communication as clear as possible and make sure that the communication will always be suitable in form and content to its audience. My accounts and co-workers turn to me for my honest feedback and respect and accept my feedback. Most of my transactions are closed on the phones which are based on my verbal communication with them. I Have effectively sold to clients over the phone like National Sugar Company,Pam France,Pentair, Saracen etc to name a few.I have also gone on several physical meetings and conducted presentations to convince them to buy like Easa Saleh Al Gurg who purchased an annual deal from us, Pixel Digital who were loyal customers of Naukri Gulf and using my verbal communication skills, I convinced them to come onboard Bayt.com with a 3 month subscription. My communication with my team-members has also been transparent and clear and honest and I give feedback to the new joiners continuously which enables them to operate effectively and adapt to changes. I have conducted certain mock role-plays for them and verbally communicated effectively with them. During presentations, I make sure that my audience is engaged and not bored or distracted.

I intend to go for more physical meetings wherein I can communicate with my clients on a one-to-one basis and effectively conduct presentations for them convincing them to buy.I also intend to conduct trainings which will improve my communication skills.

I always maintain complete written communication and believe in effective documentation. In case of approvals and verbal commitments, I always document the same with my managers because I realize that they have a million things to handle and the verbal approval may just slip off their minds. In case of clients as well, I correspond regularly through emails to ensure that all our verbal agreements are documented and can be referred to later for further negotiations. I also realize that in case the accounts are transferred over to other relationship managers, all communication between the client and me should be well documented to ensure customer satisfaction and retention and so I keep my crm well updated at any given point of time.

I need to continue maintaining effective documentation and not slip out on any vital information exchange between me and the clients, me and the team-members and between me and the management.

Acquire companies that have no significant revenue history with Bayt.com by selling recruitment products and services

I have performed effectively as a SME Hunter and have brought more than 76 new companies onboard Bayt.com.

Initiate and develop a strong relationship with customers and have at least more than 5 transactions per month.

I have developed a very strong relationship with clients with most of my customers not wanting to change account managers and wanting me to continue serving them because of the relationship building. On an average I have achieved around 7 transactions per month.

My target for the year was 127,000 USD revenue to be brought in in the form of new business.

I have generated business more than 95,000 USD in the year in the form of new revenue brought in.

I have completed one year at Bayt.com and during this one year, I have strived to be an effective team player contributing to the company’s growth and progress. I have enjoyed my work and grown as an individual and as a professional. I have had the good fortune of having a very supportive manager who has moulded me into what I am and how I perform and I hope to grow with Bayt.com in the years to come in more challenging roles and with more responsible duties.I wish to continually set and exceed high standards just the way Bayt,com does.


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